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Mitchum Cool Dry Unperfumed Antiperspirant

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Brand: Mitchum / Type: Stick / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2008 10:30
      Very helpful



      The ultimate "Hydro-solid"

      This deodorant is one of the best on the market today in my opinion. It is the only deodorant i use and have used for 6 years and i would recommend it highly to anyone who from the non-sweaty to the very sweaty! I have to say that unfortunately i fall into the latter category and my body although female, seems to have taken on the sweat glands of a man! You know the saying horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow? Well by these standards i must be a horse because i sweat!! Whether it is a cold day, hot day, i feel nervous or happy, it doesn't take much before i start to feel the tingling under my arms that warns me I'm about to sweat! Don't i sound delightful? I was also very conscious that i may smell a little like stale sweat all the time so you can imagine my delight when i found this wonder product. I would just like to say that i know I'm not painting a pretty, floral picture of my sweat gland activity but i just want to really set the scene to let you all know how great this product is!


      This particular type solid is ,what Mitchum calls, a "hydro-solid" meaning they use a patented water based solid. However, if you are a fan of sprays or roll-ons, these are also available from Mitchum (No i don't work for them!).
      The "Smart Solid" is as it says....a solid! The great thing about this is that it is dry to touch yet when it is applied, it glides on and doesn't drag on the skin making it suitable for sensitive underarms. It is also very cooling when you apply it which is great in the summer. I actually use this solid to cool myself off in the summer as i love the cooling sensation you get when it touches your skin. Due to it's water based formula, this solid, when applied actually feels very moisturising and i now no longer get the dry, flaky, often itchy skin that frequently accompanies some of the spray brands.


      This particular solid comes in 2 fragrances; Talc fresh and Shower fresh. An unscented one is also available. Both are equally as aromatic yet not overpowering. Personally, i prefer the Talc fresh fragrance as i love the smell of talc! You can actually still smell the same level freshness at the end of the day as you can when you first apply it! If you do sweat during the day it doesn't smell stale, it actually smells like talc! It really is long lasting.


      For those of you that have read previous reviews on this product, you may find that some people have not tried and tested Mithchum's claim of the stick being so effective that you can miss a day........well i did try it out. Yes, me, Miss Sweaty Betty! It felt very strange in the morning to not apply deodorant and i felt a little au natural but, strangely enough, it actually works quite well. After applying it once on the Tuesday i didn't feel the need to re-apply it until about 3pm on the Wednesday......not quite 48 hours but i was very impressed none-the-less. I have no sweat patches when i use this product and i rarely get white marks (only once or twice). I find that if you wipe the stick over each armpit about 2 to 3 times, not only does this prevent sweat patches but also makes your underarms feel lovely and soft. Plus, in my experience you can apply it to your underarms after shaving and it will not sting....i have only tried this with the talc fresh fragrance not the shower fresh. After waxing, i would still leave it a few hours to allow you follicles to stop screaming!

      I find that a stick usually lasts me about 2 or 3 months which isn't bad going for 1 stick or deodorant. It is a deodorant that you will need to use everyday as if you leave it a while, you may find it dries out a little. If this does happen just glide the solid under your arm a few times and it will almost re-hydrate itself. If you have sensitive underarms and your stick dries out, try rubbing the solid on your arms or leg as for the first few glides, it will drag a little. The only other thing to warn you about is that if you do not use the stick regularly and it does dry out, there may be a risk of the solid separating from the base and crumbling. If this happens, it's probably best you buy a new one.


      This deodorant used to be quite pricey in comparison to other brands as priced at about £3.59 i could see why people would refuse. However, do bear in mind that each stick will last you about 2 or 3 MONTHS! Not bad for £3.59 now hey?! I say used to be pricey as i picked a new one up from Asda the other day for £1.88 and it was the same price in Tesco's too. I'm not sure whether this is a promotion they have on at the minute of a permanent price reduction but i usually find it for around £2.99 in Boots, Superdrug or any high-street chemist.

      I truly would be lost without this little stick. It is a godsend to the sweaty and a lovely luxury for the non-sweaty! Please try it.... i love it and wouldn't substitute it for anything!


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        07.11.2006 20:33
        Very helpful



        Recommended deodorant

        For some time now, my anti perspirant of choice has been anything which is a hydro solid, and one brand in particular, which has featured in a former review.

        I like these hydro solids because one of my pet hates is getting up in the morning and either spraying cold spray onto myself and having the white bits fall to the floor, or rolling a cold liquid on. It's all to do with cold, especially in the winter.

        These offer the perfect solution…effective and not cold!

        THE PROMISE…

        Whenever I buy a new product, I always like the promises they make. Usually they all promise more or less the same thing but give no real indication as to how they can deliver this promise.

        This is a good one…it promises to be so effective that you can miss a day. I don't know about anyone else but I like my daily bath or shower, and unless under extreme circumstances, would not like to give my bath a miss just to prove the effectiveness of the product. It strikes me that were I in conditions where I couldn't find water, then the last thing on my mind would be how well my deodorant was coping!

        The best bits are that it promises not to sting and goes on clear with no white residue.


        This comes in a normal tube with a twizzle mechanism at the bottom to wind the deodorant up and down. Take off the pull off cap and there is a little plastic protector- not to be confused with the deodorant which is underneath this!

        The deodorant is a white solid block with no smell which I can distinguish, although I am using the unperfumed variety. The product is available in different perfumed varieties but I find I prefer the unperfumed, because sometimes the smell of the deodorant can clash with any perfume or other lotions and potions.

        USING IT…

        Simply wind the cap at the bottom a little way, apply and that's it. After use, wind down the deodorant stick and replace the cap to prevent the product from drying out.

        It suggests that it shouldn't be applied to broken or irritated skin, but I don't think I'd want to as I know it would sting.


        This is available in chemists and supermarkets and is priced around the £2.50 mark, although there are often offers on with £1 off, so keep eagle eyed!

        Also available in roll on and the hydro stick (like mine) in fragrances such as unperfumed, powder fresh, and fresh wave.

        MADE BY…

        Revlon, London

        Bizarre, I thought they made make up!

        WHY I LIKE IT…

        The product is easy to use and doesn't make me flinch with the cold or leave me scrabbling about bemoaning the fact that there are white bits all over the floor. No longer do I have to shake a can to guess how much is left, nor do I have to peer hopefully into a highly decorated opague bottle to try to see how much is left. The only problem I have encountered is that when it gets close to the bottom, the stick starts to fall off the base. This is an indication that it's time to get a new one. In fact, the indication comes slightly before this, as the product can dry out before I get to the end.

        It goes on dry and keeps you dry, but I haven't tried out the clinically proven 48hour protection yet.

        So, dries in an instant, no cold moments, very effective. Unlike some deodorants, it leaves no white marks which is a definite plus. It means I don't have to carefully manoeuvre clothes over my head and then try to sponge down dark clothes. Probably a must especially at this time of the year when the little black dresses are coming out in force.

        The only down side is that it can dry out. I don't know why this happens because I do replace the top, but maybe it's just not completely air tight.


        Thanks for reading

        Daniela xx


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