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Mum Sensitive Care Aloe Jojoba Calendula Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray

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Brand: Mum / Deodorants / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      02.07.2010 17:38
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      won't be buying again

      I tend to buy a lot of deodorant, and that's not because I have some hideous body odour problem (well at least I don't think I have..), but because I walk a lot I'm forever spraying myself at my chosen destination; namely the school playground - so an average can doesn't last long especially in this warm weather we've been experiencing.

      I'm not brand loyal at all as I have mentioned in previous reviews of similar items so if I see something that catches my eye (normally the price tag) then I'll give it a go.

      Whilst shopping in my local Iceland store recently I spotted this MUM Sensitive Care deodorant spray at a mere £1.

      While I will happily admit it was the low price that appealed to me I was also drawn to the design of the can.

      So onto price and packaging~
      This was selling as mentioned at just £1 which for a 150ml size can I deemed this to be reasonable priced. The appearance of the can is at first a basic cylindrical shape, but on closer inspection it's slimmer towards the centre giving it a 'squeezed' look.

      The eye catching part for me was the different shades of pale greens used
      around the can - this gave it a natural, summery look that indicated it would be gentle on the skin, which after reading more closely it is enhanced with Aloe, Jojoba and calendula - all known for their soothing properties.

      The deodorant can has the modern integrated nozzle and is protected by a plastic lid which fits neatly on top.
      After removing the lid and spraying (15 centremetres is the required distance advised but if you feel daring go for 14 cm!) each under arm area I was met with an icy blast to the skin.

      The deodorant felt dry on application unlike some other brands that leave underarms still feeling damp.
      It didn't sting at first but a short time after my skin felt slightly sore (only the tiniest bit though) though that did seem to wear off just as quickly and luckily didn't cause a rash or itching.

      To describe the scent is difficult as none of the ingredients listed are particularly noticeable. It has a very fresh, subtle green scent which reminds me of freshly cut grass. Whilst this was pleasant it wasn't very strong, but if you like your deodorants to have the faintest aroma then this would be ideal..for the scent anyway..

      Performance wise it was only just okay.

      Only just.

      After the usual applying first thing in a morning after a shower I did my usual 20 minute school run followed by 20 minutes return trip. Whilst it has been incredibly hot I understand that deodorants are put to the test and this just didn't match up to the likes of Dove or Sure.
      The reasons being though it works at keeping you smelling fresh at first I was soon aware of shock horror- body odour after less than 2 hours! I was mortified and rewashed and reapplied for the afternoon school run and found the same thing occurred yet again - not good! Almost immediately after using my underarms felt sticky and uncomfortable though the saving grace for it was that it didn't 'clump' or cause white marks.

      This claims to work 24 hours - but it's more like 2.4 hours!

      Would I recommend this?
      I was always under the assumption that MUM was a brand to be trusted, which I'm sure their other products are but this fails to live up to standards.

      The deodorant doesn't really do that much and to be honest doesn't have that much going for it as it fails to keep you fresh and dry, and stings the skin. My husband used this a few times and his skin is like leather but agreed that after application there is a slight stinging effect, so at least I knew it wasn't just me.

      If using on a cool day when no sweating is likely to happen then by all means give it a go!
      It's such a shame as I had high hopes for this but once the can is empty I can't see me buying this particular product in the near future again.

      2 stars for effort, and that's being very generous I think!

      Give it a miss..


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        08.05.2010 10:22
        Very helpful



        Great odour beater!

        I get through a lot of deodorant on a weekly basis. Not because I am smelly...I'm not well I couldn't be with the amount of the stuff I buy and get through lets put it that way!

        I spotted this in Asda recently costing a pound a can and as I hadn't tried it before so decided it was worth a go!

        The Packaging:

        Green and white can that has a slight dent to the middle of it for ease of handling and to the top of it, it has a push button green plastic sprayer and over that a lid/cap to protect it. On the front of the can I am told that it is Mum Sensitive Care Aloe-Jojoba Calendula and that it is a Deo Spray that protects for 24h and that it is an alcohol free antiperspirant. On the back of the can other information given includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, warnings and the size is stated which is 150ml in this case, ingredients are listed and contact details for Procter & Gamble (the manufacturer) are given. It's a nice enough can that is informative and actually looks fresh and bright.

        Using It:

        To use this you use it like you would use any spray deodorant. Spray it about 15cm away and onto clean and dry armpits of course!

        It sprays on damp though not soaking wet and doesn't go white and dried up looking on the skin. It dries within seconds allowing you to dress quickly and it smells fresh and very sort of green and meadowy with a slight zest to it which is very pleasant indeed and that fragrance stays fresh under the armpits for hours.

        It doesn't transfer residue to fabrics, doesn't feel sticky or anything else and allows you to stay clean for longer and in my opinion even helps the armpit area stay dry! Nice deodorant, easy to use and I like it alot!

        Available in all good supermarkets, chemists etc priced at about £1.80 a can (if not on offer).


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