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Nivea Deodorant Energy Fresh

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6 Reviews

Brand: Nivea / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Refreshes, Energises

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    6 Reviews
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      29.01.2013 13:00
      Very helpful



      A funky fresh scent from Nivea

      I have often switched between Nivea, Dove and Garnier deodorant depending which was on offer at the time. This particular deodorant caught my eye as I am not a girly girl so liked the dynamic funky and contemporary look of the teal to silver fade.

      Nivea is a global skin and body care brand founded in 1882 first producing skin creams and are still very well known for this today. During the 1980s Nivea expanded into a wider market and began the path to what we know them as today producing deodorants, moisturisers, sun care products and a mens range.

      At first you may think that brands like Dove and Nivea would smell like a thick white moisturising cream or a bar of soap, but contrary to this belief the scents are far from it. The design on the can portrays the modern market that they are expanding into.

      This deodorant is supposed to give a 24 hour freshness and for me it did provide a day of protection but not a full 24 hours. I did require a reapplication by the evening but in general I do put deodorants through their paces both at work (nursing) and exercising frequently. The scent is a bit like a citrus fruit which is nice and fresh.

      The downside is the thick powder coming from the can if it becomes too cold or is not shook properly before use. The deodorant also leaves behind the dreaded white marks on any dark coloured vests.

      I bought this from Wilkinsons for £1 on offer.


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      18.06.2012 13:24
      Very helpful




      I was in need of some deodrant so when I was in my local Homes and Bargains store I decided to get my usual Nivea Double Effect Deodrant. However, this one caught my eye; one I had never heard of before. Again, this one is buy Nivea, but is called 'Nivea Energy Fresh'. This cost me £1.

      I absoultely love the design of the bottle. It is a lovely aqua colour (it's a different coloured green that the one in the image) and is quite a 'busy' bottle in terms of design. It has the famous 'Nivea' in a white font and dark blue backgroundm as well as a few diagrams and images. There is lots of information on the back telling you about how to use the product, what it does, as well as few bits of other information including the dangers of using aerosols. In fact, this is the deodrant with the most information on the back; there is a lot of writing on the back of this one.

      Applying the deodrant is simple. There are instructions on the bottle which tell you to hold the can approximately 15cm away from the underarm and spray. Do not spray on broken skin or sores. Make sure that the deodrant is dry before dressing.

      Nivea's Energy Fresh promises 24 hour care, gentle care and smoother underarms for longer. Whilst the deodrant is very gentle and does make my underarms quite smooth, I don't really know if it does actually live up to it's '24 hours' thing as I usually shower everyday and so don't wear it for long enough to see if it does last 24 hours. It does last me about 8 hours though (if I am not doing anything, such as in college etc). However if I am waitressing, and getting all sweaty, then I do like to re-apply it after about four hours, to freshen up - although I can't smell sweat which has got to be a good thing! Whilst it didn't do this everytime, I did notice that on one or two occasions it dried up all powdery as soon as I put it on and 'powder went everywhere'. Although I guess an advantage of this is that it dries quickly.

      I love the smell of this deodrant. It is a really pleasant smell, consisting of quite a fresh smell. Whilst I like this scent as its really fresh, it reminds me of men's deodrant, although I really like it. The smell doesn't really last that long. I always feel fresh when I am wearing this.

      I am currently reviewing the 'small bottle' as I call it, which contains 150ml of deodrant- although there are even smaller ones (travel sizes) and a larger one at 250ml (all of which I have tried). The only difference is the price (obviously).

      The 150ml which I have, cost me around £1.99 from the supermarket/Boots/Superdrug - I can't remember where exactly, although what I do know is that it is nearly always the same price in all of these places, apart from when of course, it is on offer.

      Also, I find that a bottle of 150ml lasts me quite a while, a month or so which is good, as it means that you are getting good value for money.

      I do have quite sensitive skin, and so I was pleased to discover that this deodrant does not affect me at all which I think is good. It doesn't sting after shaving which is great too - ooh another point, is that this product contains 0% of alcohol which is good.

      If you are looking for a deodrant, then try this!

      Thanks for reading!
      June 2012
      xd-o-n-z-x on dooyoo, xdonzx on ciao


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      20.02.2011 21:57
      Very helpful




      If you have read my previous review then you know that I have no preference to the deodorant I use. I just get some when I run out and I like to try new ones to see if I can find a better deodorant than the last. I generally only get deodorants when offer because 90% of them will at some point be put on offer so I don't think buying them full price is worth it.

      I was at superdrug when I found the Nivea fresh deodorant and the Nivea Soft moisturiser for £1. This was in the summer and so I thought as I haven't tried this one before I would see how it faired. It has the same shape as the other Nivea bottles but this one is a glossy green colour. I think that this suited the smell of the deodorant.

      It contains lemongrass and avocado extracts and smells really zingy and fresh. The lemongrass is the most prominent smell. The smell is very summery and makes me feel awake in the morning. It has a distinct smell and I would have thought it suits men more even though this is a female deodorant.

      This is supposed to be a 24 hour antiperspirant but I haven't found this to be the case. A antiperspirant is supposed to stop the sweating whereas this just masks the smell of perspiration. It is gentle on the skin and I have not experienced any rashes or reactions which I have done with other deodorants. It has been dermatologically tested and contains no alcohol to ensure skin compatibility. The masking of odour works for long enough (my waking day) but once again I am disappointed that it does not stop perspiration.


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      21.08.2010 11:23
      Very helpful




      I was always wary of buying Nivea Deodorant sprays as I thought they would smell all Creamy and I didn't want to smell like Nivea Cream. I remember my gran using the Cream years ago and it's nice enough smelling but just a bit heavy scented.

      Anyway after picking this up in Poundland of all places I decided to try it. With the colour of the tin I thought it portrayed a crisp fresh smelling scent, but I guess looks can be deceiving. Worth £1 I suppose though as it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't like it.

      Like the Dooyoo picture this is a sort of metallic blue colour and it looks quite expensive. This came out in quite a fine spray but wasn't as fine as other Deodorants i've used.

      This has a nice fresh scent to it. It says that it is fragranced with Lemongrass and I wondered if it would smell too zingy and citrus like, but it was a nice fresh scent. I also think it smelt a bit Water like, so kind of Ocean mixed with Lemongrass. A really nice fresh smell which I will buy again in the future.

      I have seen this for sale in Asda for £1.89, so not sure how it found it's way into Poundland. It's strange the bargains that you get in there, and since i've not seen this around a lot then I can only guess it is quite a new product. I suppose the price of it is normal for the brand name and 150ml size of tin.

      This kept me fresh and dry. It states that it gives 24 hour coverage and I never really find that Deodorants do give that full coverage but as long as it does me when I need it to then I feel it is doing it's job. I spray my Deodorant usualyl when I get up on an average day at 6.30am and go to bed around 10.30pm, and this still kept me smelling nice enough although I seemed a teeny tiny bit damp at the very end of the night. This is common for me and Deodorants though.

      Worth a try and doesn't smell like Nivea Cream at all.


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      16.06.2010 15:18
      Very helpful



      Try it

      I have tried Nivea deodorants in the past and have been satisfied with their performance, though for some reason I don't tend to buy them very often preferring either Dove or Sure.

      As I am always on the hunt for a bargain I purchased this: Nivea 'Energy Fresh' in the spray format for the relatively low price of £1.89 recently.

      Price and packaging~
      As mentioned this was £1.89 and was being sold at the introductory price at Superdrug a few weeks ago though the normal RRP is at least an extra pound on top of that. That said though it really all depends on where you shop as prices will obviously differ from shop to shop.

      This is an Anti-Perspirant deodorant with a lemongrass fragrance and comes housed in an attractive baby blue tin. There is the *trendy* integrated nozzle attached but this also has the added bonus of a plastic lid just to make it 'different'.

      The size of the can is 150ml and it states it gives 24 hour protection.

      My experience of using this~
      Having followed the instructions and 'shaken well before use' I proceeded to hold the can the required 15cm from my underarm area (I didn't have a tape measure handy so it was an approximation) and sprayed after removing the lid that is..

      The deodorant comes out at a steady pace and doesn't blast out using half the tin like some others do so I was pleased with that aspect.
      The anti-perspirant is clear in colour and the consistency is quite unexpectedly watery yet feels moisturising on contact with the skin and dries quickly.

      The fragrance is indeed very fresh but I wouldn't say the lemongrass stood out at all - it has a more 'cool' scent to it that I would liken to 'Davidoff's Cool Water' but far more subtle. It wasn't an unpleasant scent though and that's one of the main things when using a deodorant along with how it works.
      Which leads me nicely onto..

      How it works~
      Having used the spray several times under each arm first thing in the morning I set about my usual routine. As mentioned in any of my other deodorant related reviews I walk a lot (as I don't drive) back and forth on the school run and need a product that is reliable; particularly when we keep getting sporadical bursts of hot weather.

      This seemed to pass the test on the 'keeping my underarms dry' front which scored well with me. Having applied this at 7am I didn't need to reapply this until the late evening following a shower as it kept working all day despite some hot weather we were experiencing.

      Good points~
      This worked well at keeping me dry; didn't irritate the underarm area; a few spritzes seem to suffice to make this work effectively and the can isn't too bulky and can easily fit into most bags.

      Bad points~
      I wouldn't really say it has *bad points* as such. The only things I would pick at is the fragrance - it really isn't the sort I would go for as it has a more masculine scent to it which can clash with certain perfumes. It's not overly strong but it is very noticeable, but that's just me being picky.

      Would I recommend this?~
      It doesn't irritate my skin ( it is dermatologically approved ) so that's always a reason for me to buy something like this.
      Another key point worth mentioning here is is doesn't do the 'flaking' that some powder based deodorants can so the chances of getting white marks on your clothing after using are zilch - another plus!
      The only thing as mentioned above is the fragrance which I'm not overly keen on, but that is just me. The deodorant does exactly what it says on the tin and for that reason I would definitely recommend it and give it full marks.

      (For the record I cant comment on the working 24 hours bit as I don't go that long between washing!)


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        22.07.2009 17:17
        Very helpful



        A good anti-perspirant but cheaper ones do the same job!

        I received a 35ml aerosol version of this deodorant in a goodie bag some time ago whilst participating in the 'Race for Life'.

        - Price -

        The aerosol version of this anti-perspirant is quite a bit cheaper than the roll on.
        Current prices at Boots are:
        150ml aerosol - £2.40 (£1.60 per 100ml)
        50ml roll-on - £2.30 ( £4.60 per 100ml)

        - What does it promise? -

        ~ 24 hour confidence.
        ~ Anti-perspirant protection.
        ~ Gentle Nivea care.
        ~ Contains lemongrass for energising freshness.

        - The difference between an anti-perspirant and a deodorant -

        A deodorant simply masks body odours with fragrances whereas an anti-perspirant works by reducing the amount of perspiration produced, resulting in a reduction of BO. This by 'name' should fit in to the latter definition.

        - My experience -

        I have to point out that in terms of perspiring or less lady-like, sweating..... I'm probably average. I don't get very sweaty unless I'm dancing for a fair few hours and that's when I need some good protection in order to combat any undesirable odours!

        I tend to buy any deodorant / anti-perspirant that is on offer at the time, be it roll-on or aerosol, however I do prefer the cool feeling of an aerosol spray as opposed to a roll-on.

        ~ The smell

        I really like the scent of this, it's clean and fresh without being too heavy and clashing with other perfumes etc that you may want to wear alongside it.

        ~ White mark test

        Unlike other aerosol anti-perspirants that I've used, this doesn't leave a 'clag' of white on my underarm. It sprays evenly and takes a matter of seconds to dry without leaving the undesired white mark on any black clothes that I have put on after using it.

        ~ Efficiency

        Despite it's claim, this does not keep you smelling fresh and fragrant for a full 24 hours! It could possibly do this if you were sitting down all day and night and no physical exertion took place.

        However, it does work for me for the full day but I would and have replenished for a night out.

        All in all, an effective deodorant but not a 24 hour one!

        - Other Nivea Aersol Deodorants / Anti-Perspirants for Women -

        ~ Double Effect
        ~ Fresh Natural
        ~ Dry Confidence
        ~ Pure Invisible
        ~ Pearl and Beauty

        Thanks for reading.
        N.B. This review has also been posted on ciao.


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