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Nivea Deodorant Happy Time

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Brand: Nivea / Spray / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2012 12:18
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      I'd buy it again but wouldn't pay full price for it..!

      I have tried out several of the anti-perspirant deodorant sprays from the well-known "Nivea" range and have been suitably impressed for the most part. Whilst shopping in a local branch of Tesco recently, a seemingly new addition to the range caught my eye, mainly as I had not seen it before. The spray in question was the "Happy Time" 24hour anti-perspirant deodorant, and I thought the deodorant sounded quite appealing from the description on the can.

      I paid around £2 for the 150ml canister of anti-perspirant deodorant, a price which is slightly more than I would normally pay for such a small can. I was intrigued by the 'Orange Blossom' that was promised to be present in the spray's fragrance however, as this is a scent that I have quite liked in the past, so I decided to buy the spray on this occasion.

      The canister is fairly simplistic, and resembles many of the other items in the "Nivea" brand that I have tried before. With the familiar bold blue-and-white 'badge' being present at the top of the can, I thought it provided an eye-catching detail, particularly against the crisp white colour of the metal canister. I did like the way the product had a slight curve in its design near the top part of the canister, as this allowed me to maintain a firm grip whilst spraying the product.

      The front of the canister claims I will "Feel Fresh & Uplifted" and informs me that the product contains "Bamboo extract & Orange Blossom fragrance, 0% Alcohol." The latter part of the statement appealed to me the most, as I do not like using anti-perspirant products that contain alcohol, finding them to be harsh on my sensitive underarm area. Also, as I touched on earlier, I was slightly intrigued by the product's fragrance as I have been a fan of other products that contain Orange Blossom. Lastly, the words "Gentle Care" and "24h" were a final reassurance that not only was the anti-perspirant going to protect me for a whole day, but the product would not be overly-harsh on my sensitive skin.

      When dispensing the product, I find it easy to control the amount of spray I want to use, thanks to the larger-than-average nozzle spray located at the top of the can. There doesn't seem to be much waste due to a huge amount of spray being dispensed at any one time, which is a significant niggle I have had with Nivea anti-perspirant sprays in the past. Also, I didn't find that my underarms felt overly 'wet' after the spray had been dispensed onto my skin.

      The scent of the anti-perspirant is very pleasant to my mind, being quite 'soap-like' in its initial appearance, reminding me of talcum powder and with a mildly feminine edge, but without being floral or feeling sickly. At the sidelines of this scent however, lies a slightly 'citrus' tone, which I can only assume is coming from the Orange Blossom contained in the product's ingredients. It is true to say that this citrus undertone carries a floral essence within it too as I had expected, but it is without the harsh or 'heady' feel that so many floral scents seem to carry. Instead, the fragrance feels quite refreshing and has a pleasant 'crispness' to it that is not something I have experienced from anti-perspirant sprays before, but is something that I have quite enjoyed whilst using this product.

      In terms of the effectiveness of the Nivea Happy Time anti-perspirant, I find it works quite well at keeping my underarm area pleasantly dry and free from any 'perspirant residue.' I would say that it works as well as most other anti-perspirant products that I buy regularly, so I am fairly pleased with the results. However, in terms of the claim on the packaging "24 h confidence, anti-perspirant protection" I am slightly sceptical. Perhaps I am being unfair, as I regularly apply deodorant twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) and this is the practice that has been carried out when using the Nivea Happy Time, and I can't honestly say that I would be particularly comfortable if I were to deviate from this little routine that I have. I am perhaps being slightly unfair as I haven't actually tried out this theory, but its fair to say I have my reservations.

      The product recommends that you allow the spray to dry completely before dressing, and this is something that I would definitely recommend. I discovered once or twice that the product had left a white sort of 'powdery' residue on my clothes - particularly clothing of a dark colour - which is extremely unsightly and annoying! For this reason, I tended to allow ample drying time between application time and dressing time, which seemed to reduce the problem significantly.

      In terms of the product's statement "Feel fresh and uplifted with Nivea Happy Time deodorant" um, well... I just felt the same as with any other anti-perspirant deodorant that I would regularly use. It is fair to say however, that I found the FRAGRANCE of the product was slightly more 'refreshing' than other, perhaps more floral or 'feminine' scented deodorants that I have used before, so perhaps this claim is not completely false.

      I have not found the product is at all harsh or even particularly 'drying' to the sensitive underarm area, which is something that I find can be a problem with certain brands of anti-perspirant, particularly those at the bottom end of the market, or more 'budget' branded products. So I am satisfied that the quality of the product is fairly high.

      Overall, I quite liked the "Happy Time" anti-perspirant and it is a product that I would repurchase again in the future, mainly because I liked the slightly unusual fragrance. To be honest however, I wasn't entirely blown away and I'm not sure I would purchase the canister at full price. As part of a promotional deal or discounted offer however, I would probably buy a couple of canisters to add to my stockpile, and feel that the product is deserving of a four star rating for the reasons outlined in my review.

      As @ May 2012, the price for the 150ml canister of Happy Time Deodorant is still £2 in branches of Tesco, or you can purchase online at www.tesco.com.


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