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Nivea Sensitive & Pure

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3 Reviews

Brand: Nivea / Type: Roll-on / Suitable for: Body

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2013 22:24
      Very helpful



      Not very good, won't buy again

      I have very sensitive skin and most deodorants I've tried in the past haven't agreed with me - I usually end up with an itchy feeling underarm that's really annoying because something obviously doesn't agree with my skin. I've tried to use spray deodorants in the past too but they are even worse and also used to leave white marks on my clothes so I now usually stick to roll on deodorants that clearly state 'sensitive' on them. I've found around 3 types that seem to be ok but I'm still always on the look out for new deodorants to try.

      I saw this Nivea deodorant on offer in Tesco at £1, it's usual price is £2 and as £1 is cheaper than what I usually pay for roll on deodorant, I thought it was worth a try. I was even a bit hasty and bought two as I was drawn in by the brand name of Nivea. Now I wish I'd bought just the one (or perhaps maybe none!)

      The deodorant comes in a glass clear bottle with a white screw lid, with the bottle capacity being 50ml. The screw lid doesn't bother me as it easily comes off, but most of the other deodorants I've used in the past have a click on/off lid which I suppose is slightly easier. The good thing about the screw lid though is that it never comes off in my handbag if I take it out with me (and with this deodorant I felt the need to)! There is a ball on the bottle underneath the lid used to apply it underarm.

      The actual deodorant can only be described as white 'goo' and has no scent whatsoever, none that I can notice anyway. If there is, it is so faint that my nose didn't detect it. This was the first thing that was a bit disappointing really because I think a scent to a deodorant is needed, even if it's a little one, just because it makes me feel nicer when it's applied and I can smell a lovely scent. Even some of the other sensitive deodorants that I buy do have a little scent, so it's not like it can't be added to keep it ok for use on sensitive skin.

      When applying this deodorant, I found that I needed to roll the applicator lots of times in order to get a proper covering underarm. The problem with that was, it then took a while to dry so that I could dress. Eventually when it did dry, it wasn't sticky at all and I couldn't really tell that it was there, which originally I thought was a good point, but since started to think of it as a bad point because it seems that not being able to tell that it's there may mean that it actually wasn't there in any great capacity.

      The reason I say this is because the claims that are made on the bottle I have simply found to be untrue. I have no issue with the sensitive part - I have not noticed any itchy feeling underarm so in terms of being designed for sensitive skin, that is totally correct and very good. It is the '48 hour antiperspirant' claim I think is way off the mark. I shower every day so I haven't actually tested it for 48 hours, but I don't need to in order to say that this just isn't the case. I found that when applied every morning before I started the day, by the evening I felt sweaty and unclean and often had to take another shower so I felt nice and clean again. So, that would be about 12 hours in total from the application. It's not even like I've been doing anything strenuous either - I am not into exercise as sport is just not my cup of tea! Whether the 48 hour protection is valid if more is applied per use I don't know, but I did apply quite a lot in each application so it would mean a bottle not lasting very long at all if this was the case!

      Like I say, in terms of it's use on sensitive skin - it is one of very few that doesn't upset my skin in any way so for that I've given it a couple of stars. It states that it uses chamomile extract and avocado oil in it's formula for this, but it's just a shame these scents don't come through. I suppose as well that the deodorant did last through part of the day -I just found that it needed to be reapplied in the day or have to shower as soon as I got home and so not really fulfilling it's purpose of giving a long lasting freshness.

      I was expecting a name like Nivea to have produced an excellent deodorant as they are a big brand when it comes to body and skincare. Maybe making deodorants just isn't their speciality, although they may produce other fantastic ones, as this is the only one I've tried. This however, just doesn't cut it as a deodorant and even though it suits my sensitive skin well, I just don't think it's any good for it's primary purpose.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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      09.11.2012 22:20
      Very helpful




      Disclaimer: contains some naughty comments. If that isn't to your taste, please don't feel obligated to keep reading.

      Spontaneous. One word that describes me perfectly in some aspects, and not at all in others.
      Tell me we're going out for dinner and I'll memorize the menu beforehand so that I know there'll be something I can eat.
      Tell me you've got a weekend off work and I'll splurge on a trip and not really think about the extras we might need, usually resulting in a bit of a hectic start to the trip, but I suppose it just makes it all the more enjoyable when we eventually get there.

      One recent mishap as a result of my spontaneous trip planning, was a fiasco at the airport. I know what you're thinking, what does this have to do with deodorant? But bare with me.
      6am and I'm at the airport with my boyfriend, ready to go through security checks for a domestic flight. As always, I'm pulled aside for further searching (must be something intimidating about my 5'4 stature and winning smile!) and approved to carry on a few moments later. However this time it didn't go quite how it normally does. The lady behind the bag scanner pulled me aside and demanded I empty my case for searching while another member of staff pulled my little baggy of liquids away for vapour testing.
      After worrying that someone had planted something in my bag when we grabbed breakfast earlier, I was then told that the thing setting off alarm bells for them was my deodorant. A nice big aerosol. Stupid me completely forgot that you can't bring a giant aerosol onto a plane in your hand luggage. All that worry for nothing. They discarded it for me and let us through to the departure lounge, but wait, how would I keep my pits free from sweat over the next few days?
      Well thank goodness for Boots! I popped in and grabbed the first roll on deodorant I could see - Nivea Sensitive & Pure - then went on my merry way.

      For someone who really despises roll on deodorant, I actually had high hopes for this one. I'm not sure if it's the simple but pretty packaging or just because I'm an optimistic fool, but either way, my high hopes were quickly shattered.

      The deodorant comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a curved groove on the backside. The lid is a simple white twist off cap that runs flush with the bottle and the label continues with the simplistic feel by sticking to basic, light colours. There's a hint of lavender detail on the label, along with the Nivea logo and the product name. I'm told that this is an antiperspirant for sensitive skin that will last up to 48 hours, whilst also being 100% free from alcohol, perfume and preservatives. For displaying such a good amount of information about a product, I'll give Nivea 10 points because the label is very basic to look at.

      As for the product itself, the cap twists off, easily as you'd expect. Underneath, there's a white ball, typical of a roll on deodorant and no noticeable scent. On first use, I had to roll the deodorant a few times before I felt any product actually coming out but instantly regretting letting the white, sticky substance touch my skin. My boyfriend had made the comment that it looked like semen in the bottle, but I didn't think it'd actually feel like that's what I was rubbing into my pits.
      With any normal roll on deodorant, it feels a bit wet to start with and then you dry off and go about your day. With this, it feels incredibly gloopy and sticky and NEVER DRIES. I walked around for a good 10 minutes before getting dressed that night, still hadn't dried. I ended up patting at it a bit with a bit of toilet paper to soak up the stickiness so that I could get dressed and head out.
      The whole night I felt self conscious about my poor little pits. I'm not one to sweat much so I only ever experience the wet, sticky feeling of being sweaty if I've had a pretty heavy workout, but this made me feel like I was sweating all the time.

      Along with the feeling of having overactive glands, the scent is hardly desirable. It's a bit musty and damp smelling. Completely the opposite of something you'd want to be rubbing over your sweaty bits!

      As for working well as a deodorant, or lasting for 48 hours, I can't really comment. I showered as soon as we got back to the hotel room because I couldn't stand the rank feeling any longer. A deodorant does have to be two things for me though, 1) feel like it's keeping me dry and 2) not smell like a wet dog. This fits in with neither of those requirements and therefore went straight into the bin. Goodbye £2.10. It was nice knowing you.

      I will point out one positive - I experienced no actual skin irritations from this, other than the personal irritation of how it made me feel.

      If you feel compelled to test this sticky mess out for yourself, pop down to your local Boots, hand them 2 of your hard earned pounds (and then some!) and enjoy. Either that or have a bit of fun with your favourite man and get him to aim right for your pits, you'll save yourself the money and the trip to Boots!

      Obviously, I'm giving this deodorant only 1, little piddly star. It cheated it's way into that one though, Dooyoo doesn't allow any less.

      Thanks for reading!
      This was a bit different to my old reviews, I wanted to change it up a bit seeing as review reading can get a bit boring, hope you enjoyed it.


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      08.08.2012 00:14
      Very helpful



      I am sure it is great for people with sensitive skin!

      Nivea Sensitive and Pure Antiperspirant

      As a rule I tend to buy spray on deodorants and antiperspirants when I'm in the shops, but there was not much on offer that caught my eye so I quickly bought this roll on Nivea Sensitive and Pure to tide me over.

      The Roll On

      The Nivea antiperspirant comes in a small and compact glass bottle. The glass is quite thick and makes the bottle feel rather heavy, with an indented ridge carved into the back of the bottle that is used as grip to apply the antiperspirant to your underarms. On the top of the bottle is a screw on white plastic lid that keeps the roll on ball clean and saturated.

      The Nivea logo is stuck onto the front of the bottle, along with the name, Sensitive and Pure and some more details in a faint purple text. There is a picture of a feather which goes with the description 'gentle care'. This has a 50 ml roll on content.


      Once the cap is unscrewed you have a pearly coloured smooth roll on ball which is used to apply the antiperspirant to your underarms. The liquid in the bottle looks quite gooey and is a pearly white colour like the roll on. The antiperspirant doesn't really have much of a scent to it, it smells fresh but there is no twist.

      The roll on is really easy to apply, the ball releases a thin layer of the antiperspirant as you move it around your underarm and this applies the coating and protection. Once the bottle is nearly half full you do have to turn it upside down to make sure the liquid makes it to the roll on ball, but I think you tend to get this with most roll on deodorants.

      The antiperspirant is designed for sensitive skin, which I didn't really read before I purchased it, with no alcohol, parabens or preservatives present, which might account for the lack of smell. The bottle does state that the antiperspirant gives protection for up to 48 hours; however I would have to totally disagree.

      I really didn't feel like this worked as an antiperspirant which is meant to both counteract smell as well as preventing sweat by affecting the sweat glands. After my brisk morning walk to work I found I often had to reapply my emergency work deodorant, which is not good for first thing in the morning. I have never had to buy strong or special antiperspirants before, so I figure this is just not very good at the end of the day.

      Nivea also say this this is 'Formulated with chamomile extract and avocado oil, it soothes sensitive skin and prevents irritation. Chamomile is well known to have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent irritation. Avocado helps to improve skin hydration while making it feel smoother and silkier'. I think if I had read all of the sensitive and soothing info properly I wouldn't have bought it as it does suggest that this is not particularly resilient.

      I paid £1 for this whilst on offer in Tesco and finished it because I am tight, but I cannot really recommend this and will not be buying it again!


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