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Brand: Odaban / Type: Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    5 Reviews
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      14.10.2012 15:25



      A life-changing product for a very small price!

      Over the years, I have tried many strong antiperspirants and have found that they were too strong for my skin and very painful to use. I had become desperate to find a solution after the sweating became such an issue that it limited the clothes I could wear, and often had to resort to putting tissue paper under my arm pits thorughout the day.

      One day, I came accross Odaban when searching for another product to try and prevent my excess sweating, and bought it from Boots a couple of days later. The bottle itself is small, but you only have to use a small amount of product for it to be effective! It works overnight, and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is apply the product before you go to bed, and wash it off in the morning. It says in the instructions that it may take a couple of applications before it becomes as effective as claimed, however for me the difference was almost instant. I could wear whatever I wanted and even found myself going out and buying clothes that I could never have worn before!

      For me though, there is one quite significant downside to this product (although I believe the benefit massively outweighs the cost!) and that is the stinging and irritation that Odaban occasionally causes in my underarms. If you apply slightly too much product, the area can itch and sting for a couple of days and (very rarely) red bumps can appear. This can be combated, however, by ensuring that only the amount of Odaban required is applied where and when neccessary.

      This for me is an essential, life-changing product that I honestly could not live without. It helps prevent sweating anywhere on the body that you would need it to and for the price is certainly good value for money. Don't let sweating control your life any longer!


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      29.11.2011 20:10
      Very helpful
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      Brilliant product, well worth any money paid.

      Though I was very aware of sweat being an issue in my day to day life, I was not conscious of exactly how much of my activities I was changing to fit around this problem... until I found this product! I had tried numerous deodorants and anti-perspirants, and had quite honestly given up hope. I occasionally work part time in a pub behind the bar, stretching up to reach the glasses became such a nightmare, I'd wear strappy tops in mid winter, just to avoid unsightly sweat patches. People would call me crazy, but to me, being freezing cold was well worth the sacrifice. One day I did an online search to find a deodorant tailored to tackle problem perspiration and came across Odaban, and its incredible reviews. I thought I would definitely give it a go, and I will never look back.

      The product works overnight. You start off by using one or two sprays (depending on how sensitive your skin is) onto a cotton pad, and dab onto the inner 1/3 of your dry arm pit. (It's important the arm pit is dry when it is applied, otherwise it may sting a little!) I do this immediately before I get into bed, to ensure my arm pit stays dry while the product is still on the skin's surface. Then, in the morning you wash the product off, and stay sweat free throughout the day. The brilliant thing about Odaban is that it only needs to be applied one to two times a week although at first I applied it every day until I was sure that it was working, and then I gradually started applying it less. It worked for me after day one, though the package does say that it may take up to a few weeks to kick in, if you have been in a similar situation I'm sure you'll agree this is well worth waiting a week or so though!

      Now that my problem is under control, I have regained a whole new wardrobe I never knew I had. I'm wearing the long sleeved tops that had spent so long being neglected, and I have had no sweat patches appear from day one of using the product. Behind the bar, just being able to reach up to get a glass is such a relief, and I have so much more confidence! I hand on heart honestly never knew that my sweat issue was changing the way I dressed, moved and worked. I can wear what I like, when I like, and feel happy and confident!! It is such a relief to know that this product works and I can rely on it, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone in the same predicament.


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        28.03.2011 16:21
        Very helpful



        A fantastic product that stops excessive sweating!

        Sweating can be bit of a pain. Excessive sweating can be a living nightmare and can have a very negative impact on your life. I don't know why my body likes to sweat so much. I don't have to be exercising or feeling particularly hot for it to happen but it is the bane of my life.

        According to the medics, this is called Hyperhidrosis and it is a condition where your body pays no attention whatsoever to the conditions around it and sweats just for the hell of it... Grrrr! The cause is unknown so preventative measures are the only available options to people like me.

        I was so sick of scanning the pages of ASOS and choosing only the black and woollen clothes while gazing longingly at the beautiful coloured dresses made of gorgeous materials that I could never wear. I had tried just about every antiperspirant that had ever been made, including prescriptive ones. The harsh ones hurt my skin too much and the gentle ones seemed to make the situation worse but then I found this little gem.

        Odaban Antiperspirant has been helping people gain sweet relief from excessive sweating for over forty years. The product has been credited across the world as being one of the best treatments for this problem by both dermatologists and doctors.

        It is one of the safest and most effective antiperspirants that you can buy. Odaban is so confident that us 'Sweaty Bettys' will be over the moon with this product that they offer a money back guarantee, so technically with this product you can't actually lose.

        As frustrating as sweating can be, it is in fact our body's way of cooling itself down. Our bodies have around two million sweat glands and most of them are located in the armpits, the palms of our hands and our feet. According to Odaban, these glands produce half a litre of sweet each day, yuk! But it's when you sweat excessively that you need to turn to this product.

        How does it work? All of the best antiperspirants contain Aluminium Chloride and Odaban was one of the first ones to do so. This product is to be applied at night time, just before you go to bed. While you sleep, the Aluminium Chloride in Odaban mixes with the protein in your sweat glands and creates a new substance that plugs the pores in your skin, therefore preventing sweat from escaping from that particular area for several days. The aluminium is not actually absorbed by the body so it safe to use on a long term basis, including during pregnancy.

        After hearing that this product doesn't actually stop the glands from producing sweat, my first thought was where on earth is all the sweat going to go if my armpits are prevented from perspiring? No need to panic though, the body simply redirects the perspiration to other areas of the skin where it can simply evaporate discreetly or to the kidneys where it can be removed when you go to the toilet.

        How do you use this product? This product comes in the form of a pump spray which enables the exact dose to be released each time. When you are sweating excessively, it can be tempting to cover your self in antiperspirant at every opportunity but this can have the opposite of the desired effect. You need to apply this product at night time to the area where you want to stop the excessive sweating.

        One squirt is plenty and you can rub the product into the skin using cotton wool. If this is too harsh on your skin, you use half a spray, or spray the product directly on the cotton wool and then massage the cotton wool onto the skin. In the morning, wash the area and apply your normal deodorant as usual.

        I carry out this ritual about once every three days. The first time that you use this product, the effects will not be immediate. You'll need to be patient for up to a week but then you will begin to notice the difference.
        This product is suitable for all skin types and can be used all over the body including the face. The formula is completely free from perfumes and other allergy inducing ingredients. There are also special products by Odaban created especially for the hands and feet too, if that's the particular area where you need some help.

        The negatives with this product are that, although Odaban says that this product is gentle, it is only gentle in terms of measurement against similar products. It can feel incredibly itchy at times, although the feeling goes once it has been washed away. You must also never ever use this after shaving. I can promise that if you do, it will be a mistake that you will only make once in your lifetime. Owch! It must also only be used on dry skin or it will sting. I tend to cover the area in talcum powder to absorb any moisture before I use this.

        If you want to give this product a try, it is available from many online websites and also from your local pharmacy. It is available in Boots too and will cost you about £7. I think this is completely reasonable for what the product does and how long it lasts. I am so happy about what this product has done for me. I can now wear bright colours and I'm able to choose the prettiest dresses instead of the ones which won't show up my sweat patches, yey! Thank you Odaban!


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          11.09.2009 02:59
          Very helpful



          One of the better prescription agents for hyperhydrosis

          Odaban, available as a prescription only from your pharmacy is a product used to manage (not treat) hyperhydrosis, whereby you sweat a lot more than the average person you meet on the street on a sunny day even when its not that hot or sweat a lot after just walking up the flight of stairs without feeling your heart race.
          Odaban is completely smell-neutral so after spraying it on, you or anyone else won't smell a thing. Its main active ingredient is aluminium chloride which is a chemical that blocks your sweat pores, thus not allowing your body to excrete sweat from there. There have been some health concerns with it breaching the blood brain barrier, but generally its safe to use. Note that after applying it with a cotton piece, you'll the the cotton stained yellowish, that's part of the product, so don't fret there.

          Now as for how good this product actually is - its very effective after a few uses already, but its got its problems too. For instance spraying it under my armpits makes them ridiculously itchy, likely an interaction with armpit hair, so if you want to use it there, try to shave first.
          It can also be used elsewhere on the body, but its not that useful if you've got hyperhydrosis of the scalp, face, hands and/or feet. I got scalpal hyperhydrosis for instance as well and I can only apply a bit along my hairline, so its not very useful for me - but then again, there are no products I am aware of that help you manage scalpal hyperhydrosis, so you might as well use Odaban for your other areas.


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            17.04.2009 11:38
            Very helpful



            The solution to my problem - no sweat!

            If you have an aversion to armpits, sweating or body odour then this might not be the review for you. Before I begin, I want to make it perfectly plain that this is not a pleasant subject that I'm talking about.

            If you have a problem and are desperate for a solution to your armpits, sweating and body odour than read on because this product might just save your life as it did mine.

            Since the age of about 30 I have had a real nightmare with the problem of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis as I discovered through my doctor.

            Hyperhidrosis is the condition of over perspiration caused by some failing or other in the body's physiology.

            In my case, I was sweating when it was freezing cold, actually making me colder. I was sweating when I was in bed, having to shower at ridiculous times of the night, often having to change the sheets. I had to make sure I bought three of the same top for school each day - I teach Year 6- so that each day I could change the one I arrived in twice so nothing looked untoward. I would sweat so profusely, I became afraid of speaking in public - such as in assemblies or at parents' evenings or performances and would become physically sick in some other way causing me to have time off work.

            The curious thing in all of this is that I never had body odour. I would ask family and close friends, who knew of my condition, regularly, if I smelt, as you do when you become paranoid about such things, and nobody said "Oh good Lord girl, you stink!!" So I had to count that as a blessing.

            I also had to be grateful for the fact that I only had a problem in the underarm region.
            I had to constantly think myself lucky that I didn't have facial, hand or back sweating and that my feet didn't drip as I walked down the school corridor. But the wet blouses, tops and shirts - right down to the waistline - that now had to be bought in black or white, were becoming a curse. I sank into a kind of sweaters' despair. I felt like every drop of sweat was instantly visible and that the kids were all comparing notes on my sweat pattern - "OK on Mondays, could do better by Friday" kind of thing.

            I had seen my doctor several times after every deodorant or antiperspirant showed no sign of touching the problem. Triple Dry and Mitchum - recommended by a concert pianist friend of mine - never even made a dint on the problem; in fact they either made me itch like mad or produced a curious odour when mixed with perspiration. Not good my friends!

            The doctor had given me various aluminium mixtures that basically took my underarm skin off. It was becoming a total nightmare.

            What I was most worried about was the thought of my three young children - then only four, two and one- growing up with a totally Sweaty Betty mother who only ever wore black or white. I could never go out and buy a lovely purple, orange or green top and certainly never anything other than cotton because I knew that my bodily functions would first create twin maps of Africa under my armpits within thirty seconds of wearing it and eventually kill the top off with a unique crustiness only associated with this condition I believe. Buying nice clothes was inconceivable - they had to be bought with sweating in mind.

            I became very desperate in the summer of 2005 - so at least 10 years of sweating then - when I had some sort of physical breakdown and needed a long time off work. It wasn't caused by the sweating I have to say, but believe me, the problem wasn't helping.

            My posh friend in Edinburgh kept telling me that women who sweat a lot are expelling all those toxins that cause cellulite and funnily enough I began to think that was the case. So, no sweating would mean the start of cellulite and maybe I should after all embrace the problem.

            Thankfully, my mother slapped me out of thinking that way and told me to search the Internet for a solution to the problem that had even stumped the doctor.

            So, that's what I did and I discovered Odaban, an amazing, life changing product originally from Australia.

            I also discovered a mountain of information about not only my problem of hyperhidrosis but a myriad of other sweat related problems from their excellent website.

            Without even batting an eyelid, I made a secure online purchase of a 30ml bottle - now selling for £6.84 including Postage and Packing- and waited its arrival with eager anticipation. You may be sitting there screaming "HOW MUCH?" at the computer but I have to say that this product seemed to be worth every penny to me.

            The package arrived promptly and I was disappointed to have to wait until that evening to start using it.

            Detailed instructions were in the box and a slimmed down version are on the bottle.

            Here's what is says on the bottle:
            1 Application usually required just once or twice weekly.

            2. Ensure the skin is perfectly dry before applying Odaban, a light dusting of talc may be required. Delay application after bathing for at least an hour.

            3. Apply only one spray last thing at night when relaxed. Women and those with sensitive skins should talc and apply very sparingly on cotton wool.

            4. The next morning bathe and dry the treated areas. Never apply Odaban during the day.

            FOOT PROBLEMS

            Use daily for one week to eliminate odour, itch and scale - thereafter once or twice weekly. Occasional use will help prevent sports blistering and other problems of wetness and 'chafing'


            Contains 20%w/v Aluminium Chloride 6H20, 1% v/v Dimethicone Copolyol(193), Ethanol B (100) to 100% v/v

            Keep away from naked flame.

            209 Menlove Avenue
            L18 3EF

            I used the product exactly as it had said spraying one spray of the clear odourless liquid from the pump dispenser onto a facial pad and then applying that to the lower half of my armpit area. I never did the talc part though - I'm allergic to that - and after four days, my problem had disappeared. It was a miracle from God no less!

            I can't express the emotion I felt on the first day I did not have to change my blouse at 10.30am. I was like a lunatic actually. Giddy as a kipper definitely, having been given a new lease of life and a licence to shop for different coloured tops. This was noted by several pupils I have to say. One even commenting, "Wow, nice tops this week Miss"

            Odaban doesn't have the power to take the problem of hyperhidrosis away. It has the power to give you your life back. I now use this religiously as a set routine. During term time I use it on Saturday and Sunday nights and have the power of coloured tops during the week. If I have an important, somewhat stressful occasion looming, I use it for the two evenings prior to that and it's one less thing for me to have to worry about.

            I remember having to leave an interview before I actually was called for because I was so worried about the sweating, I was sweating even more and couldn't face going into the room to greet the interview panel. Not anymore!

            If you have a problem with any form of excessive sweating I heartily recommend this product. I have read all the information on the aluminium debate and have to say that in my case, using the product is a lifesaver. I buy one bottle a year it lasts so long. The website provides a vast amount of help and information about other treatments for sweaty problems, so if you are anything like I was and are suffering with this nightmare, find out for yourself at http://www.odaban.com/#

            The £6.84 that I'm going to spend this week is a fantastic investment for me - I only wish I could get it on my prepaid prescription!


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