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PitRok Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick

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9 Reviews

Brand: PitRok / Type: Deodorant Stick / Suitable for: Body

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    9 Reviews
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      25.02.2014 22:00
      Very helpful



      A highly recommended natural product for managing perspiration. Well worth the money.

      I have been using PitROK for about 9 years now.

      It is a mysterious cylindrical crystal, encased in black plastic, used like a "roll on" deodorant. It appealed to me as it is a natural means to deal with underarm perspiration, I was concerned with the chemicals in more traditional sprays and potential links to breast cancer.

      I have found this to be a very reliable product. However, it MUST be applied straight after a shower, to damp skin (or dampen the crystal) and fresh clothes worn every day.

      During hotter weather, I do find that it doesn't always prevent dampness, but there is certainly no odour.

      I say it is long lasting because the product itself is effective for 24 hours. But also the crystal, in my experience usually outlives the packaging! The piece of plastic which holds it inside the case eventually wears through the bottom of the crystal. The longest I have owned one is 4 years and I had to buy a new one only once I'd dropped it on a hard floor and it smashed! You certainly get value for money with this product. Whilst more expensive than other deodorants/antiperspirants, it is well worth the initial outlay and works out much cheaper in the long run.


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      22.01.2014 16:36



      Great product which really works - but contains aluminium

      This is a crystal deodorant that has an antibacterial effect. It comes as an attractive crystal block in a push-up case, which you moisten and apply to the skin. It's very easy to use, and works well. I'm not sure how it would stand up to extreme use but as a basic deodorant to prevent BO, it works very well.

      Because it's a solid crystal, only a tiny bit is used on each application - so it lasts for a very long time! I've had mine for about 6 months, although I do use various different products.

      I know that a lot of people use this because it's natural. A word of caution on that. Everything is made of chemicals, whether it says 'natural' on the label or not. Many natural deodorants claim to be aluminium-free, but this one is not. It's actually an aluminium-based crystal, which is why it works. Ammonium alum, the main constituent of all PitRok products, is short for ammonium aluminium sulphate. If your aim is to find an aluminium-free products then obviously this isn't it!

      It is a good product though, and it isn't tested on animals.


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      02.10.2013 08:48
      Very helpful



      Deodorant stick

      Pitrok crystal

      I had read a few reviews about this product and needing an every day deodorant which was a bit more natural than my usual products decided to give it a go.

      Apparently the Natural Volcanic Alum Stone works as a deodorant by leaving a fine salty, slightly alkaline film on the skin, which inhibits the growth of microbes and so keep the skin fresh and deodorized all day. it keeps the pores free, and does not stain clothing. This is good news having tried plenty of deodorants which leave unpleasant white marks on my clothes.
      It seems a bit of a miracle stick because it is supposed to help to control shaving rash and stem bleeding from razor nicks. It can also be used to relieve insect bites although I can't really see myself carrying the stick around.
      One of the promises I do like is that it claims to be completely natural with no preservatives, scents colours or alcohol, so for everyday use it seems ideal.

      Because it is washed or rinsed before use it is hygienic enough for everybody to use and is suitable for sensitive skin. That said, I haven't seen anyone else in the house use it and prefer to keep my deodorants exclusive to me.


      Ihave the solid stick which comes in a tube with a pull off lid. The crystal itself is completely dry and a kind of grey colour but as expected no smell.

      The product stands above the line of the tube but as it is used just has to be pushed up for more of the product to be revealed.

      USING IT...

      The deodorant should be applied to completely cleaned skin which is still damp. I find this quite tricky as I don't like to apply it after my bath at night. However, for morning application of if skin is dry the product should be dampened with fingertips and then applied. I apply to underarms but it is apparently suitable for feet. It shouldn't be put right under the tap to wet it and whilst there is no explanation for this I think it may be because then the whole product could get too wet and it is best when it is kept dry between applications.


      I have the deodorant stick and it is also available as a spray which I may give a go. It is widely available in supermarkets and chemists and the stick costs around the £3 mark. Tremendous vaue as it lasts for ages.


      Mush to my surprise this does work. Once I got used to applying the product it is really easy to use and very effective. It is also very gentle on the skin and even with any cuts doesn't sting or irritate.

      Definitely something I would use again although it will be ages before this runs out.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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        24.08.2013 18:41
        Very helpful



        100% Natural & no nasty niffs.


        PitROK Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick

        Size: 100g

        * An icon on the tube tells the consumer that the product is good for *12 months after opening.
        * There is another icon informing that the container is recyclable.


        "Suitable for sensitive skin, PitROK Crystal is dermatologically tested, not animal tested, does not block pores and is alcohol free. PitROK does not contain aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium zirconium, parabens, SLS or SLES, propylene glycol or silicone."

        "PitROK Crystal deodorant is perfect for anyone with a deodorant allergy or who simply wants to limit the amount of chemicals they subject their body to."


        What You Get:

        A 4" approx cylinder containing a 3" approx smooth piece of crystal Ammonium Alum.

        How PitROK Crystal Works:

        The natural Ammonium Alum blocks and kills bacteria. It is bacteria build up that causes the nasty niffs we call body odour or BO. It does not block pores. PitROK Crystal is fragrance free.


        "There has to be a better way" I said to myself after I had experienced a few underarm problems, doctors advice was not to use spray on anti-perspirant or deodorants. So I tried roll on's, creams and gels. There were one or two that I quite liked, many of them though I hated the fragrance, or they did not perform, or they caused a rash. my current "favourite" was leaving brown marks in the under arms of my clothing. I had heard something about crystal, but having not spotted it in the shops I did nothing about it, until one day listening to Steve Wright in the Afternoon Janey-Lee Grace was enthusing about PitRok Crystal Deodorant, coincidentally I then spotted a small article about it in a magazine. On my next trip to a big town, I trawled around Boots until asking a member of staff, who had to ask another member of staff I was taken to the small health food section where it was lodged. Now, call me strange if you wish, but I really thought deodorant, even a natural product would be with the deodorants or in the personal health section and NOT the health food section.

        The Decision:

        Left on my own, I picked it up looked at it, read the contents list, looked at the price and deciding "what the hell". Popped it into my basket.

        Next Day:

        The next morning after my shower, I rolled the solid crystal stick under my arms, by mid morning I was so disappointed. This stuff was meant to be amazing, so why oh why was it not working for me?

        That Evening:

        I tried to listen again to the radio show that had started the ball rolling, but it was too late, so I trawled the internet and found some advice there. Next morning armed with my new knowledge I again used my new wonder product. This time I took another deodorant with me to work "just in case". Hey presto! Success.

        A Few Days Later:

        In my morning rush and occasionally I admit, I did not shave my underarms every day. I had missed that chore a couple of times, but hey, I was covered up nobody else would know. Once again my new wonder product failed, I wondered why, had I eaten something different, done something different, thinking, thinking, thinking. Light bulb moment, did the crystal need smooth clean skin to work?

        A Tried and Tested Method:

        By golly I had it! Metaphorical cartwheels, how to make it work 100% of the time, all of the time, every day bladah bladah bladah! .......

        How to Use:

        1. Ensure skin is clean and hair free.
        2. Gently damp the area or damp the end of the Crystal stick.
        3. Roll under arm, damping again if necessary and roll under the other arm.
        4. Wipe any drips with a towel (!) (no, no, put that wimpy boy down, now! Stop wiping him!)
        5. Replace cap, get dressed and go.

        Now, what I discovered the secret was to (a), damp the cleaned and dried skin or what they don't recommend but it is easier, damp the end of the stick. (b), shave the area daily.

        This product lasts easily for 24 hours, the odd time when maybe I have been unable to wash each day it has done 2 days. So if you are an every other day shower person, that's OK, this will cope.

        I am really, pleased I persevered and switched to this product and would urge you to do the same. It works, it really does, I do occasionally experience a little bit of underarm dampness, but not much if at all. As my PitROK takes care of my underarm skin, I do not have any embarrassing odours from there and my skin is soft and healthy. I am no longer at risk of potentially cancerous growths caused by the chemicals in "normal" products. That consultant did me a huge favour when he advised me against using chemical underarm products. A major advantage of a fragrance free deodorant is that it does not interfere with perfume used, there is nothing worse than someone wearing different products that cause a clashing riot of nose offending smells, instead of one lingering, sweet scent.

        Improved and Stylish:

        PitRok Crystal is natural crystal, so you ask how could they improve it? Well. They do now put instructions on the outside of the container, so you won't suffer the problems I did. Plus, of course you have my instructions. Now, time will tell, I have today received my latest pitROK in my Superdrug parcel and the graphics are crystal clear (no pun was intended - but good eh?!?). brite and easy to follow. But the last one I had the contents long outlived the text. The new container is black, with white text and a gold tattoo, a masculine feel to a product that I thought was aimed mainly at women.

        Value for Money:

        The product lasts a very long time. *They last me about two years or 24 months, now think back to the beginning of this review, the boffins at PitROK HQ in Somerset have given this a shelf life of 12 months once opened. Well I know for a fact that it lasts double that, but the EU decided a few years back that all products should carry a suggested life once opened icon and I guess PitROK management decided 12 months was optimum. At £6.59 it is much more expensive that run of the mill AP's and deodorants, but it is not run of the mill. A little tub of this lasts me at least 2 years. Divide that by the number of your usual product you would buy in that time and you will soon work out as I did that actually, it represents excellent value for money.


        Not only is PitROK fragrance free, but there is no discernible fragrance at all.

        Best for:

        Anyone - male or female, especially if you need or want to avoid harmful chemicals from other mainstream products.

        Also suitable for feet.

        Not for:

        People who like underarm hair.



        A natural cost effective solution, that is well worth the little extra effort of body grooming. Lives up to the claims.

        Would I Recommend It:

        Yes, I am constantly surprised that mainstream products are still allowed to use proven harmful carcinogenic chemicals.

        Worth tracking down.


        Do not confuse with the new PitRok range, I don't think they are the same as this 100% natural product.


        Not easily available. I think I worked out why, this product is not a shelf flyer. If 10% of a shop's customers use this, they are only repeat purchasing every 24 months. Now, shops like and to be fair, probably need us to buy and ideally repeat purchase much more frequently than that. So this crystal stick is available in larger Boots, selected Superdrug and some other stores. Also available on line from Superdrug.

        Further information at: http://www.pitrok.co.uk/

        PitRok are a UK Company



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        26.03.2013 18:49
        Very helpful



        A good deodorant based on natural ingredients

        There seems to be a lot of deodarants that say they use crystal or mineral technology/ingredients now, but Pitrok is a bit different. It is a deodarant that consists of nothing but a big lump of crystal mineral salt that you rub under your arms. You are probably thinking what I did when I first heard of it many years ago - doesn't that hurt?! Thankfully the answer is no. I got out of the habit of buying it when my local health food shop changed ownership and stopped selling beauty type products. At that time it was only those kind of shops that stocked it, but the situation has completely changed now. I bought my last Pitrok from Amazon, and it is available even in my tiny nearest Superdrug branch. I paid £5.49 but it seems to be around £6.59 in Superdrug and Boots at the moment.


        Pitrok says their product is gentle but effective and that it will "provide day long protection against body odour." It does this by creating an environment hostile to the bacteria that cause sweat to smell. The only listed ingredient in the deodorant is the pure and natural mineral salt Ammonium Alum. Many people buy it because it is free of the chemicals and other ingredients that regular deodorants contain - such as Aluminium chlorohydrate/ zircoonium or parabens. I like it because it is not tested on animals, it dries quickly and one stick lasts ages, so the initial high price isn't as bad as it sounds. It is also suitable for vegans - that is it contains no animal ingredients.

        I have the regular fragrance free push-up crystal stick which is also suitable for sensitive skins. There is a scented version which is aimed specifically at woman but I find that isn't so easily available where I shop. You can also buy spray versions but I haven't tried those.

        HOW YOU USE IT

        The deodorant comes in a chunky black tube. It has smart gold lettering and looks like the unisex product that it is. The bottom of the tube is push up but the crystal wears down slowly so you won't have to do that very often! The stick itself looks like a milky crystal but it is smooth sided and has rounded top.

        The instructions on the tube say that it is essential that the stick is used on freshly cleaned skin, so it is best applied straight after a shower or bath. I suppose that this is so you nip any bacteria forming in the bud, but I know from past experience that it is important for your skin to be clean for another reason. I once foolishly applied the deodorant after I had got warm playing tennis and I had only briefly showered because I wanted to have a bath when I got home. There must have been a trace of sweat still on my skin though, beause it transfered to the crystal stick. Next time I used it, I could smell that it wasn't quite right and the aroma had been absorbed. I tried to clean the stick but it never recovered.

        Once your skin is clean, you are advised to rub the deodorant on to your wet armpits or you can moisten the tip of the stick with your fingers and then apply it. It is recommended that you don't put the stick directly under a tap because doing so can shorten the product life. I think that the stick feels most comfortable to apply if your skin is quite damp because ths makes the product glide over the area easily. The crystal is smooth though so it doesn't scratch or anythng like that but it can feel as though it is dragging if you don't moisten it properly. I prefer to dampen the crystal rather than use it on wet armpits in general because otherwise I still have to dry under my arms and I think that I must "towel off" some of the mineral salt when I do. The stick doesn't have a scent at all, it is colourless, and doesn't feel sticky. It dries surprisingly quickly - about 5 minutes at most which beats many traditional roll-ons for me. I have not noticed any marks on my clothes as a result of using the stick which is another plus.

        You are suposed to keep the crystal dry between uses to maximise it's life. I tend to leave it to dry out while I dress and put on my make up and then I pop the screw top lid back on. This seems to work well as I think putting the lid straight on after using would lock any moisture in.

        DOES IT WORK?

        Amazingly, yes! When I first used this I used to go out nervously with a body spray and a spare deodorant thinking it couldn't possibly work. I now know that I can rely on it to keep me odour free even in warmer weather, and that I only need to use it once a day. I am not what I would call a heavy perspirer but I do work as a gardener part time now and I sometimes therefore work up a sweat. For that reason, a product that works as an anti-perspirant rather than just a deodorant is most practical for me as I want to avoid damp patches on my clothes. So I can't use Pitrok as my only product. I tend to swap it in with the other deodorants I have, and sometimes I like to use an alternative scented deodorant instead. Apart from the fact it isn't also an anti-persiprant, I would happily use this as my main deodorant most of the time though.

        The stick wears down slowly and it takes a long time to notice it has shrunk at all. When I used to wear Pitrok just about every day I used to count on buying a new stick only once every 4 months or so. My current stick has been in my possession for 6 months but as mentioned above I haven't used it daily. This makes it fantastic value for money compared to roll-ons and sprays.

        I haven't experienced any irritation whilst using this but be aware that I don't have sensitive skin. The tube contains a note that the product shouldn't be used on sore or damaged skin, but most products would say the same thing. I have used it quite a short time after shaving my under-arms and it doesn't sting which for some reason I thought it would. That is always something to be thankful for!


        I would as it really does work. It would be ideal for those who wish to avoid aluminium chlorohydrate or parabens in their skincare, as well as those wanting a good value product as it does last for ages. Using one may take a little getting used to as it feel different to a average roll on but used properly, I have never found it to be uncomfortable. It won't prevent damp patches but it is only meant to be a deodorant so I can't complain about that. It is well worth seeking out.

        I have seen this for sale in Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett and Morrisons, and you can also buy it from Amazon.

        [This review is also under my user name on Ciao.]


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          04.03.2013 08:40
          Very helpful



          A good natural deodorant if you don't mind the fact it won't stop you from sweating

          Using deodorants can sometimes irritate my skin and cause it to become itchy and uncomfortable so when I read about PitRok it sounded ideal as it was an all-natural deodorant made with natural mineral salts and free from all the chemicals that goes in to normal deodorants.

          PitRok is also completely fragrance free so it is a good option for men and women who want to wear a deodorant that doesn't overpower their perfume or aftershave.
          The deodorant needs to be used on skin which is completely clean so that it can protect skin before any bacteria has time to form so it needs to be used immediately after showering or bathing to be completely effective.

          PitRok is a little weird to look at because of the colour of it. It is basically just a hardened lump of natural salt crystals and it sort of looks like a crystal itself and is nearly opaque. You have to push the crystal up and then apply it to either wet skin or else wet the stick slightly before applying. It is important that you apply it wet but try not to run the stick under the tap as otherwise it will start to dissolve and won't last as long.

          Once you apply the PitRok it doesn't take long to dry at all and then you are basically ready to go. This takes a little getting used to when coming from normal deodorants and anti-perspirants as this does absolutely nothing to stop you from sweating. It does work really well to stop your sweat from smelling however. Sweat itself doesn't smell and it is the bacteria in the underarms which when mixed with sweat that causes the smell and this works to inhibit the bacteria from forming so that you can sweat as much as you like without smelling.

          When I first started using this I did get paranoid that it just wouldn't be enough to stop me from smelling but it really does work well at stopping the horrible sweaty smell and even though I can be sweating buckets I can be assured that there will be zero smell coming from me.

          When using this I do miss the fresh feeling that I get from normal deodorants but it is really gentle on my skin and I only use this when my skin has started getting sensitive and itchy from a build up of too much normal deodorant and this gives my skin a chance to breathe again. I would say that I probably only use this about 3 or 4 times a month but for me personally I feel it gives my skin the chance to breathe that it needs as blocking up pores to make sure they can't sweat all the time can't be that healthy for my skin. I would use it more but I tend to sweat quite a lot so I want something that is going to inhibit that a little even if this is much more healthy for me.

          This deodorant is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and isn't tested on animals and is a much more healthy alternative to a normal deodorant and I would recommend it to anyone who is maybe concerned with the amount of chemicals we put on our skin. I personally really like it but it isn't something that I would wear on a daily basis as I was a more fresh and dry feeling which this unfortunately just can't give me.


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            12.12.2012 12:51
            Very helpful



            A good natural product that delivers great results

            I must admit to not being a frequent user of deodorant, mainly for the fact that I don't like to have chemicals applied directly to my skin, and I shower daily which leaves me feeling fresh enough. However, I have since discovered a natural deodorant that is free from chemicals and irritants which goes by the name of Pitrok. I found their range of products on Amazon when browsing through their on-line catalogue.

            I first tried Pitrok in the spray format, and I quite liked this. I wasn't as sure about the stick deodorant, as I always imagine them to be sticky and take time to dry. Plus, I worry about them marking my clothing. The spray version produces a fine mist that dries rapidly. I like the clean application; however, this time around I opted for the stick deodorant. I guess I was just curious as to what it would be like.

            I ordered mine from Amazon, and paid a lower price than the RRP of £5.95. This deodorant isn't as easily sourced as mainstream brands; however, I have noticed that my local supermarket Morrison's stocks it. When I received my package from Amazon I was happy with the appearance of the deodorant holder. A chunky cylindrical shaped package that is black in appearance with lettering offset with a pretty gold pattern - clean and simple. This also makes it suitable for both males and females.

            The deodorant works by preventing bacteria to grow. It is a natural product that contains no chemicals, and is free from parabens and triclosan. It is also cruelty free, as it contains no animal products and is not tested on animals. So far, perfect. I am certainly happy that it is a natural product that is kind to the planet and my skin. Being happy with the spray version, I wondered how the crystal stick deodorant would fare.

            The cap lifts off with ease, and inside is a contoured smooth, solid crystal which is clear in appearance and is fragrance free. The product is raised by twisting the base, which it only needs to be twisted ever so slightly. It is to be applied to clean wet skin, as the crystal is dry. It is best used after bathing or showering, or it can be moistened prior to use. Personally I prefer to use it after showering. It shouldn't be used on broken or irritated skin.

            I shower in the evening before retiring for the night. I apply this deodorant every night after emerging from the shower. I do not dry under my arms; I simply wrap the towel around myself and apply the crystal rock under my arms in an up and down swiping motion. Amazingly, it glides smoothly over the skin and feels nice on application. It has a cool feeling and is pleasant on the skin, and it isn't sticky or irritating at all. I am quite liberal with it rolling it under my arms two to three times.

            By the time I have towelled down the rest of my body, I can put my nightwear on ready to settle down for the night. My under arm area feels dry and fresh, and is left feeling as it would ordinarily. There is no residue left behind. It does coat the skin with mineral salts, which cannot be felt or seen once dried. There is no scent left behind from the deodorant, other than the fresh smell from washing.

            I'm like a cat when it comes to sleeping, I like to be hot. I like heavy blankets on me and I like to curl up under them. Even in warm weather I still like a blanket over me with some weight to give me a relaxed feeling. With this though, I can become quite warm during the night and by the morning I can feel less than fresh. However, after applying PitRok I wake to find that I do not smell badly in the slightest. My underarm area remains fresh no matter how much I have baked over night.

            I am amazed at the results, and the following day my underarms stay fresh and clean feeling. I am quite active during the day with an energetic toddler that keeps me on my toes. In fact, I feel like I have a major workout with him every day, and this deodorant continues to keep me feeling and smelling fresh. I am incredibly pleased with the results and have continued to use this deodorant on a permanent basis.

            I have had this deodorant for 5 months now, and I have only used half of the product with daily use, which is brilliant. When this finally runs out I will certainly be ordering a second one, and it is likely to be a staple in my daily hygiene routine. I can highly recommend this deodorant to anyone, as it feels great on application, it has a simple design that would suit anyone and it prevents odour from occurring, even if you lead a hectic and active lifestyle.

            This has to be the best deodorant I have ever used, and I will continue using it with confidence.


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              27.10.2012 15:45
              Very helpful



              The best remedy I've discovered for long lasting protection against BO.

              As a bloke I've tried different deodorants over many years, and they all seem to operate in the same way, ie they mask BO with a powerful musky fragrance for up to 12 hours. In some instances they fail to even achieve that resulting in a mixed stench of BO and deodorant later in the day which can be as bad as not using deodorant in the first place. Well at long last I discovered a remedy that charmed my smelly pits and finally worked for me like nothing else has ever really done before - not even close. I only wish I had stumbled on a product like this many years ago

              The remedy is Pitrok, which comes as either a spray-on, or in this case, 'rub-on'in the form of a solid crystal stick. First thing to emphasise is that this is NOT an anti-perspirant despite the category description given above. This is made clear on the container It is purely for use as a deodorant so it will not stop you from perspiring in the slightest. What Pitrok does do is prevent any BO forming, in my case for at least 2 days, which is pretty impressive considering nothing else really worked previously, and I tend to perspire heavily with physical effort . It works by stopping any bacteria present in your perspiration from multiplying. It is the chemical reaction of bacteria on sweat that gives rise to BO as a rancid by-product is formed Pure sweat has no smell. Even after washing your armpits there will always be a few residue bacteria on your skin which will quickly multiply if left to their own devices.

              Ideally Pitrok should be applied when you have just stepped out of the shower or had a bath. The most important thing is that your armpits should have been thoroughly cleaned with soap and water first and then left wet. Do not dry them off with a towel. You then apply the stick like a roll-on rubbing smoothly down your pits and then across, and it's job done. If you haven't had a shower or bath to begin with you can still use Pitrok, but just wash your armpits without drying them then apply Pitrok. Follow this procedure and you won't have a problem. I'm willing to bet that those few who claim Pitrok doesn't work for them, didn't wash their armpits to begin with, or dried them off before applying it.

              One thing you will notice is that the Pitrok crystal is completely odourless, so there is no fragrance to mask any nasty BO and that's how it should be to prove that it works. You can buy Pitrok as a spray and that does have a fragrance, but isn't as good value IMO The other thing was in my case I found the crystal gave me 48 hours protection, even as far as I didn't need to change my shirt the next day which was unthinkable previously. If that isn't proof of its capability then I don't know what is.

              Two final points. If you are using the crystal stick version of Pitrok, be careful not to drop it on a hard surface. If you do it will probably shatter and will be useless. The other thing to note is that the stick version lasts for ages. It's more expensive to buy than standard roll-on or spray deodorant, (currently under £5 at Amazon) but it lasts so much longer. I'm into my third year still with my original purchase of the crystal stick to give you some idea. But because I find I only need to apply Pitrok every 48 hours it seems great value as well as a first class product that does what it's supposed to so effectively. It comes packaged in a black attractive container as above Pitrok is currently sold at Morrison supermarket, Superdrug and Amazon as the main retail outlets. It's well worth investigating if BO is a serious problem for you.


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              13.10.2012 11:37
              Very helpful



              A really gentle and very effective deodorant with long lasting results.

              For a while now I've been getting slightly painful lumps under my armpits which, after about a week, would clear up on their own only to return a month or so later. The most recent of these lumps appeared right on the crease of my armpit leaving me in discomfort and pain whenever I slightly stretched my arm and I thought it was about time I took a trip to the doctors. Here I was informed these lumps were most probably cysts and whilst they may be painful they're harmless and easy to prevent. My doctor informed me a combination of underarm shaving and anti-perspirant (which blocks the pores) was probably the reason for them appearing and that I should stop shaving the area for a while (thank god the winter months are here!) and switch to a deodorant instead. Advice I'm glad I followed because it appears to have done the trick!

              This did mean, however, I was in need of a deodorant and frankly I had no idea what was good due to always being an anti-perspirant user. I came across this PitRok Crystal Natural Deodorant stick in Morrisons and decided to give it a try as it claimed to be a fragrance free and sensitive deodorant which I thought could only help matters!

              The deodorant is a whole bunch of prices depending on where you shop and it appears Morrisons is probably the cheapest place to buy it. My 100g stick cost me £3.59 where as it's £4.05 in Superdrug, £4.99 from Amazon and £6.59 from Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy. This can also be bought from a number of other websites although still all around the £5 mark and none as cheap as Morrisons (not that I can find anyway). High street stores selling this product seem to be limited to the ones mentioned above too so unless you do your shopping at Morrisons you won't be able to pick one of these up with your weekly shop.

              The stick comes in a circular black plastic casing with black screw on cap. There's a gold pattern displayed on the front along with the PitRok logo and plenty of information about the product on the back. The packaging is very unisex in my opinion and doesn't seem to be aimed at any particular gender. The fact this has absolutely no smell whatsoever further suggests to me that it would be perfectly acceptable for either a man or woman to use this deodorant.

              The deodorant itself looks a little bit like a crystal, it's semi-opaque with these little glistening specks throughout it and actually it's quite pretty! It's a hard cylinder which is pushed up from the bottom of the casing although if pushed completely out it's easy to slot back in again.

              The deodorant is based on pure natural mineral salts and claims to provide day long protection against body odour. This apparently 'reduces the ability of odour causing bacteria to thrive'. The packaging states this is suitable for sensitive skin, doesn't block pores, is long lasting and odourless and contains no aluminium ingredients (which apparently was the main culprit for my lumps).

              Directions for use state that it is essential that the deodorant is applied to freshly cleaned skin and used immediately after a bath or shower. The deodorant should be damp when applied so needs to be applied to wet skin or dampened with finger tips before use although it is not advised that this is ran under a running tap. So, I had my morning shower and applied this straight afterwards, keen to find out just how well this would work.

              I found the deodorant a little strange during application, because I was applying to wet skin it was difficult to tell if anything was actually transferring to my underarm or not which probably meant I applied much more than needed! Having said that it clearly did transfer as it worked. The deodorant applies really quickly and doesn't cause any irritation to my delicate underarms whatsoever. It would have been nice to have a pleasant fragrance but that's not hugely important to me - as long as it doesn't leave me smelling horrid!

              This really is long lasting too. When I start work in early in the morning I tend to have my bath or shower the night before so I don't have to get up even earlier to make time for a shower. On these occasions I have had to apply the deodorant at night rather than morning and it has still provided me with fresh smelling pits the following the day. Ironic that the one deodorant which doesn't make 48h claims is the only one I feel can actually deliver on that claim! I do think this is a problem with the product though. I was happy to test it to see if a night before application would last throught the next day and, now that I know it does, I'm happy to do that. Many other people, however, probably wouldn't be and would still want to apply this every single morning so, unless you shower every single morning, you're not going to be able to that. You can, of course, just wash your underarms in the morning before application if you wish but this does make the application process rather long winded just for putting on a bit of deodorant!

              The plus side though is that it does work. I've not had a bad experience with this and it hasen't let me down yet and I can't imagine it ever will either. I'm left feeling and smelling fresh all day, everyday after applying this and it really does stop body odour completely. Furthermore it's very gentle. I've been using this for about three months now and, even though the pit shaving has started again, those regular lumps I was getting have yet to return!

              The one thing I don't like about this is the fact you still sweat. This is why I prefer anti-persperant as they stop the sweat rather than just stopping the odour, it doesn't matter how fresh you smell, a sweat patch is still embarrassing! But then, all deodorants have this effect and that's just what they do so I feel it would be unfair it mark this one down because of that. As long as the weather isn't too hot so I know I'm not going to be excessively sweating I am more than happy to use this. It's gentle and very effective and that's all I really want from such a product.


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