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PitRok Fragranced Deodorant Spray

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Brand: PitRok / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      25.06.2010 20:54
      Very helpful



      Eco-friendly alternative to conventional deodorants

      With the summer and warmer weather fast approaching the need to stave off those unpleasant odours, and keep ourselves smelling fresh and nice becomes a higher priority. With this in mind I, like so many of us have been looking around for the ultimate in body sprays or deodorants, which not only work for me but the environment as well.

      I have to admit that I don't often use a deodorant during the winter months, as I shower regularly and I also use a lot of moisturisers that leave me smelling pleasant enough, I also prefer the natural body scent as does my partner. I have never been a fan of using underarm roll on deodorants as they block the pores, and they are produced with nasty chemicals that are harmful to the body, and they pollute and damage the environment. I also dislike the sticky feeling, as well as the mess and stains that they can leave behind on clothes. However, when there is a heat wave, okay so a bit of sun, we all start to wilt and melt, so this is the time that I like to use products to keep me feeling and smelling fresh.

      I am fussy when it comes to skin care products; I like to know that what I am using is eco-friendly and that it is going to be kind to my skin. I prefer to use natural products where possible, I am always looking out for brands that are environmentally friendly. After searching around I found a couple of alternatives to conventional deodorants that looked promising.


      PitRok manufacture and produce natural deodorants, which are available in spray form, roll on, or a crystal deodorant. I opted for the spray version as I find these easier to apply and they don't feel as heavy on the skin. Their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as they are cruelty free, none of the ingredients are derived from animals nor are they tested on animals. Also they are suitable for sensitive skin as well as being suited to both the male and female audience.

      This generous 100ml bottle is very simplistic in design; it is a hand-pump spray with a thin transparent label which has a simple logo and all of the key information on the front, and all of the finer details on the reverse.
      The spray variation is available in natural or fragranced; I decided to try the fragranced as I quite liked the sound of it.

      -How Does it Work?-

      PitRok works differently to conventional deodorants, instead of masking odour; it suppresses bacterial growth, which is what causes body odour to occur. It leaves a topical layer on the skin where bacteria cannot harbour. No nasty chemicals are present here, it's free from parabens and triclosan, and there is no aluminium or alcohol in this solution. It works naturally with your body to safely eliminate toxins without blocking the pores. It is kind to your skin and the planet. It doesn't stop you from sweating, it simply eliminates the odour.

      Parabens, Triclosan and aluminium are toxic chemicals that could potentially be harmful to your health. A lot of skin care products contain these toxic compounds, so it is always best to check your labels.

      -Stay Fresh-

      The spray should be applied to clean skin, so it needs to be applied immediately after you have showered or bathed, as it is ineffective if you have already perspired, as it is not designed to mask odour. Only one spray is needed under each arm, and it can also be used on feet. It is suitable for sensitive skin. As with most hygiene products it shouldn't be applied to damaged skin.

      The transparent see-through bottle makes it easy to see how much you have left; it will last a long time as one spray under each arm is sufficient, as it works differently to a regular deodorant there is no need to re-apply throughout the day.

      -Scent and Application-

      The deodorant has a neutral scent that will appeal to both genders. It is a light blend of green tea merged with citrus notes and wood. It is a fresh lively uplifting scent that is not over powering. The scent is evident when first applied on the skin it soon settles leaving a warm citrus scent that lingers on the skin.

      The deodorant is easy to apply, depressing the hand-pump spray releases a fine but generous mist that sufficiently covers the underarm area. The clear solution is fast drying only taking a minute to dry. It doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky and no residue is left behind, instead it leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft, healthy, and conditioned due to the fact that is has skin conditioning properties in the formula, being Aloe Vera which is renowned for its moisturising properties and calendula which has anti-bacterial properties.

      -Do I Smell Fresh?-

      I have been using this product for a couple of months now, and I can happily report that it is effective and it does what it is designed to do. I am an active mother of two so I'm always on the go; we have also had lots of sun and warm days just recently so it has been the perfect time to put this product to the test.

      As I only need to apply it once a day I have used very little of the product. My partner has no reservations with using the deodorant and he will often use it on the hot days, and it works well on him too.

      After showering and towelling down I spray the solution under my arms and by the time that I have applied my moisturiser the deodorant has dried, so I'm not waiting around to get dressed. Once it has dried it is invisible so I am confident to use it any time without the worry of it staining my favourite clothes. Most of my clothes are black and I wear a lot of fitted clothes too, I am happy to report that it hasn't marked or stained any of them, it leaves them smelling fresh, and it leaves no trace of any sticky residue. It provides excellent deodorant protection, it leaves me feeling fresh and clean, and by the end of a busy day of playing and running around I still smell good and feel fresh.

      I like to keep my underarm area smooth and I regularly shave, I was a bit apprehensive to spray this directly after shaving, it did sting ever so slightly but not eye wateringly so, it didn't irritate the skin once it had dried at all. However, it is probably best not to spray this directly after shaving. You can use it on your feet to keep them smelling fresh too, however, I personally haven't felt inclined to spray it on my feet.

      I am delighted with this product, it may be slightly more expensive than conventional deodorants at £3.95 a bottle, however, it will last much longer and it is going to be far kinder to your skin. As only a small amount is needed it will last for a good amount of time, so it represents excellent value for money.

      PitRok is far better than conventional deodorants, as it is kinder to your skin and the environment.


      PitRok deodorants are available from Boots, Superdrug, Waitrose, Morrison's or you can find them on-line from places such as Amazon, or you can buy them directly from the PitRok website.



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