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Radox Daily Elements Cool Air Deodorant

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Brand: Radox / Type: Roll-on / Subcategory: Deodorant / Suitable for: Body

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    13 Reviews
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      08.02.2012 15:11
      Very helpful



      Good value for money.

      Since becoming a student, I have been budgeting much more when it comes to beauty products, as I have realised that there are still many good brands available for a much cheaper price than what I usually pay. I was surprised to learn that within Poundland there is a fairly good beauty section which contains some of the biggest brands, and since then I have been purchasing various every day beauty essentials such as shampoos and deodorants from there. One of my more recent purchases was the Radox Daily Elements Cool Air deodorant.

      There was no particular reason as to why I picked this up over any others as I was only buying it because I had ran out of my previous deodorant. For £1.00 though, it seemed a good price and Radox is a well known brand, so I was expecting it to be of a decent standard at least! The deodorant has changed slightly compared to in the image, and the style of it is slightly more modern. It still stands upside down which is unusual for roll on deodorants, but also very effective at the same time as it ensures that all the liquid rolls down and keeps the roll on part moist meaning it is ready for use straight away and saves time having to shake it. You will now find that the top part is blue, and the front has changed a little. I did think it seemed to be too good for £1.00 but I thought I would put it to the test.

      It is simple to use, and the top part pulls out from the cover easily without force. The first thing I noticed about this was the lovely smell. I like really fresh and subtle scents for under my arms, as anything too noticeable puts me off a little bit as I find it quite unnatural to be smelling flowery and pretty under your arm pits! This however is just a lovely scent, and is described as 'cool air'. This is a great way to judge the smell as it is very light, yet will cover any bad odour scent under the arms. I really like it and the smell just contributes to how fresh I feel after use and is a scent I will be looking round for more often.

      I like roll on deodorants simply because they are less fuss than sprays in terms of white marks. I have had many spray ons that have left me with flaky white bits under the arms which I hate! This is why I have more recently converted to roll ons to stop this from happening. Due to being positioned upside down when placed on your tables or dressers, this means that the roll on is always wet enough for use immediately and I just roll over the armpits for around two or three seconds which is sufficient enough. It is not uncomfortable to use and leaves my armpits feeling instantly fresh from the first second.

      I do not particularly suffer from bad odours under the armpits, and I do ensure I use deodorant on a regular basis (at least once a day). I do sometimes carry this around with me if I feel the need to top up. I find that if you do get a little sweaty that you do need to reapply this. Although it claims to be a 24 hour deodorant, I do not know if it is effective enough to last that long with activity being carried out in that time. I definitely do not think I would rely on this if I was carrying out exercise or sporting activity, but as my typical day simply involves walking and day to day jobs I do not require anything too strong.

      Overall, this is a good deodorant, and definitely good value for £1.00. It has a lovely smell and does get you through the day, however I do not think it is suitable for those who carry out exercise as I think you can sweat through this deodorant fairly easy. Therefore this is highly recommended for those who are not particularly active, but avoid if you are into your exercise! Thanks for reading.


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      05.02.2010 13:52
      Very helpful



      Does the job in a great way


      The Radox company started just over 100 years ago right here in the UK. Their first product was salts for foot baths that RADiated OXygen (gedditt?). Their latest innovation the 'Daily Elements' range include bath and shower gels and both spray and roll on antiperspirant deodorants (anti-perspirent to stop you sweating and deodorant to conquer any unwanted smelliness). They come in five types; Cool Air, Fresh Aqua, Soft Pearl, Pure Clear (protects against white marks) and Gentle Clear (protects against white marks and good for sensitive skin). They all contain natural 'active' ingredients including Dead Sea salts (to cleanse and purify the skin), zinc (to moisturise), white clay (to draw impurities for the skin), pearl (to moisturise and soften the skin) and sea fennel (to protect the skin). Cool Air is alcohol free, especially gentle on shaved skin and dermatologically tested to reduce bacteria and odour.

      ***THE BENEFITS***

      The fragrance used is mild, rather than the overpowering scent you get with some deodorants that attempt to mask the smell rather than get rid of it. It also dries quickly, even with the roll on and provides a good six to eight hours of dryness.

      ***THE PACKAGING***

      I always find it a little odd that this is included in reviews, but here goes anyway. The container is white with a picture of the sky and pebbles beneath it, giving an image of freshness and purity. There are also some great design pluses - The first of which is the size and the fact that it fit comfortably in your hand bag. Also, the roll on is designed with the ball at the bottom so you don't have any sticky problems when it begins to dry out. And lastly, for the environmentally conscious amongst us the bottle is fully recyclable.


      Available at between £1.50 and £2 for a 50ml bottle, the price is fair. It was, however, very hard to get hold of (not being available in my local Boots, Superdrug, Tesco or Sainsbury's). When I did find it, it always seemed to be sold as part of a special offer, suggesting that it isn't popular, but good for the purse at least.


      On the whole Cool Air is a pleasant way to do the job and not too expensive either, but if Radox want to make a success of it they need to put more effort into the distribution to make it more widely available, especially with so much competition for environmentally and sensitive skin friendly products in today's market.


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      14.07.2009 01:34
      Very helpful



      An excellent anti-perspirant from a well known company.

      Review of Radox Daily Elements with Essential Minerals Roll on Deodorant

      This review covers a Cool Air roll on antiperspirant deodorant from the Radox company. There are five fragrances altogether in the range, Cool Air, Fresh Aqua, Gentle Clear, Pure Clear and Soft Pearl.

      The Product


      A roll-on deodorant with a difference, it had me foxed at first as the actual product is contained in what looks to be the lid, rather than the cylindrical shaped main part of the package! It is actually a very innovative and sensible design, the roller part of the product is always in contact with the product, therefore does not dry out or get stuck, as can occur with traditionally designed roll ons.
      The top needs to be firmly grasped and twisted to the right to open, to the left to close.
      The main part of the packaging is a blue plastic cylinder, the lid which as explained contains the roller ball is white and shaped like a golf ball, complete with dimples! The Radox name appears in a green leaf shaped banner on the front of the packaging along with the Daily Elements name, the fragrance 'Cool Air' and the product strap line of "24hr Protects You All Day". The roll on contains 50ml and the packaging is recyclable where facilities exist.
      The ingredients and manufacturer details on the reverse.


      The deodorant has quite a strong scent, it is fresh and clean, with a hint of woodiness. The scent is not long lasting however, so probably would not interfere with any fragrance the user wished to wear. This deodorant is not marketed at a specific gender, I can imagine it to be suitable to either sex.


      No need to tip or shake this roll on, the deodorant is already coating the roller ball on opening, so it's just a question of use and replace! The product administers just the right amount of deodorant and works at any angle. The deodorant is tacky on the skin as most roll ons are, but it is very quick drying and you can dress almost as soon as you've used it. The deodorant did not irritate my skin at all even when used after underarm shaving.

      Antiperspirant deodorants should not be used on broken or irritated skin and if any sign of irritation occurs, the user should refrain from using again.


      This product really does what it says on the label! It kept me fresh and dry all day long. I am not prone to excessive perspiration, but this certainly worked for me. Naturally, we are all different so I wouldn't like to guarantee that it would work for everyone.


      I won't bore readers with a long list of unpronounceable ingredients, the list is much the same as on any deodorant product, the main ingredients being aqua and aluminium enhanced with glycerine, talc, perfume and zinc Chloride.

      **Pricing and availability**

      Here by hangs a tale, as regular readers of my reviews may recall as an early retiree, I live on a very limited budget. I spotted this deodorant in my local Wilkinson's store in a 75% off bargain basket, too good a bargain to miss! Consequently I paid a fraction of the usual £1.39 for my deodorant. I was so pleased with it that after a couple of days use, that I went back to Wilkinson's and bought the last three in their bargain bin!
      A quick web search has thrown up prices varying wildly from 79p to £1.50 for the 50ml roll on. It is widely available form supermarkets, chemists and department stores.

      **Radox information**

      Radox products have been available in the UK for the best part of 100 years. I recall my late Father using Radox bath salts, a toxic looking green powder that was sprinkled into the bath water as a muscle relaxant. I don't know whether they worked or not but the bathroom always smelled of pine Radox after Dad had been in there and the green tinged cardboard box was a regular in our shopping basket!
      Nowadays Radox (part of the Sara Lee group of companies) produce a whole host of bathroom products including, shower gels, hand soaps, bath soaks and deodorants to name but a few.

      Radox pride themselves on not conducting ingredient tests on animals and although their products do not contain any animal sourced ingredients, some may contain animal by products, such as milk. As a result, Radox are not vegan friendly.
      For more information on Radox and their products see their website:-
      Radox Registered address
      Sara Lee Household & Bodycare UK,
      225 Bath Road,
      SL1 4AU

      **My thoughts and conclusion**

      This is a very good antiperspirant indeed, I would definitely buy it again, even if I couldn't find it at the bargain price of 30 something 'p'. I would also recommend to others without hesitation.

      Thank you for reading
      ©brittle1906 July 2009
      Also posted on www.ciao.co.uk


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      13.07.2009 18:54
      Very helpful



      Better to scratch and sniff, before buying this!

      When it comes to deodorant, I generally prefer roll-ons than sprays but, beyond that, my purchasing choices are generally dictated by which brand happen to be on offer at the time. No surprise, then, that this was picked up for 99p for a 50ml bottle, as a half-price promotion.

      The packaging is primarily white and has quite a large ball dispenser which means that the deodorant is dispensed quickly and easily in just a few rolls. Unlike some other brands, this one has the ball at the top rather than the recent trend of packaging deodorants in an 'upside-down' position with the lid at the bottom. Personally,I don't tend to notice much difference in use and this deodorant seems to have lasted quite a long time regardless.

      The roll-on tells me that this contains 'essential minerals' and is alcohol free. I often shave my underarms shortly before using deodorant and can confirm that this deodorant doesn't sting at all, even after shaving. My skin can be very sensitive at times and, again, I haven't had any cause for complaint with Radox Daily Elements.

      The most crucial factor is whether the deodorant actually works and keeps you smelling clean and fresh all day long. Here, I have a few misgivings, to be honest. Rather than being just a deodorant, Daily Elements is an anti-perspirant so it should help to stop you sweating and smelling in the first place, rather than just covering unpleasant odours up. I find that it works very well throughout most of the day but towards the end of the afternoon I feel less confident and end up reapplying, particularly during hot weather. This product claims to offer 24 hour protection but I don't think that is really accurate and I find that the anti-perspirant and deodorising qualities start to wear off after about six hours or so. I certainly wouldn't rely on one application to leave me feeling fresh for 24 hours!

      The other drawback for me is that I don't particularly like the fragrance of this product. Described as 'cool air' this scent isn't anything that I would associate with that name at all. I would imagine 'cool air' to be quite fresh and feminine smelling but this deodorant reminds me of cheap men's aftershave! That might be useful as a unisex product, if your other half needed to use your deodorant in a hurry, but isn't a scent that I particularly like and it certainly doesn't make me feel very feminine. The hotter I become, the stronger the smell of this deodorant becomes which may explain why I start to feel less than fresh-smelling as the day progresses.

      If you do decide to purchase this, I'd recommend giving the deodorant a quick sniff beforehand, just to check whether you like the smell! Admittedly, it's better than stinking of BO but I can think of much nicer fragrances out there and I won't be buying any more of this, personally.


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        01.03.2009 18:31
        Very helpful



        Every-day care and protection at it's best!

        Firstly I will apologise on behalf of Dooyoo! This is not the correct product I requested the photograph of but it is the correct name of what I want to review so I can't get another link! lol what I am reviewing is Radox Daily Elements- Cool Air Anti-perspirant Deodorant 'Spray' and not the roll on as depicted as I'm not a roll on fan lol.

        However I have had other sprays from Radox from within this range and loved them so it was only a matter of time before I changed 'flavours' lol so here I am reviewing another spray.

        The Packaging....

        150ml long light blue can with integrated white large push button sprayer to the top of it that has a clear safety lid/cap that protects it. On the front I am told that it's Radox, Daily Elements (Essential Minerals), Cool Air Anti-Perspirant Deodorant which 'Cares for your skin' and gives you 24hr protection. There is a drawing on the front of some clouds and a rock on there as well. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, what's in it, directions for use, cautions and ingredients are given, contact details for Sara Lee (the manufacturer of this product are given), the size is stated and finally the recycle and flammable symbols are shown along with the bar-code. It's a nicely designed can and looks quite classy but functional too.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can....

        Deciding what to wear, jostling for the bathroom... mornings are rushed enough already, so it's just as well that our daily elements deodorant makes things a little simpler. Our cool air deodorant, with essential minerals, cares for your underarms. And it's alcohol-free, so it's gentler on shaved or sensitive skin. Just one quick spray helps keep you fresh and dry, all day.

        What's Gone Into It?

        Essential minerals. A thumbs-up from the skin experts. 100 years of Radox Know-How.

        Directions For Use....

        Shake well before use. Apply only on healthy skin and stop use if irritation occurs. Hold can in upright position 15cm from underarm and spray. Allow to dry before dressing.

        My Experience Using This Product....

        This is just so fabulous to use on every level. I can spray and not think about my armpits again all day. I spray and go and it's as simple and fuss free as that!

        Smell wise well to me it smells sea-fresh and lively! It's light and airy has a faint subtle sweetness to it and really is airy, fresh and light and men or women could use this if desired. Although it is 'airy' it is still rather pungent and strong and once you've applied it you can can faintly smell it on skin and on your clothes all day long.

        Spraying it is simple. It goes on damp and cold and dries almost instantly, leaving no visible white marks or stickiness at all it feels slightly moisturising if anything. You can dress almost immediately and I've never once had any transfer of product anywhere down to the fact it dries so quickly.

        Although it's quick at drying on and into the skin it is none drying out at the same time. It's perfect for using like five seconds after you've shaved your armpits. It doesn't sting or irritate, it isn't greasy it really is just bam use it and dress! It leaves skin feeling slightly hydrated and smelling great.

        The most important question to ask is does this give 24hr protection to which the answer is no! It gives much more protection from BO than that. This week I have been bed ridden due to an injection into my spine so keeping clean and fresh has been a very hard task indeed! It's been a case of I've had to put up and shut up and I sprayed this on one morning and slept pretty much a couple of days and although I haven't washed, my armpits after about 40 hours still smelt ok and fresher than after all that time than some other deodorant's after 10hrs lol!

        All In All....

        A really nice, reliable, easy and straightforward can of deodorant. It's kind to the skin, smells really nice and unusual but does an amazing job. I wear alot of dark clothes and think there is nothing so awful as unsightly white messy marks and I'd hate to stink and with this range of deodorant's in general I have never had any such problem. A fan of Radox I'm fast becoming, down to these deodorant's, they're truly great and dependable!

        I paid £1.39 for my can in Wilkinson's but they can be found in all good supermarket's and chemists and do look out for special offers on these too! Recommended highly from me, they are a must buy!


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          24.01.2009 01:15
          Very helpful



          A deodorant that works! x

          ** Radox - Memory Lane **

          When I think of Radox the first thing that comes to my mind is an old cardboard box full of strong smelling bath salts. The original pamper product. But after going for over 100 years, Radox are now experts in body care and not just the bath salt kind! They now produce shower gel, hand wash, bath salts, bubble bath, deodorant and much more! The good old traditional brand that now has a 21st Century twist. I feel I am in safe, soothing hands with Radox!

          ** Deodorant VS Anti-Perspirant **

          Too be honest, until researching a little more into this product I didn't realise the difference between Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant. I thought they were the same thing! (Ok, so I am a little late on the up-take, but better late then never!) Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant actually work slightly differently. Imagine them as siblings. The Deodorant is the sibling that has the looks and the beauty where the Anti-Perspirant has the brains. In other words Deodorant doesn't actually help prevent sweating but helps to mask the smell by killing bacteria with what should be a lovely fragrance. Conversely, Anti-Perspirant is designed to help prevent the actual sweating itself by creating a thin layer of gel over the sweat glands. So it seems to make sense to buy an Anti-Perspirant that prevents a lot of sweating in the first place. Prevention is better then cures as people say. But, depending on how much you personally sweat will depend on what product you choose. (We have between 25,000 and 50,000 sweat glands in our armpits alone so don't try and tell me you don't sweat!)

          ** Radox Daily Elements -Cool Air Anti-Perspirant Deodorant **

          Now, it seems these clever people at Radox have hit the nail on the head with a COMBINED Anti-Perspirant Deodorant which would suggest it helps to reduce sweat while masking those unpleasant body odours... all at the same time!
          Radox advertise this little gem as being something to throw on in the morning when you're in a rush and it helps you to stay fresh and dry all day. At the same time it is supposed to care for your under-arms because it contains essential minerals. Plus it isn't tested on animals. Interested? Well I was! I have always used sprays, mainly because I felt like they made my under-arms drier and helped prevent smelly whiffs more then roll-ons. I also roll-ons to be really wet and irritating. But something suddenly happened about a month ago and the normal spray that I used began to really irritate my skin. My under arms became itchy and quite sore. At first I didn't know what it was, and I stopped using the spray for a couple of days and tried my best to live with not using a deodorant (It was hard, believe me!) After a couple of days my under-arms went back to normal. So I bought a couple of roll-ons to see how my underarms reacted. One of the best was Radox Daily elements Cool Air. Why? Well read on!

          ** Easy On The Eye! **

          The packaging on my roll-on is actually different to the picture Dooyoo have providied. The actual roll on itself is a white stick which has small white little dents which help you to grip the stick, the last thing you want is for it to slip out your hand and get covered in fluff from the carpet! The roll-on stick is covered by a sky blue lid which looks very gentle and light. The original green Radox brand label is on the front along with a little picture of some natural looking stone and a small picture of blue sky. Sounds a bit odd I know but you can have a look on the radox website and the same packaging is on there.
          Many brands of deodorant are taking on this style of packaging because it is much more resourceful. It prevents the stick from drying out and also allows you to store the deodorant 'upside down' so the liquid is always settled near the roller ball. It means you're more likely to get the most out of the bottle.
          I wouldn't say that this bottle stands out on the shelf or screams out any kind of excitement or interest. I only bought it because I was trying out a few deodorants and this happened to be one of the gentler looking ones. If I just went in for a random deodorant then this probably wouldn't have been my first choice in terms of presentation wise. I am just being honest! (Oh, and the roll on packaging is recyclable just so you know!)

          ** Bringing Radox Daily Elements Into Play **

          Well in terms of simplicity, this is a simple as it gets! Take lid off, roll on, put lid back on! The gel/liquid itself is fairly thick and I did find it quite wet when I rolled it on. This may be because I am used to sprays that tend to dry fairly quickly. I did feel as though I had to flap my arms about for a minute to make sure my underarms were dry enough to put my top on!
          The gel is an off white colour but when rubbed in becomes a fairly thick clear seal over the armpit. It feels cool and refreshing and instantly makes you feel fresher. So did it past the test of the 'white marks on the black top' problem? Well, yes and no. If you leave your arms to dry for a minute then its fine, no marks, no lines and no mess. However, if you are in that early morning rush then it can leave a slight white stain where the liquid is so wet it brushes against the clothes very easily.
          I leave for work at around 7.30am and tend to get home around 6pm, give or take a few minutes. So I have a pretty long day, in a busy office, heating on, computers burning away and quite often under a lot of pressure, So as you can imagine, I can tend to get a little hot and bothered. But pleasantly this lasts a good part of the day. I didn't feel sticky or anything and there was no unpleasant smells throughout the day. Not even a whiff! I tend to rejuvenate myself at lunch times and apply another boost of deodorant just to ensure I don't stink. Not that I ever do ;-) But if you were someone that didn't have time to spruce yourself up throughout the day then this does just fine in keeping you fresh until you get home. It isn't super-man made and it won't stop you from sweating, but it does do really well at stopping bad odours and I also find it stops my under-arms from getting too 'wet' from sweat. When I get really hot and bothered one of the things I detest most is sweat patches. Radox Daily Elements seem to have this under control and definitely warns off wet patches.
          Another benefit with this is that it seems to be really gentle on my skin and almost moisturises my under arms. It left the skin feeling really smooth and soft and was even friendly after I had shaved my under-arms!
          The 50ml little tub lasted me about 2 months, as I said I applied it twice a day. Because the gel is quite thick you don't need to spread loads on, one coating it enough to last the day plus it increases the amount of usage you get out of it.
          Radox Daily elements deodorant has a shelf life of 12 months. So plenty of sweating time left!

          ** Whiff! **

          I definitely think they got the 'cool air' name from the fragrance. It is very fresh and quite strong; it definitely has an earthy but fresh smell of white clay. It almost smells as though it has a bit of methyl in it, which is also very refreshing.
          Now there is nothing to say if this deodorant is for men or women, but I found it in the women's deodorant aisle. However, I do think that the smell is quite masculine and the fragrance is almost along the same lines of some Gillette stuff that I have known my boyfriend to wear. I personally prefer sweeter more feminine smells. But each to their own. There is no doubting that it definitely has a fresh long lasting smell.

          ** Minerals - The Selling Point **

          So forget the bland packaging and the effective sweat prevention. Radox sell this Anti-Perspirant deodorant based on its mineral ingredients. These are what Radox call the daily elements that skin needs to be at its best. So my little tub contains -
          Pearl- for radiant looking skin- Well I don't know about this as I don't have a great view of my arm-pits!
          White Clay & Sea Salt - Used for drawing out impurities as well as cleansing the skin - well the deodorant definitely took away any bad odours I might have had.
          Sea Fennel - Rich in vitamins A, C & E for skin protection, yep my skin felt protected alright.
          Dead Sea Salts - known to rebalance body and mind and care for the skin. As I said, my skin did feel a lot softer and was not irritated.
          Zinc- known as a moisturiser with soothing elements, no more sore under arms for me!

          ** How Much And Who From? **

          Well I originally got this from Boots for £1.10. Today I went to go and buy it again in order to refresh my senses and write this review and let me tell you, it was a mission to find! Boots, Superdrug's, Tesco's and Super Savers didn't have it. I almost gave up. Then I went into Pound land to grab some envelopes, and what did I find on the shelf. Radox Daily elements Cool Air at the bargain price of £1. So, I was shocked that this was the only place selling it! Maybe it's a sign that many people haven't been buying it hence why the big retail stores are not stocking it, or maybe they just didn't have any in stock at the time (knowing my luck, they saw me coming and decided to hide it!) Who knows? But it is incredibly hard to find where I live. If you do find it then most deodorants are on special offer at some point. It will be beneficial to stock up if you ever see this on offer as it does work wonders.

          ** Are Deodorants and Antiperspirants safe? **

          I have added this in because I think it is worth knowing if you are a user of deodorants or Anti-Perspirants. I know it crosses my mind occasionally that I am spraying or massaging chemicals into my skin on a daily basis which get soaked up by the sweat glands. There has also been a bit of media attention relating to how safe anti-perspirants are as they may have the ability to build up toxins. However, after looking into over 50 pieces of research, a panel of leading clinical oncologists (specialists that deal with tumours etc) have concluded that there is no scientific evidence that deodorants or antiperspirants cause cancer. If you are worried then you can read some more in depth information on the breakthrough breast cancer website, the link is-
          http://www.breakthrough.org.uk/about_breast_cancer/breast_awareness_ri sk_factors/risk_factors/doubtful_risk_factors/deodorants_and.html

          ** All In All **

          Radox Daily elements cool air ticks all the boxes when it comes to a good Anti-Perspirant deodorant. It protects the skin, stops nasty whiffs and is refreshing and pleasant to use. The only downside for me is that I would prefer the scent to be a little more feminine. It does the job exactly how it should and I have to complaints in regards to its effectiveness. Worth a try if you ever find it on offer, but it isn't anything out of the ordinary and not something that I would choose above anything else. I must admit I am not that brand loyal and although a couple of things tend to stay on my health and beauty list this is just something that slips on and off occasionally. The best advice I can give you is to try it yourself. It might just make your day!


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            23.01.2009 11:56
            Very helpful



            A fresh, skin caring deodorant from Radox

            When it comes to deodorants I am quite choosy about what I buy, I would be quite simply mortified to find that I had a body odour problem. There is in my mind no excuse for it and choosing a simple deodorant is all you need. I am thankful that body odour is not a problem I have to suffer or endure, but for my own peace of mind I use a product I know and trust should the problem ever occur.

            There is a difference between an anti-perspirant and a normal bog standard deodorant and you have to select the right product for you. An anti-perspirants job is to control the amount you perspire, so if you are someone who is prone to sweating then you would use one of these. A deodorant on the other hand is better designed for those people who don't sweat as much because it simply masks any smell with its perfumed fragrance. So the next time you are in whichever shop you purchase your deodorant from, you will now know the difference between the two.

            However, I am a big fan of Radox, whether it is their bath salts, bath creams, shower gels or their deodorants I like them, they have over 100 years of experience in their field of expertise and I trust them to take care of my skin. I am particularly fond of the fact that the products are pretty much always on a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offer and that you get more for your money. The products are sold in every supermarket I have been in to and at places like Boots, Superdrug and your local pharmacy however depending on where you buy your product depends on the price you will pay. I bought my antiperspirant from Asda where it was a BOGOF offer and because it is the same one I always buy I am guaranteed never to run out because I tend to stock up when one of these offers is on.

            The Radox Daily Elements products use natural minerals and what Radox call active ingredients which work with your body to take care of it. The Daily Elements range itself is now quite extensive and not only antiperspirant but Roll-On deodorants, bath and shower gels. Within these products you are likely to find Dead Sea salts which helps to cleanse and purify the skin, Zinc which helps to moisturise the skin, White Clay which draws impurities from the skin helping with the cleansing and cleaning of the skin and Pearl which is known for its skin moisturising and softening abilities. All of these products are selected because they rejuvenate and care for your skin.

            The Cool Air antiperspirant is sold in a white container with both of the Radox and Daily Elements Logo's clearly displayed and this is quite important because the range from Radox is so extensive the Daily Elements products need to stand out on the shelves and for me they do. The picture which depicts a sky with another picture of stones underneath it is very eye-catching and immediately gets your attention, whether those pictures are symbolic for any reason I am not sure. The product can also tells you that it gives you 24 hours protection which means you should only need to apply It once a day to be happy and confident that you will not smell of body odour at any point in time. The actual ingredients can be found on the reverse of the can. It is worth noting at this point that this deodorant comes as both a roll-on and a spray and although I have both I actually prefer the spray deodorant because I feel it is more effective.

            Radox Cool Air to use is really easy to do, once you have removed the top which simply pulls off, you spray it on your underarms. I use two short blasts under each arm pit and feel that is enough to see me through the day. The deodorant itself is quick to dry and it leaves no white marks on any of your clothing like some other brands do (even though they claim not too) and all you are left with is a subtle clean smell from the product you have just sprayed. With some deodorants of this kind, they can often sting and cause irritation on freshly hair removed armpits, whether you wax or shave, deodorants can sting, thankfully this one doesn't burn, sting or cause any nasty irritations, instead as it is applied it is instantly cooling on the skin and leaves you feel really refreshed. For me that is quite important as I am usually rushing around in a morning getting myself ready for work and when in a rush you get hot and bothered and the last thing you want to do is make matters worse by using an non-effective deodorant which not only leaves marks on your clothes but doesn't do the job it has been designed for. So with Radox Daily Elements, I am safe in the knowledge that I can spray as I go and not have to worry I am marking any clothes.

            The smell this product emits when it is sprayed is very light and not overpowering and nor does it smell over-fragranced which dominates the perfume you would later apply. To me it smells similar to the fresh linen Yankee Candle tart I have burning away, it is fresh and clean smelling. It does'nt turn into an acidic smell like some deodorants do after a certain period of time, nor does it mix into body odour to leave a stale smell behind.

            Radox Daily elements Cool Air cost £1.95 from my local Asda and because it was on a BOGOF I got two for that price which for me is an absolute bargain especially when other leading brands start from £2.44 for the exact same amount of a 150ml can.

            Finally would I recommend this product? I am slightly bias because I am a fan of Radox products, although I wasn't impressed with their goodnight pillow spray, I so like the Daily Elements selection of products and in particular their deodorants because they do work by keeping you BO free, they are alcohol free, they don't sting on freshly shaved/waxed armpits, they are dermatologically tested and the light fragrance is just about right so that it doesn't mask your perfume. Instead it keeps your skin feeling fresh and cool with no need to re-apply later in the day and for £1.95 it is a bargain.


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              20.01.2009 15:18
              Very helpful



              New Radox Deodorant

              This was originally purchased a week ago as an impulse buy from my local supermarket. I use a lot of Radox bath products anyway and as i recognised the brand name and due to the fact that it was on special offer i decided to purchase it instead of my regular deodorant. I had been unaware up to this point that Radox actually made anti-perspirant deodorant so thought i would give it a try.
              The product purchased was called "cool air". I am allergic to a lot of products however as i dont get any adverse effects with Radox bath products thought that this would be ok. I was right no problems and have been using it for over a week now so would recommend it to anyone who has sensitive skin. I was pleased with the fragrance it was very pleasant after it had settled down. Initially it was quite over-powering. I work in a very busy environment and felt that unlike some brands it lasted well and did not need reapplication. As this product was on promotion at the supermarket i got it for a bargain price so unfortunately i am unaware of its nornal retail price. I would however buy it again and would recommend it to others


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              06.01.2009 14:01
              Very helpful



              A great effective deodorant

              When it comes to deodorant I usually go for a Dove roll on, but I have recently been trying all the Radox Daily Elements shower gels and liking them so I decided to try the matching deodorant as well.

              I had read one or two reviews which sounded promising and, when I received a Boots voucher for my birthday, I decided to treat myself to one or two bits and pieces amongst which was the deodorant in question.

              I took a look at the range available and had a sniff of each one before choosing the Radox Daily Elements Cool Air roll on deodorant. I'm not keen on aerosols as they tend to catch the back of my throat when I use them so the roll on type is much better for me.

              From memory I think it cost me about £2 for 50ml of the deodorant.

              The container of this product is unusual in the sense that it stands with the ball of the deodorant at the bottom rather than the top. I say 'unusual' but actually I have noticed that a lot of manufacturers seem to be redesigning their containers so that the ball rests at the bottom, which means that none of the liquid inside will be wasted. Mind you I never wasted any of mine anyway - I have always stood my roll on deodorants upside down when they appear to run out and I usually get at least another weeks use out of them!

              Anyway back to this specific one - the Cool Air one is in the pale blue container with the white domed top. It does look as though the ball is at the top but no, you just twist the white bit and it will come out of the blue sheath revealing a nice big ball at the bottom.

              On the front of the container there is the usual green Radox logo, a picture of a couple of pebbles and the wording ' daily elements essential minerals cool air antiperspirant deodorant cares for your skin 24hr protects you all day'. So now we all know what to expect then!

              As I said earlier you just have to twist the two pieces of the container apart in order to use the deodorant. When I first opened it the ball was dry and needed a bit of a nudge with my finger to get it moving, but I find that with most roll on deodorants.

              Once the ball was moving freely I applied the deodorant under my arms - bet you didn't see that coming did you? LOL! Seriously it smells lovely; it is a fresh, light fragrance but for the life of me I can't place what it reminds me of! The contents list on the back of the container is no help either as that doesn't tell me what the smell is either!

              This deodorant dries quickly which is a big bonus for any roll on deodorant. In the past I have been known to walk round flapping my arms up and down like some demented chicken trying to dry my deodorant before I could get dressed, but not with this one.

              The deodorising and antiperspirant effect lasts all day even when I get hot, which after all is the reason I bought it in the first place.

              Being a roll on, it is in a small container making it ideal to take on holiday, and as it contains no propellant it can be taken on an aeroplane with no fear of explosions.

              The other advantage of using a roll on deodorant is that it is kind to the environment, as it does not contain any CFC gases. As the container is made completely from plastic it is recycleable so that's good too.

              In conclusion I am very impressed with this deodorant - it works well, it isn't expensive and it smells lovely!


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                16.11.2008 09:30
                Very helpful



                The best anti perspirant for me

                I came across Radox Daily Elements roll on anti perspirant deodrant in Iceland (the shop of course not the country!) when it was on offer at 50p for 50mls. I put several in my basket... I bought 'The Cool Air'which was in a white container and the 'Fresh Aqua' which was light blue.

                Radox Daily Elements contains essential minerals that enrich the skin and is alcohol free. The deodrant has been dermatologically tested.

                I am somewhat fussy when it comes to anti perspirants and deodrants....I hate the sort that leave white marks on clothes, I hate the ones with a horrible smell, I hate the ones that are really sticky and make your arm stick to your torso, I hate spray deodrants, I hate ones that leave you 'very wet' when you apply it...and I do like one that is pleasantly fragranced and do the job that they are supposed to do.

                I am delighted to say the Radox Daily Elements range met all my success criteria!

                Firstly it is very easy to apply...it was one of the first manufacturers to use the upside down technique if you know what I mean! ie the ball part of the applicator at the top. This makes for ease of application. The ball is already well lubricated and you do not get that awful feeling and unpleasant sensation when you try to rub on the ball under your arms and there is no liquid coming out!

                It goes on very smoothly and although a little wet on first application - it quickly dries and is not at all 'sticky'. What I like best about it is the very delicate perfume. It's very appealing to me - just a light fragrance. Throughout the day when I am getting somewhat hot and bothered I can smell a lovely 'waft' of the fragrance...

                The anti perspirant and deodrant keeps my underarms free from sweat and odour..it does work all day and as a teacher of PE this is extremely important. It does not leave any white marks on my clothing either. I will now not use any other deodrant or anti perspirant.

                The deodrant sells at around £1.25 normally but it can usually be found on offer in many of the large supermarkets. When it is on offer, I stock up..


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                  03.02.2008 17:15
                  Very helpful




                  I have always been difficult to please when it comes to deodorant, tried a lot of roll-ons and spray anti-perspirant and never really come across any that I have been actually keen on. I find that spray anti-perspirant leaves terrible white marks on my clothes and even burns my skin when I spray it on, even when holding at as far away distance as I can and I never feel that it is acting as a barrier of some kind.

                  I don't suffer with perspiring anyway, but it is always good to protect yourself and I did get used to a roll-on from Avon some years ago, however one minute they have them, next minute they discontinue them and then again they appear in the book again, you can't win with them.

                  After trying various roll-on, as the sprays did not suit me at all, I can across Radox Daily Elements. At the time they were on a Buy One Get One Free Offer, so I thought I would take the plunge with this and see how I went with it.

                  Daily Elements is a range from Radox, a brand that is associated with a combinations of essential minerals and active ingredients. The range features Roll-On deodorants, bath and shower gels. All of the Daily Elements Products contain mineral such as:

                  Pearl - to keep skin soft and radiant. Used in the Middle East

                  Dead Sea Salts - to rebalance the body and kind and care for the skin

                  White Clay - to cleanse and bring out impurities

                  Sea Fennel - sources of Vitamins A, C, and E and mineral salts

                  Zinc - to act as a moisturiser

                  Sea Salt - to cleanse and purify

                  The product itself comes in a white container with Radox and Daily Elements Logo's on it. It also has a picture of the sky on it and also a picture of stones which leads you to believe that this products does have a sense of being friendly. Detailed also on the front, it tells you what smell it it and that it gives you 24 hours protection. On the reverse it tells you that the product is made using essential minerals and lists the actual ingredients. It has a huge barcode on the back and Customer Service information.

                  The container itself, to open when you twist it the lid doesn't come off the bottom comes away from the top which is a little different compared to how we normally see roll ons. It has a huge roller ball that looks dry initially until you start using it and then stays reletively moist.

                  I found to apply this under my arms it went on very smooth, it is wet to start off with but did dry very quick and left me feeling comfortable and confident that I wasn't going to have large white stains on my clothes, in which I didn't. The smell itself can only be described as uni-sex which is good, its not too over-powering, isn't too girly and doesn't come across masculine either. It is very refreshing to smell and even more refreshing when you roll it underneath your arms. Keeping you dry 24 hours a day, this product doesn't lie either and I have never found myself having to re-apply, which is fantastic, it acts as a great barrier.

                  Now I have found it, i won't be going back. Not all products suit us all the same, but this certainly suits me and if you have problems at all in finding the right product, I would receommend just to give this a whirl. Its great and normally on BOGOF in most supermarkets.


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                    13.01.2008 12:51
                    Very helpful



                    I like it

                    When it comes to buying anti perspirant and deoderant, i must admit I'm not too fussy. I usually go for whatevers on offer. The buy one get one free offers will always sway my decision for a purchase, after all we all like to save the pennies and as long as it's got a nice perfume then who cares what brand it is.

                    So, the other day I bought Radox Daily Elements Cool Air Deoderant and Fresh Aqua both with essential minerals. These cost me £1.75 for both. Bargain I think.

                    The little tubs are plastic with a swist off bottom, to reveal a large ball which spreads the deoderant under the arms when applying, this is easy to use and the scent is quite nice. It is a light subtle perfume which isn't over powering like some other products.

                    They are 50mls each and have essential minerals and are dematologically tested, which means - a patch of this has been worn by a volunteer for 24 hours to see if there has been a reaction.
                    It's made by Sara Lee and there is a web site you can visit if you feel like having a look www.radox.co.uk
                    The Cool Air is a white container and the Fresh Aqua is light blue.

                    I like these little packages as they are about four inches high and can easily be packed into your handbag for going out or going on holiday, they are easy to use and the liquid inside is clear and drys quickly once applied.

                    Radox is a well known brand but these products are fairly new on the market and in my opinion are good and reliable products.
                    they keep you dry for quite a long time. I apply this in the morning before work and fiund that I don't need to use it again until I finish and shower again at about three o'clock every day.

                    If your looking for a handy, reasonable prices product then give it a go. My daughter also has sensative skin and can use this too, so it's good to know it's gentle on the skin.


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                      26.10.2007 09:30
                      Very helpful
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                      A great ant-perspirant deodorant.

                      Since I can't resist BOGOF offers, I bought this roll on deodorant a few weeks ago.

                      -The difference between an anti-perspirant and a deodorant -

                      A deodorant simply masks body odours with fragrances whereas an anti-perspirant works by reducing the amount of perspiration produced, resulting in a reduction of BO.

                      - Radox Daily Elements -

                      Radox have had almost 100 years expertise in washing and bathing products.
                      The Daily Elements range is a newish set of products from Radox which combine minerals with active ingredients that work with the skin.

                      -Radox Daily Elements Anti-Perspirants / Deodorants -

                      These deodorants are currently retailing for the prices I have listed below unless of course you manage to find a BOGOF offer which I found in Morrisons of all places!
                      Roll ons - £1.49
                      Aerosol - £1.99
                      There are three different fragrances in the Daily Elements range of anti-perspirants:
                      The following is from Radox.co.uk
                      ~ cool air - a light, sporty, unisex fragrance
                      ~ dry stone - a classic, fresh, masculine fragrance
                      ~ fresh aqua - a soft, feminine, floral fragrance

                      - What it says on the packaging -

                      - soothes shaved skin
                      - alcohol free
                      - keeps you fresh and dry
                      - reduces bacteria and odour
                      - dermatologically tested
                      - lightly fragranced

                      - My Experience -

                      I got this as a BOGF offer, at £1.45 so not a bad price at all for two!

                      - Packaging -
                      I actually quite like it as it sits on it's top end which is great as all of the fluid inside is at the correct end!
                      To open and use you simply unscrew the top. No nonsense packaging!!

                      - Application -
                      It's really easy to apply and so far the 'rolling ball' has never 'jammed' which I have sometimes found with other roll ons. It glides very easily on my underarm.
                      It does however take a couple of minutes or so to totally dry which isn't great if you are in a real hurry!
                      I have noticed ever so slight white marks on the inside of black tops at the underarm area after a 12 - 13 hour day. Not as bad as some that I have used but given that a 'leaves no white marks' promise isn't used by Radox for this product I can't grumble too much!

                      - The smell -
                      This is indeed a light fragrance but I would have to slightly disagree with Radox's claim that it is a unisex fragrance. In my opinion it still has an ever so slight feminine smell to it. However smells are so subjective and since ciao haven't come up with a scratch and sniff option as yet it's difficult to say how many blokes would feel happy with the smell.

                      - Does it do what it promises? -
                      This is an extremely efficient anti-perspirant and I never suffer any embarassing BO problems when using it.
                      It is quite obviously alcohol free… I have used this immediately after shaving my underarms and no painful stinging which is a big bonus!!
                      It lasts me through a normal working day without having to reapply and has seen me through some very hectic nights out in crowded, sweaty bars. It certainly keeps me fresh and dry as promised!!

                      All in all, I am delighted with this anti-perspirant roll on and it does do what it promises, a rare thing for many products nowadays!


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