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Radox Daily Elements Fresh Aqua Deodorant

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Brand: Radox / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Refreshes,

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    3 Reviews
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      28.05.2011 21:22
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      An ok anti- perspirant

      I'm not loyal when it comes to brands (of anything) but with deodorants I do tend to stick to the likes of Sure or Dove. When my recent anti perspirant was starting to get low I decided to pop into Superdrug after my weekly shop at the Iceland next door. As I was nearing the till I noticed their toiletries display, albeit small, had a few different brands of deodorants to choose from and this is where I spotted this - Radox Daily Elements Deodorant Spray in Fresh Aqua fragrance at just £1 per can..

      I liked the sound of this straight away as I much prefer a deodorant to have a fresh 'just showered' scent as opposed to something floral for example. The size of the can is a reasonable 150ml and it is presented in a cylindrical 'straight up and down' designed packaging. To access the spray there is the now very common integrated nozzle with is placed directly on top of the canister and this is protected by a clear plastic lid.

      The design on the can is quite basic - nice soothing colours of pale blue with the Radox logo at the top and some pictures of pebbles and water underneath..that's your lot.

      Size and price - as mentioned this comes in one size of 150ml and cost me £1 from Iceland of all places though I have seen this retail at almost double this in other stores so do look around if considering buying.

      My experience of this~
      I tend to prefer Sure deodorant as it normally emits from the can in a powder form which for me seems to work best at keeping me feeling fresher for longer. I was slightly disappointed that this Daily Elements spray spritzed out in a flash of what appears to be a clear watery liquid.

      The nozzle is very easy to use and once pressed down for the first initial spray it then emits in a powerful blast on each following use. The spray as mentioned has a very watery consistency to it that feels not only cold on contact with my skin but unsurprisingly very wet. I can't say I'm a fan of this variety of deodorants normally as I feel they just don't seem to dry properly when sprayed onto the skin and therefor just don't seem to work quite as effectively as a powder based one, though I was willing to give this the benefit of the doubt as Radox is a reputable company and a household name.

      I first used this in the morning after a shower and after drying my skin spritzed several short sharp blasts to each underarm. The deodorant slightly stung my skin but that could be just down to my own sensitive skin and not necessarily the deodorant itself as it does state this is alcohol free.
      I found that even as I was dressing the anti perspirant still felt damp and my underarms felt clammy - which to be honest is slightly uncomfortable though it wasn't as noticeable once I was dressed.

      After the usual hectic morning of the school run, food shopping carrying heavy bags home and various housework tasks I was pleased that I still felt clean and fresh. The fragrance itself is difficult to pinpoint except to say it has a clean watery scent that reminds of 'cool' fragrances such as Davidoff Cool Water. It's a nice enough fresh scent but doesn't seem to linger on the skin for long enough unfortunately though it seems to be still doing the job of protecting against sweat so that's the main thing.

      This claims this is a 24 hour anti perspirant and as I don't go that long between showering I can't really comment on it's effectiveness for that long a period of time. What I can say is after about 5/6 hours of being on the go all day after using this I felt the need to reapply it so for me personally I wouldn't be too impressed to use it for 24 hrs solid as I think it would lose effectiveness well before then.
      It left my underarms feeling fresh for around half of the day which is quite impressive as I'm always on the go, though I did feel it wasn't quite up to the standard of my usual Sure. It did sting on a few occasions of applying this though not every time I must add and luckily it didn't cause any dryness or rashes like I have experienced in the past with some other brands.

      I have been using this every morning for over 3 weeks now so price wise it works out to be quite economical at just £1.

      This is an *ok* deodorant and though I can't really fault it on anything major I wasn't exactly bowled over by it either. Though it works to an average standard it's not on a par with Sure and because of that it's something I will only buy occasionally in the future.


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        25.01.2010 10:04
        Very helpful



        A nice deodorant that keeps me fresh all day

        What can I say, but I love love love this deodorant! Strange I know to get so excited about an anti perspirant, but when you've tried as many duds as I have you'd know the feeling when you find one that manages to keep you fresh and dry all for an amazing £1.

        I hadn't even realised that Raddox made deodorant until I was browsing in Semi Chem one day. I was sick of spending over £2 on Sure just for the smell to fade immediately and to have to keep reapplying it throughout the day.

        Raddox Daily Elements - Fresh Aqua, comes in a nice size 150ml can, so it fits nicely into your bag. The bottle is a nice aqua colour with a speckled spay which is really easy to use, not any of that complicated push this, turn that, its simple, point and spray.

        The fragrance is really fresh too, a nice powdery showery sort of smell, but not soapy. But by far the best thing about this, it doesn't sting when you use it after shaving as it doesn't contain any alcohol and you feel clean and dry all day. It does exactly what it says on the tin and I quote "one quick spray in the morning is all it takes to keep you fresh and dry all day".

        For me it's now the only deodorant I'll use


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        03.03.2009 14:50
        Very helpful



        A real good, dependable deodorant!

        When it comes to deodorant's I'm terrible for buying them! I buy them whether I need them or not and end up with like a dozen scattered around my house! I sound like a smelly person but what's odd about that is not once have I ever smelt whiffy or of BO with or without using it so my obsession is quite strange really lol.

        At 34 I now know I prefer deodorant sprays to creams and rolls on. Yes I know that sprays can leave a white residue on clothes which is a pain in the ass for me as I like dark clothes but I simply can't stand rolling on liquids and waiting for them to dry etc and to top that I don't think the fragrance achieved is as good as with a spray either. So I buy sprays, end of lol. However up until recently like a lot of people I have struggled to find one's that are comfortable to wear and don't transfer white on to my clothes. Until recently that is....thanks to Radox!

        The Packaging....

        150ml light turquoise long cylinder can with a large white push button aerosol sprayer to the top of it and over that a clear plastic lid that pulls on and off simply. On the front I'm told in white and dark blue writing that it's Radox, Daily Elements, Fresh Aqua, Anti-Perspirant Deodorant that is 'enriched with essential minerals' and gives 'proven protection & care'. There is a small square picture of what appears to be a splash of water on there and another of some pebbles. On the back of the can I'm once again told it's Radox, given some information about the product, directions for use and cautions are given, ingredients are listed, I'm told to be careful with the can as it's flammable, the recycle symbol is shown, size is stated, contact details for Sara Lee (the manufacturers of Radox products) are given and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice, simple, functional packaging this is and I do like the large push button to spray with making it easy to use.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can....

        Radox Daily Elements contains essential minerals that enrich and work with the skin whilst delivering all day protection and care.

        Soothes shaved skin.
        Alcohol free.
        Keeps you fresh and dry.
        Reduces bacteria and odour.
        Dermatologically tested.
        Lightly fragranced.

        Direction For Use....

        Apply only on healthy skin and stop use if irritation occurs. Hold can in upright position 15cm from underarm and spray. Allow to dry before dressing. Shake can well before use.

        My Experience Using It....

        Simple to use this really is. Use as directed and spray it to clean underarms. It sprays on quite thickly and you can feel the miniaturisation as soon as you start to spray it on. It's a little greasy to the touch, you don't need to spray much on and it dries in around a minute of course depending how much you choose to use. Personally I find a light spray to be more than enough.

        The fragrance is as promised light and is airy. None distinctive it just is sort of watery fresh really. It has a sweetness and I guess if stabbing in the dark you would say it's slightly floral but as I say there is nothing distinctive as such about it although I would say that it's very feminine. Once sprayed on it stays lightly fragranced all day but isn't in your face on the fragrance front.

        Not only does this keep you smelling and feeling fresh for the full promised 24 hours (and beyond) it gently hydrates skin too leaving it feeling soft, smooth and silky and looking healthy. No residue is left on the skin meaning no unsightly sticky transference onto clothes or anything like that either. It's entirely suitable to spray on your armpits after shaving as it's cooling and soft and none stinging and doesn't bring on a shaving rash or anything.


        A really good, dependable odour repelling deoderant. Simple to use and works incredibly well indeed and I'm a real fan of it. Although I don't suffer stinky pits as I mentioned earlier my Mother does and she loves this one as well as I do. I only nowadays buy Radox deodorant's (as you will notice from my reviews of late) as I trust them and they are mild and gentle on my sensitive skin. I love this one and shall definitely re-purchase it when I next run out!

        I buy mine in Wilkinson's priced at £1.49 a can but it is available in all sorts of places!


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