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Radox Fresh Aqua Roll On Deodorant

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3 Reviews
  • It smells very fresh and nice
  • It makes me feel fresh and dry all day
  • It is wet for longer than other deodorants
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    3 Reviews
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      07.12.2014 14:01
      Very helpful


      • "It smells very fresh and nice"
      • "It makes me feel fresh and dry all day"


      • "It is wet for longer than other deodorants"

      Radox Fresh Aqua roll on deodorant

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a roll on deodorant that is made by Radox. It is called Fresh Aqua.


      This deodorant is packaged in a plastic bottle that has got a roller ball on the top. The ball is quite small but it spins around good so that you can apply the deodorant quickly and you do not have to go over the same area more than one time.


      I like to use spray deodorant most but I sometimes use a roll on because I think it is good to give my skin variety. I have used this many times because it is pleasing to use and effective also against me sweating, it is an anti perspirant deodorant and that means it stops you from sweating and controls odor also if you do sweat. I think it works very good and even when I am sweating a little bit because I have been walking or to the gym and I feel like I am smelling fresh.

      The deodorant is a little bit wet and takes longer to dry but I do not care about that and I know that I cannot get dressed immediate so I am happy to wait, it does not take very long and when it has dried it does not leave marks on my clothes.

      It does not make the skin under my arms feel dry and I apply it one time in the morning only and do not put any more on later because I feel like I am still protected.


      This deodorant costs £1 only and I am very happy to pay that small amount because it works very good and I like the fresh smell also.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      02.08.2012 13:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Really good quality roll on deodorant from Radox.

      When it comes to deodorants, I normally stay very loyal to Sure as a brand, but I find that when they are not on offer their range can be quite expensive. I do dabble around with different deodorant brands and styles (sprays, roll ons etc...), and when I was doing a top up shop in Poundland recently, I spotted this Fresh Aqua roll on deodorant from Radox and thought I would give it a whirl.

      The price of this was obviously £1.00, which I think is really good for a deodorant, and especially a roll on as they tend to last quite a while. You can not really ask for cheaper than what I paid. I picked mine up in Poundland, and there was another scent available in a purple roll on. The only thing which I have negative to say about this is that it is really difficult to get your hands on. Maybe it is a discontinued line and that is why it is only available in bargain stores, but I can not seem to find this anywhere in the bigger pharmacy stores or supermarkets which is a shame.

      It's a smart little roll on, and I definitely wouldn't have assumed you could purchase this for only £1.00. It is aqua blue and white in colour, with all the usual things written on it. The deodorant is slightly different in that the roll on part is located on the top, and you pull it out from the bottom to apply to your underarms. There are three small little legs to the bottom of this which help it to stand up well and securely. Overall, I think it looks very nice.

      Now, something I am quite funny with when it comes to deodorants is the scent (obviously). I tend to sway towards fresh, light smells rather than in your face scents. I like to mask bad smells without drawing attention to my underarms, so when I read 'fresh aqua', this definitely seemed like something I would like. And I was correct, the scent of this is just so lovely and refreshing. It is very subtle, but so fresh and airy making it perfect for an underarm scent. When applied to the arms, it does not give off a strong smell, but covers any bad smells which I like.

      The roll on itself is quite wet which I like, as it makes application quick and smooth. You only need a quick roll on of this to all of your underarms and ta-da. I found that this did keep me fresh throughout the day without needing to constantly keep reapplying it, and it was a very promising deodorant for a roll on. I tend to find that sprays are better for longer lasting effect, but this was really good. My underarms were kept dry the majority of the day, and they still smelt fresh.

      Overall, for a bargain deodorant, I have to say that this offers really good value for money. It is cheap, smells lovely and keeps your underarms fresh throughout the day. I could not have asked for more from Radox, and I will definitely look into using more of their deodorant range as I have personally found this one really effective. Unfortunately, I am going to remove one star simply because this deodorant is really hard to get hold of as I have a feeling it may have stopped being produced. Nevertheless, if you can find this in your local Poundland, I would definitely suggest giving it a try. Thank you for reading and hope this helped.


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        18.07.2012 02:44
        Very helpful



        A great roll on by Radox.

        ~ Radox Fresh Aqua Roll On Deodorant ~

        Personal hygiene is very important, nobody want's to smell and neither does anyone want to stand within a close proximity to someone with bad personal hygiene. Of course regular washing does help a great deal and this is something that is an absolute must however I feel that I like to have something that offers a little more than simply washing and that is why I buy deodorants, and wish that some others would too!

        I am not loyal to any particular brand but I do usually opt for a roll on from the Sanex range however whilst in Poundland a while back I spotted this Radox Fresh Aqua Roll On Deodorant and popped it in to the basket, obviously this cost me just one hundred pennies or a neat one pound!

        I like using roll on's as I do feel that these offer longer results compared to antiperspirant sprays, I feel fresher for longer and I find that the fresh scent lingers all day too.

        This Radox roll on comes in quite a simple packaging, there is no outer wrapper to get into, it is just ready to use. The bottle consists of two pieces, the lid and the main part which houses the roller ball. The whole thing stands on the lid so the lotion inside is always above the ball meaning there is very little waste which I find brilliant. Admittedly these are my preferred type as then the ball never dries out, with the upright roll on's I found that the ball would dry out which would then pull on the underarm skin and it was actually quite painful ... Ouch!

        The lid is a simple white cap with three feet, the feet are just little curves that have been shaped from the plastic cap. The main part screws into the lid with a simple click and screws out the same way, this part is rounded on both ends, the one end houses the large white ball and the other is simply the moulded plastic casing. This end has a circle of smooth plastic and then the sides are all dimpled with little spots. This particular one is turquoise colour. The whole thing sits comfortably in your hand and makes using it a pleasant and easy experience.
        On the front of the bottle you will see a small label with the brand name and product info as well as a bright leafy print.
        There is also a label on the back giving directions, ingredients and the like.

        The bottle holds 50ml of product.

        The scent just smells very clean and fresh, I can't really explain it, but it is in no way unpleasant, just very light.

        ~ Oi, do I smell or something? ~

        You know sometimes when you are in a queue and the person in front really stinks and then they try and strike up a conversation with you, all the while you are backing away into the person behind you, do you wonder why and how people can live like this? I mean this deodorant costs £1. You can even get cheaper ones, it just seems that some people have no regard for personal hygiene at all and this is something that irritates me slightly.
        I would never want to be the person who people back away from due to an offensive smell so I do use products like this everyday.

        I was pleased to see that this claims to offer 24 hour protection whilst being alcohol free, so offering lengthy protection without drying out or damaging the sensitive underarm skin ... I refer to it as underarm as I hate, hate, hate the word armpit it makes me feel sick ewww!

        I apply a quick slick of this to my underarms before I get dressed, it takes a few moments to dry and then I get dressed. I find that it does keep me feeling fresh and dry all day long and I never find the need to re-apply it at any point during the day. I don't apply it in the night after a bath or shower I just use it in the mornings and I have never found my underarms to suffer any ill effects to using it.
        I feel more comfortable using this over sprays as I have already mentioned above, and even after a strenuous (whatever!) gym session I still find that whilst I may be a little sweaty I certainly don't smell offensive!

        For £1 you really can't go wrong!
        This can also be found in other stores at a slightly higher price, unless of course it is on offer.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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