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Right Guard Total Defense

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4 Reviews
  • Longer lasting
  • A bit overpowering
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    4 Reviews
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      15.08.2014 11:30
      Very helpful


      • "Longer lasting "


      • "A bit overpowering"

      Stong, longer lasting as you don't need so much, bit overpowering

      I am always looking for a deodorant or an anti- perspirant that lasts and am not convinced by many of the claims that these products can last up to 24, and in some cases, 48 hours. I can say however, that right guard appears to be one of the better on the market and this does do what it says on the can in that it is a total evened against sweating!
      My issue is that it is a bit strong; a sentiment it seems I share with many other reviewers!
      I have had several people mention to me his strongly it smells and whilst it is not an unpleasant smell, and preferable to sweat, it does conjure up images of the late nineties when a large proportion of men used lynx products. I sways remember Africa and Tempest being two of the worst offenders for bring overpowering.
      Personally I quite like this product, but do wish they'd tone town the smell a little. That said, maybe it needs to be that strong in order to last 48 hours? I don't know.
      The packaging is quite distinctive, making it stand out on the shelf, full of dark colours and oranges. You certainly wouldn't mistake it for anything else. Maybe gets their attempt to make it a macho, butch anti-perspirant - again, I don't know.
      I do know I personally have not experienced any of the white deodorant stains that I normally get with Sure or that a couple of previous reviewers have mentioned so that's another bonus!
      All I all, for me, he good points about this product far outweigh the bad and I would definitely buy again!
      I would also recommend it to anybody who works in a hot, sweaty environment as it certainly lasts the duration.
      just maybe don't use quite so much, heh?


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      11.08.2013 16:31



      This product destroyed some of my clothes and didn't stop me sweating, so what does it actually do?

      I don't use Right Guard any more, because we had a falling out.

      It ruined 3 of my favourite shirts. I did everything it asked. I put it on after a shower. I waited for a few minutes before getting dressed. But no, within a week 3 of my shirts had developed white permanent stains under the armpits. I'm looking at you Right Guard Total Defence.

      You would think that with staying power that strong, the product would have at least kept me dry during the day. Sadly, alas, it did not. I found that I actually sweated just as much as when I didn't wear deodorant at all with this product on! Maybe it is just me, maybe I am a freak of nature. But other products work for me? I just don't understand.

      Why do you hate me Right Guard Total Defence? Why? I'll stick with another product for now I think.


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      07.03.2013 22:59
      Very helpful



      Overall a decent product which is easy to use and gives good results

      The Claims of this product are that it can:

      1. Fight Persperation
      2. Prevents Odour
      3. Long Lasting Freshness
      4. Heat-Response Formula
      5. Low Residue


      The Product comes in a canister which contains 250ml of anti-persprent it is a rather dull black with a little bit of light blue and silver colouring giving the design at least a litle colour. However as a guy it does make me feel confident when purchasing it as we can't buy a product which has too much "softness" to it so it does a solid if unspectacular job of attracting the male to the product.


      The deodrant features a simple shake and press mechanism whereby you shake to ensure that the formula gets mixed as over time the various elements of this product will become seperated due to imperfect nature of surfactants holding together different components with different hydrophillicities, then you press down to eject the product. However whilst this is a handy design for old people and those who are very weak from illness it is not ideal to have around young children who can spray it in their eye or worse spray to much in their face which can be dangerous.

      Reality vs Claims:

      It claims to last 42hours however I found that after around 12 hours it was necessary to apply more as the scent and minor anti-persperient activity had all but evaporated, it also claims to adopt to your level of activity however I found that as you did more it did not keep up which is similar to how most deodrants perform. It does not massively reduce how much you sweat but does seem to make it not sulphadize in the natural way so preventing smell to a certain extent especially in the first 12 hours. One claim it does fully live up to is the low residue claim as I can spray a lot of deodrant on and it will not rub off onto black t-shirts which is good because it would look silly at the gym if it did this like some cheaper products do.


      It has a chemically alcholic like smell, but its not a bad chemical smell its quite like how a typical aftershave smells with a lot of estery zest to it and it has a typically "manish" feel to the scent, which is good because I dont want a deodrant which leaves me smelling all flowery and girly, I want a product with a smell that is nice not overpowering and which helps to reduce any smell of persperation from exertion and on this count it does so very well, it gives you a nice smell but quite quickly it only really smells to someone at the subconcious level which is nice and understated as mens dedorants should be in my opinon.

      Sensitve Skin-Ability:

      It is not particularly harsh on your skin and as I have quite sensitive skin thats a good guide for anyone else who is worried about their deodrant being to damaging on the skin, I can use quite a lot sprayed as close as 10cm from my body and it does not leave any burn or irritation which is good because the product advises you to use it 15cm from your body.


      I paid 2.60 from boots a few months back which is farily typciall for a 250ml canister and I would say any extra cost of "bargin" products is worth it because those have a less understated smell, often burn a bit more and only last 8 hours before needing to be reapllied, I would say its even slightly better than most products in its price range that I have tried however this doesnt really make it long lasting with me as I like to use a lot, but a person saving for something could get more use out of it than other products of a similar price becuase it needs a little less to get the same effect however I just like to take extra precautions.


      I give it 6/10 because it doesnt live up to all its bolds claims as I did not really expect it to but it does do a great job of not leaving the white mark stain of typcially cheaper products.


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        05.03.2013 11:58
        Very helpful



        An excellent anti-perspirant but not one I would use everyday as it can be a little harsh

        Original Right Guard Total Defence Anti-Perspirant is one of the best I have ever used when it comes to keeping me completely dry. It does come with some down sides however. First of all the smell is so overpowering that you wouldn't want to be wearing any sort of expensive aftershave while wearing this as it will be completely overpowered.

        The smell is quite nice but it does have that really artificial chemical smell to it and it is apparent that the scent is coming from an anti-persipirant if that makes sense.
        It is alcohol free, dermatologically tested and PH balanced but I really don't think this is the gentlest on my skin. Using this a few times is fine but if I use it longer than a few days at a time then it starts to make my underarms itchy. It also leaves a slight build-up of anti-perspirant that you can actually feel on the skin and this takes a lot of washing to remove.

        I suppose thought that this is why this particular one is so effective as keeping me dry and smelling fragrant all day.
        I use this to the gym a lot as I tend to sweat a lot naturally and at the gym it can be embarrassing to be covered in sweat after working out for half an hour. I know that this will keep the majority of the wetness away and leave me feeling dry. This also does stop me from smelling badly no matter how vigorous my work out.

        This is also another problem that I have with this. I think it is too effective. That might sound strange but we sweat for a reason and it is our body's way of removing toxins from our systems and regulating our body temperature and I don't like to stop myself sweating completely everyday as it isn't good for me and I know from experience that if I do wear this and my body needs to sweat it compensates by sweating in other areas other than under my arms.

        This is an excellent anti-perspirant but it does this by being made of chemicals which over time aren't good for the skin and although I still use this I do limit it to those times when I will be in public and know that I will be sweating a lot as this really helps with stopping the worst of it.

        This costs around about £3 in boots and superdrug but like most deodorants I usually pick it up in places like Savers or b&m bargains a lot cheaper.


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