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Sainsbury's Basics Antiperspirant Deodorant

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3 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Deodorant / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    3 Reviews
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      21.06.2011 12:36
      Very helpful



      A Value For Money Product That Works

      I usually but deodorants when they are on special offer or from places such as Home Bargains where the prices are often much lower than regular supermarkets.
      Having tried many Sainsbury's Basics products before and on the whole been quite satisfied, I thought I would risk buying the Basics deodorant.

      The Antiperspirant deodorant is sold in a white pressurised container, embellished with the orange Sainsbury's basics logo. Each container contains 200mls and costs 41p, so definitely worth the gamble!
      The white lid is easily removed to reveal a white aerosol dispenser, this must be depressed in order to release the spray.

      It is a fairly forceful spray, covering the whole of the under arm are in one spray - I find with with the more modern rounded type nozzles the cannister needs to be moved around in order to provide adequate coverage but not so in this case - sometimes the old fashioned can triumph!

      Upon impact, the spray is very cooling.
      There is very little aroma to the spray, I would describe it as a mildly clean smell and this does not linger for long. I realise that many people purchase deodorants base upon the fragrance, they would therefore would be wise to avoid this product - however, as I wear perfume, there is no risk that this deodorant will mingle with my current fragrance. It is most unintrusive, allowing my perfume to take centre stage without adding to and ultimately detracting from the desired effect - I smell lovely!

      Sainsbury's market the product with the slogan 'Keeps you dry for hours, no sweat'. I would have to agree with this. Upon contact with the skin, the product dries very quickly, I have not discovered any white residue and I am a great fan of wearing black t-shirts! After applying the spray in the morning, my under arm area remains dry throughout the day.
      I would normally apply deodorant twice per day, merely as a freshen up. I have continued to follow this regime with this product but a second application is not at all necessary.

      Ingredients are as follows:
      Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Cyclomethicone, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Parfum, Propylene Carbonate.

      A the container is pressurised it should be stored safely - out of reach from children, away from direct sunlight and should not be exposed to temperatures of over 50 degrees C or placed near sources of ignition.

      If you are looking for that fresh underarm feeling at a fraction of the cost of leading brands, I would definitely recommend giving this product a go.


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      23.01.2010 03:24
      Very helpful



      I have stocked up on these before the price changes.


      This comes from the basics range, at Sainsbury's.

      The Can **********

      This comes in a white can, with the usual red stripe across the top. It has a removable lid, and has a press down nozzle, that sprays out a burst of spray of deodorant, as much or as little as is required, to your individual
      requirements. This can contains 200mls of deodorant.

      I usually buy this product because it suits my pocket. This product i have been using for quite a while now and it appears to work perfectly well to me. I am not one of those ladies who perspires a great deal, but always like to keep myself clean and use this on a daily basis.

      I shake the can well then apply this underneath my arms in the morning and it appears to work well for me.

      This deodorant is currently priced at 41p, from Sainsburys for a 200ml can full.
      I usually spray this about six inches or more away from my underarms and find that provided i allow it to dry properly it hasnt left any marks on any of my clothes. The smell from this deodorant i can say is not overpowering like some deodorant sprays but it does have a fresh smell as i can only describe like talcum power.

      I have used this deodorant when going out, in a crowded party at Christmas time, and it did keep me dry and not smelling when i had danced a lot.

      This can does contain some inflamable ingredients and does give you a warning on the back of the can to that effect. This product i found worked well as a deodorant spray for the price, and apart from the iflamable ingredients which are contained in most deodorant sprays i did not have too many complaints, apart from as i have already mentioned you do need to allow a few minutes for this to dry, and also i recommend that you do not spray it too close to your underarm as this can lead to it clumping and you will notice a bit of the spray falling like snow under your arms when you move. Thus mentioning the bad points i do personally think that it works well as a deodorant spray can and i have been using this for quite a few months now, and i will continue to carry on buying this product as it suits my requirements.

      Keep out of childrens reach, for obvious reasons.

      I am rating this product with four stars because apart from the items i mentioned it really does work fine for myself, and has not left my underarms skin damaged or sore in any way, shape or form.

      This product is produced in the UK, for Sainsbury's London.

      I found that this product worked well for a cheaper deodorant and it did last for hours on myself.The smell was not strong and it really does work.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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