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Sainsbury's Iris Body Fragrance

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Body Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2009 15:14
      Very helpful



      A nice every-day, good quality spray from Sainsbury's

      My final review on a Sainsbury's 'Body Fragrance', this shall be lol. On a recent shopping trip in my local Sainsbury's I purchased a few bottles of the 4 varieties stocked as they were all on offer for 49p rather than the usual 99p price tag so me thinking bargain decided to stock up as body spray is really something I hammer on a daily basis!

      I do like feeling and smelling fresh of course and don't like nasty niffs in my life as a smoker! I can regularly get through 3 cans/bottles a week of this type of thing and therefore I do like economical purchases in this area if at all possible!

      The Packaging....

      Light and slightly darker lilac coloured aluminium cylinder can with silver coloured integrated plastic spray button to the top of it with a lilac almost see through frosted safety lid covering the top that you simply pull on/off to use. On the front of the can in silver writing and written length-ways up the can I am told it's 'Iris' and then in lilac writing under that I'm told it's 'Body Fragrance'. Then on the back of the can and all in small black writing I'm told a bit about the spray and given directions for use, cautions and ingredients are listed, I'm told that Sainsbury's are against animal testing and fund research into alternatives, the size is stated (75ml), the aluminium symbol is displayed and finally there is a bar-code on there.

      Nice and serene looking can makes me think because of the lilac colour scheme and the plainness of the can an older person would probably be attracted to this as in the appearance stakes more so of someone under 45 wouldn't appreciate it lol!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can....

      Sainsbury's Iris Spray has a soft, floral fragrance with deodorising action to help give long lasting freshness throughout the day.

      Directions For Use....

      Shake can well before use. Hold can approx 15cm (6 inches) from body and spray....

      Me Using It....

      Well I of course shake the can before using it each time to make sure it's well blended. This particular spray, sprays on wetter than any of the others in the range for some reason though dries in seconds, I do find I have to wait about a couple of minutes to make sure I'm completely dry before putting on any transference onto my clothes in the way of residue (which to be fair has never happened to me). It hydrates skin slightly and softens it though you can't feel it as such and the moisture is gently hydrating and none irritating.

      In fact the only thing irritating about this is that flipping push button aerosol dispenser. On all of the cans I have owned from within this range all have been rather hard to use and handle due to the stiffness of the button. One handed I can do it to the front of my body but around the back and trying to angle it is hard work as I need to really use both my hands so evenly spraying on my body can be a trial and tribulation but it is do-able if you simply take your time!

      Smell well this is really nice and gentle. Yes slightly mature for my 34 year old nasal passages as I thought when I first set eyes on this product sat on it's shelf. It's gently floral and not in your face and not distinctive in fragrance. I couldn't tell you if it smells of 'Iris' as I don't even know what an Iris looks like to be perfectly honest with you but if it's a light floral scent laced with a hint of sugar and honey then is this spot on. It's a warm fragrance, very womanly and clean, fresh and bright and great for day to day wear and freshen ups.

      Once applied it's quite heavy but that smell fades rather quickly (matter of minutes) to the point you have to get up close and personal to smell it on skin and when you go to bed at night you can't smell it at all but of course you can 'top up' as often as you desire but because of the wetness I don't spray this one on my clothes!


      A really pleasant delicate smell and not once bit cheap or economy in the smell stakes at all. The packaging is ok part from the dodgy button (as all have in my experience from within this range) and for me this is just a rather clean smell perfect for liberal use out of the shower or bath!

      A good buy and worth a try whilst it's on offer for 49p!

      Only available in Sainsbury's.


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