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Sanex Men Active Aerosol Deodorant

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Brand: Sanex / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Protects / Gender: for Men

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    2 Reviews
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      19.03.2012 19:43
      Very helpful
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      Made specifically for the clinically inactive

      Sanex anti-perspirant for men
      Dermo Active Control
      0% Alcohol
      24H protection against wetness and body odour
      Anti-Irritation Complex
      - - - - - -

      Merciless to sweat glands

      When it comes to clinical body cleansing, Sanex appears to be a brand that has undergone laboratory testing since its creation. I can't help but feel that the brand's development is still being vigorously worked on by those scientific types who drift onto our TV screens claiming incredible results when it comes to odour and wetness - they call it protection. Protection from what, I'm led to ask myself? Protection from my own active sweat gland that just by chance creates unsavoury whiffs that other people would find sociably unacceptable. I'm hardly protecting myself from my own demonic excretions. In fact I would say that perspiration is good for you, it cools your exertive body down and sweat glands should be able to do what they're intended to do. They rid us of all those toxins that we incessantly feed ourselves, thanks to our diets. Work life is designed to employ our sweat glands at maximum effect and due to global warming our environment has also helped to employ our pores to excrete to its hearts content. Now duly to nasally sensitive types, this natural bodily function of sweating is now deemed as uncouth, and an avalanche of 'protection against wetness and body odour' products have saturated the hygiene and body beautiful market. Not only do we have to avoid perspiration within stressful conditions, but we all have to smell delightful in the harshest of work environments. Even those who prefer to endeavor in their 'odeur corporelle' body musk, gets squashed eventually as a quiet word distinguishes the whiff to a deadly floral TCP scent the next day. Regardless of the stench, a quiet nod and a warm sympathetic smile greets the blushing face of the scent offender.

      As a male of advancing hirsuteness, it didn't surprise me that 'Sanex for men' had found itself in my cosmetic cabinet which is growing by the month - thanks to the great offers occupying the high street shelves of recent - 'Sanex for Men' antiperspirant - One pound fifty five pence for a 250 ml canister. Their products were on a cut price rampage in January, boasting of a new masculine fragrance, created by scientists in white coats and black rimmed glasses who'd masterminded the ultimate male scent. That being; freshly cut lawn grass, mashed in with 'Morning Fresh' washing up liquid, and marinated overnight in the clinical clean scent of Brylcreem hair gel. Put it this way, the scent doesn't grab you like a 'Brut for men' - in fact the only means of smelling the scent is if I stripped down to my stringy vest and shoved a naked armpit into the face of a work experience student at that perfect height of 5ft 2inches. Not that I did this for review research purposes. That'll be 'insanex!' - Instead I braved it and simply sniffed myself.

      There is something obscenely pretentious when words such as 'Dermo' or 'Anti-irritation Complex', is used as a marketing ploy on the canister. Their use of scientific jargon irks me - there universally used sentence of 'approved by dermatologists' carries no buying impetus to me - partly due to the reason that all anti-perspirant products nearly always get dermatologic 'approval' of some means. Hence, that the product is allowed to be in contact with human skin, and therefore not alleged to being harmful, or known to be harmful. On a positive note, I've had no ill effects so far, then again, I'm not allergic to roll-ons or canister anti-perspirants - although Sanex in it's 4pt font states 'Sanex, keeps skin healthy' - I've not seen any remarkable improvement whether its skin elasticity or gloss, there is an apparent softness. This could be down to the product containing 0% alcohol; alcohol dries out the skin considerably, so that's a tick in the box for this product The logo showing the nodular 'D' in an orbiting arc - reassures skin sensitive consumers of its 'approval' authenticity.

      SanEX for MEN? Unless she has a fetish for grass.

      Testing the 24 hour protection of wetness and odour, of course determines whether you've had a shower or bath during that day. Funnily enough the scientific jargon on the canister doesn't convey this - if the case is bath-time/shower-time is scarce 'Sanex Dermo Active Control anti-perspirant' would barely paper over your own cultivated body musk. I recommend a fuller robust scent. The same goes for hardened labour workers whose own body odour would swamp the mildly insipid nasal tones offered by this sensitive product.

      Marketed directly to the sensitive skin type, the graph orientated grey lined design on the tubular canister is bewildering inane; it's neither a mathematical graph with axis points, nor is it a scientific auto-cad modeled snapshot of how 'Sanex Dermo Active Control', interacts with skin. The ultra marine gradient stipulates clinical scientific testing, and it peaks into the plastic user friendly push down nuzzle. Spray 15 centimetres away from your skin, for maximum effect. Like in all scientific measurements precision is paramount.

      Sanex for men is only effective if mild exertions are the order of the day. Whether or the 24 hour wetness and odour protection works efficiently while frolicking on a rugby pitch or energetically kicking shins during a game of five a side football, I doubt it will be effective to cater for such excitement. I don't want to risk being called into a meeting on the 'importance of maintaining personal hygiene'; on page 195 in the staff handbook.

      3/5 product rating.


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        08.06.2011 12:38
        Very helpful



        Worth a look if you don't like in-your-face fragrances

        ** Background **

        As I've said before in the course of my reviews, I generally buy Right Guard deodorants, largely because I'm fairly unadventurous in this department and above all simply want to know that I'm going to be using one that's effective. However, when an attractive special offer comes along, I'm open to trying out other brands. Thus it was that a cut-price charge of £1.00 for a 150 ml canister at my local Wilkinson (quite a good option for discounts on cosmetics, I find) brought me to this Sanex for Men Active offering.

        ** Sanex for Men **

        Sanex for Men is a fairly new sub-brand (so much so that I remember doing a market research survey about it shortly before it appeared on the shelves) and it's probably fair to say that many people still think of it as being primarily a women's range. It seems to have established itself fairly well, though, and you shouldn't have a problem finding Sanex for Men products in larger chemists and supermarkets; they're less seen in small shops, however. My £1 offer is probably about 50% off what you'd expect to pay as a rule, putting it in the middle of the pack price-wise.

        The can is quite restrained in its design, being done out in blue and white with a vague pattern of grey lines. There's no attempt to bludgeon you into thinking that this is intended to attract your gender of choice, or to make you smell like an enthralled aadvark (hey, all trends start somewhere; why not here?) and there's even the nicely old-fashioned line "Keeps skin healthy" down the bottom of the canister. It has a traditional removable plastic top, and an equally ordinary-looking button and nozzle. Disappointingly, though, there's no information about the company's attitude to animal testing, and nothing more precise than "Made in EU" for the origin.

        ** Field testing **

        The most notable thing about this Sanex deodorant to me is how gentle it is. Although actual harshness is these days mostly reserved to the ultra-cheapo no-name brands, even some of the big players still put out deodorants that are a little bit rough around the edges, if you will. There's none of that here: the can does bear the legend "Anti-irritation complex" and for once a bit of marketing-speak would seem to have some validity. I'd therefore recommend this especially to those with easily irritated skin.

        The fragrance is quite difficult to describe, since again it's not very powerful. If pushed I would suggest that there was something of the garden about it: not out-and-out flowery aromas, but the sort of thing that might remind you of a spring lawn after a light shower had cleared and the sun was returning. It's advertised as a "masculine fragrance", but it's a long way from the hard-hitting muskiness you might get with the Lynxes of this world. It's certainly not strong, and so is good for those who don't particularly want it to be noticed.

        ** Verdict **

        I was quite pleasantly surprised by the Sanex Active deodorant. I wasn't really sure what I'd make of it, but have found myself quite impressed by the way its image leans towards taking care of you rather than being macho and pushy. Being a fairly sensitive soul myself, I'm rather more comfortable with that than with the more showy promotion of many other brands. More to the point, though, it works very well: you don't think about it, it just gets on with the job of keeping you dry and fresh. I could actually see myself moving to this one in the longer term.


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      • Product Details

        Sanex for Men regulates the skinãs natural condition / Stimulated by the natural perspiration process of your skin, the formula with active pH levels provides extra protection and freshness / Your skin will feel fresh and dry all day / Available in spray and roll-on /