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Shelley Flowers Perfumed Body Spray

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Brand: Shelley / Spray / Type: Body Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2008 17:51
      Very helpful



      Fuss free, nothing special but value...they are

      I absolutely love and adore body sprays. I own dozens of them and that isn't an exaggeration believe me! I think as an on/off smoker I'm just that bit more paranoid of hygiene and smells and this is why I'm a bit obsessed with toiletries really!

      So I have body sprays that match fragrances I use for say when I'm going out. I also have body sprays that I like to use alone (I.E no perfume) just to spray head to toe to keep me smelling clean and fresh when I go to bed (even though I sleep alone the most of the I still like to smell great(lol) or through the summer to use rather than perfume and then I have my every day type of body sprays which I use as a matter of due course and through habit and I don't take a lot of notice off them really. I pull the lid off in the shop, sniff and if I like it I purchase it. Simple as that and then simply use them.

      However I do need to be careful what I'm using on my skin especially lately. I have sensitive skin and find alot of products do really annoy it. I have greasy areas and very dry areas on my body. I have little black heads and quite a few spots so anything oily is out of the question and quite a few body sprays I have used of late have contained oils and promised to be 'kind' to my skin but in my case, probably too kind for my skin type!

      Never when it comes to body sprays have I bought anything that I've considered to be cheap. This is mainly due to the smell of the products I guess. I've never been amused by the whiff range they came in and to be honest I did try one way back once or twice and was glad that the smell didn't hang around for long! No, me I'd rather pay a bit more and get something smell wise that's well blended and long lasting and a pleasure to use.

      Which is why I surprised myself when I did plump for buying a 'Shelly' product. I did actually buy 4 So...? body-sprays at the time (reviews coming up) and I threw this in my basket as an after thought! What with me having so much to buy over the Christmas period I guess I thought better grab what I can for me before I spend out on everyone else or something lol Anyway I won't be smelly at this time of year now that's for sure! So yes mine came from Wilkinson's at 49p a 'bottle'. If you can see the review photograph at the top of this page you will be able to see there are 6 varieties within this range and this is known as the flower collection. You can readily find these in independent shops and chemists and places as well as Wilkinson's and instore and places like that.

      The Packaging....

      Well mine is the turquoise bottle which is shown second from left on the review photograph. I like turquoise and to be honest it's what stood out about the product lol

      So the bottle is more like a can or tin or whatever you want to call it really. It's 75ml and made of aluminium. As I say mine is turquoise in colour, it's cylinder and tall in shape and has a matching coloured plastic lid that pulls on and off which covers a white plastic aerosol push down sprayer.

      On the front all in black writing I'm told it is Shelly, Flowers Collection and then under that there is a picture that looks to be like a pink sweet pea. Under that I'm told my chosen fragrance is 'Memories', Perfumed Body Spray Deodorant. Then in white writing I'm told the size (as I've stated already). On the back of the bottle in black writing there is loads of information on there I really can't read very well as it's so tiny. Lots of stuff is written in foreign languages and all I can make out that is in English is a warning about pressurised containers (which this is of course one of them lol), a warning this product is flammable (yes it's aerosol lol), contact details for Statestrong are given (the manufacturers of this and many products that are on the market we don't actually reaslise lol), the aluminum symbol is shown as is the recycle symbol and finally there is a bar code.

      It's ok packaging but it does look cheap opposed to Impulse and other top brands but hey you don't have to display it after all! Just use it in secret if you like it lol!

      Using It....

      Well it's aerosol so you push the button down and spray wherever you want to apply it. It really is as simple as that really! lol It comes out in a cold spray mist rather than a wet water spray and it does spray a large area at once (hold at arms length for best results) so no splatters or drips at all. It really is simple to use for a cheap spray and I have to congratulate it on that as I was expecting it to be difficult to use and it really isn't which suits me when i'm in the cold and in the nude!

      So the spray comes out and vanishes on the skin. No wet or sticky residue you can get dressed immediately. After all this is simply a keep you fresh body spray so you wouldn't expect any white talc residue anywhere or anything! So spray and go and I've also sprayed this at a distance over my clothes for a quick burst of freshness before leaving the house and again no marks or residue on my clothes at all.

      Smell wise, well it's ok. My fragrance smells of sweet peas and other flowers. It's quite pretty and with a sweetness to it though there is something a bit harsh to the fragrance I can't make out but all I can say is it's a give away that this is a cheap body spray. What you get when you first spray the product is a highly fragranced product what you get left with half an hour later is a smell you have to sniff for up close and personal! After one hour I can't smell the fragrance on my body at all no matter how hard I hunt for it and neither can anyone else! So does it keep me fresh? No! However in it's defence for the money it cost me I don't mind re spraying where I can get to lol

      The smell does linger alot on clothes though but it does wash out at 30c and although the smell is gone from your body quick smart it also leaves no residue and I assume it washes off ok because I haven't had any adverse skin reactions to it at all.


      For around 49p a bottle and in a variety of fragrances, to me it's worth a go if watching your pennies. Sadly the smells don't appear to be that well blended and certainly in my opinion are not posh or luxurious but more of an every day, affordable part of a routine rather than a treat but they're ok and if watching your pennies recommended as they are alot better than nothing!


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