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Soap & Glory Glow Crazy Shimmer Stick

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Brand: Soap & Glory / Type: Deodorant Stick / Subcategory: Soap / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      16.12.2008 00:51
      Very helpful



      Lasts ages, stays fresh and you can grab it at a tiny price if you shop about for it!

      I adore Soap & Glory products. I own an extensive collection of the stuff and have even put down more on my Christmas list for Santa this year. I love everything about the range from the quirky packaging, to the fragrance right down to every products effect. I haven't owned a 'bad' product yet.

      Now the product I'm reviewing I haven't seen on sale in stores (Boots) individually. However it can be found in a variety of the Soap & Glory gift sets that are on sale at the moment but don't be deterred if you want one. Google for it They are on sale on line and I purchased mine on Ebay of which it cost me £2.50 including postage and packaging and I even sent a postal order. This is usually what I expect to pay and so far I have purchased two of them (at different times) but if you don't want to use Ebay they are on sale in online stores.

      Firstly lets talk about the brand that most of us know because it's stocked in Boots as I feel this brand is totally underrated. It's not only stocked in Boots. Nope it's also stocked in Harrods and in Harvey Nichols as well. It isn't just mentioned in Bella or woman magazine neither. Nope I read vogue and stories about products from the range have been featured. Consider all that and then think about the prices of this stuff. They're not so big now suddenly. For me I feel this is a very luxurious brand and I can't speak of it highly enough!

      The Glow Stick....

      Well it's a 10g bronze coloured recyclable plastic tube like a fat lipstick with a pull on/off lid which is half the whole size of the product. You twist the bottom half from the top to get some of the product out and when you've done you twist it anti-clockwise and the product goes back in the tube. On the side of it in white writing I'm told it is 'Glow Crazy Shimmer Stick'. On the base of the tube there is a clear sticky label that has small writing on it and I'm indeed told it's Soap & Glory, 'Highlighter Stick', the size is stated (as I've listed already), there are contact details for Soap & Glory given and that's that. It's a simple to look at product, easy to use and of good quality. I take mine out with me in my bag and the writing hasn't got scratched off or anything which I think is a real bonus as I hate my things to look manky!

      Using It....

      Really couldn't be simpler! Basically it's like a hardish gel stick. It's a light gold colour with very tiny pieces of gold glitter pieces ingrained into it. It melts ever so slightly on the skin, smearing it rather than coating it but it doesn't look smeared once on or anything. Lots of product doesn't scum off on to your body no matter how hard you press (great for us girls that drink lol ) and it goes on so smooth with no feeling of glitter being transferred. All you feel is a coolness to where you apply for a few seconds and that's it job is done.

      You don't have to wait for this to dry and it doesn't transfer off with touching. Basically it's so subtle there really is nothing to worry about.

      So use it where you want to highlight. I do my decolletage, shoulders, arms, cheekbones, even my brown bones if I want to. Literally anywhere. It's easy to use and direct where you want and it really is completely fool proof. I mean if I can do it anyone can! lol What is really lovely about this is it really is a product for even more mature ladies. You won't look like you've just fell off a Christmas tree using this and it's of the highest quality with no flaking, transfer or a weighty, sticky felling. You apply it and go it really is as simple as that.

      The results are remarkable. Less is most certainly more and this puts other products similar in concept to this in the shade. First time I used it I thought I couldn't see it and wrote it off as a bad job until people said how I had a 'glow' about me. That's a completely well deserved compliment to the product cos that's what it does. It isn't meant to be a glitter product. It's meant to highlight and grab attention to where you some and I stress once again that it's subtle and mature when it comes to doing this and you can't go wrong lol.

      Smell wise it's lovely to. It has the usual Soap & Glory fragrance which is made up of bergamot, strawberries, mandarin with floral and fruity mid notes, musk, amber and warm vanilla. For me I can smell all of those ingredients delicately but I feel with this product there is more of an earthy tone to it than other Soap & Glory products giving this a rich muskiness to it. It's still lovely and unusual but it is made greater in fragrance by not being too strong. I mean if you consider that this is the sort of product you put on or under your desired perfume (this is not a perfume after-all) you don't want something to come along and complicate the smells you have already chosen. This really doesn't and I've worn it in conjunction with a variety of different fragrances and this just gently mingles and gets lost in there really and blends away.


      A product that once applied stays on till you wash it off I've been up all night partying and worn this and where as my make up has melted and my styled straight hair has gone frizzy and wavy this has stayed put as good as new. It washes off very easily and if you do get a bit on clothes (which is hard to do!) it washes out at 30c anyway. This is just a really nice feel good product particularly at this time of year (Christmastime). It isn't too much and over the top and me I really don't like sticky, tacky glittery products and this is an excellent compromise. It makes my skin feel soft where I've applied it and none greasy. I have had no skin irritations from it and nothing but compliments. I have one in my handbag now actually ready for the weekend and I have a new, expensive silk dress and I know I can trust this product not to harm it in any way shape or form! Great wherever you choose to put it and none clumpy! You want dazzling cheekbones? Get them! You want to get your bust noticed? Shimmer it up baby! On me this is great on the hollows of my shoulders and create a slimmer look to them. Versatile this really is!


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      Add a little sparkle to your skin!

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