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Soft & Gentle Extra Fresh Lotus & Watermelon

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5 Reviews
  • Small price
  • Big bottle
  • Doesn't last long
  • Can be sticky
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    5 Reviews
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      28.07.2015 13:58
      Very helpful


      • "No white marks"
      • "Scent that stays"
      • "Smells lovely"
      • "Small price"
      • "Big bottle"


      • "Doesn't last long"
      • "Can smell sickly"
      • "Bottle doesnt stand out much"
      • "Can be sticky"

      Palmolive Soft & Gentle always a top choice for me

      > The Bottle <

      You can get Palmolive Soft & Gentle as a roll on 50ml and a 150ml or 250ml deodorant spray. Personally I have never been one for a roll on myself, I prefer a spray. The bottle is smooth and skinny and has coloured tops to differentiate from fragrance. Palmolive Soft & Gentle Lotus and Watermelon has a aqua bottle lid.
      I have found that it can be a bit difficult to spot them because the bottle has a very simple design (I thought they had stop selling them because I could never find it).

      > The smell <

      I adore the lotus and watermelon smell. It has a sweet aroma which cannot be found anywhere else. All Palmolive deodorants seem to have that unique smell to them. Its fruity and fun, what more can you ask from a deodorant?
      Sometimes the smell can be a little sickly, especially on a hot day, feeling a bit sick due to the heat and a sweet watermelon is all you can smell. I would say this deodorant is best used for cool days.
      The smell unfortunately is short lived. I put mine on this morning at around 6:45am and by round 12:57noon it seems to have disappeared. I know we cannot expect things to last forever but they do say 48 hour protection... I expect 48 hour smell.

      > Use <

      I have never had a problem using Palmolive Soft & Gentle Lotus and watermelon deodorant. I have never had an issue with white marks on clothes or having white powder under my armpits which is a nightmare to get rid off. I would say that sometimes it seems to get a little bit sticky but maybe that is me using too much of the stuff (it just smells so good). All you need is a quick spray and your ready for the day ahead.

      > Value <

      You can pick these up pretty cheap (£1.50-£2.50), I have seen them go for £1 on special and I always stock up on different smells then. Having a hunt around online you can even find some good deals there.

      > Overall <

      I would say that this is a good deodorant. Unique and flavourful.


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      22.08.2012 18:20
      Very helpful




      I only spotted this scent a few months ago. I hadn't smelt this before I bought it but a nice fresh scent such as Watermelon sounded nice to me. I have been using Soft and Gentle Deodorant for years - perhaps off an on for 20 years. It was always more cost that made me try this brand but over the last few years the scents seem to have changed and the brand seems to be keeping up with the times in regards to scents.

      This comes in a 150ml tin. I bought this from Asda and a tin often sells for around £1.80 but the range can usually be on offer for £1 which is when I stock up - I am certainly a bargain hunter and stock up on lots of certain products when the price is right. The tin looks like the picture on here and is easy enough to hold and spray.

      The scent of this is lovely. I cannot say what the scent of the Fresh Lotus is but I can smell a light fragrance of a Juicy scent which I will imagine is the Watermelon - although Watermelon doesn't exactly have a scent to it. It is fresh and fruity. There is a kind of Clean Cotton scent in this and I can only assume that this is the Fresh Lotus notes through this. There is definitely more than 1 scent in here and this is 1 of my favourite scents.

      This does seem to keep me dry but I do find that this brand doesn't keep me quite as dry and fresh through the day as what Dove does. This will keep me quite dry through an average working day but I can end up with a bit of a damp underarm area but nothing all that bad to be fair. The scent lingers through the day and although it isn't a strong scent it is just a lovely light fresh scent.

      A really nice scent and I will keep buying this scent as it really is lovely.


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      22.02.2012 18:44
      Very helpful



      a new product which is well worth trying!

      price & packaging
      This divine deodorant comes in an understated yet attractive curvy bottle in shades of peaceful turquoise, with a pink slice of watermelon pictured. It is available in both a 150ml and 250ml bottles- the 250ml cans are currently on a buy one get one free offer at boots so stock up while you can!

      scent & quality
      The thing which makes this deodorant stand out from all others I have tried (dove, sure, nivea) is simply the gorgeous, unique scent! Upon spraying, your senses are instantly met with the sweetness of fruity watermelon, mellowed down with subtle lotus floral scents. It is a combination to die for. Not only is the smell so refreshingly heavenly, it actually lasts throughout the day unlike some other brands. Even after a heavy day of lectures and work I can still smell the scent on me, to the same extent that I would smell perfume sprayed on my neck, so you may relax and feel confident knowing the deodorant is doing its job! In addition, the deodorant leaves no signs of white marks and does not irritate my skin in the slightest

      overall message
      All in all, this is a relatively new product from palmolive which is well worth giving a try. I bought it out of curiosity and am now almost certain I will be using it for the rest of time!

      Thanks for reading :o)


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      08.01.2012 18:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A disappointing deodorant

      Each Christmas my mother in law provides myself and my other half (and also his brother and wife!) with rather large bags of toiletries and although I received my bag again for Christmas 2011 I was still using products from the 2010 bag! Each bag varies each year and it seems that whatever is included within in the bag is in multiples of at least 4 and I think depends what is on offer at the time. I am certainly not ungrateful but sometimes trying to store it all can be a problem!

      One item I have just stopped using is the Palmolive Soft & Gentle Lotus and Watermelon Deodorant. Now I'd never chosen a Palmolive Soft & Gentle Deodorant before simply because I do prefer Nivea deodorants but I wasn't going to not use it just because it wasn't my favourite brand. I have used other Palmolive products in the past and I generally find them quite good and hopefully the deodorant would live up to expectations.

      The Lotus and Watermelon variety of the deodorant wouldn't have been my fragrance of choice simply because I find some cosmetic companies make the watermelon fragrance quite a synthetic, overly sweet aroma but I was hoping the lotus side of the fragrance would balance it all out. The deodorant comes in a slim, slightly shaped aerosol and has a bright blue almost turquoise colour theme with the product name on the front and on the back is the usual list of ingredients, warnings and how to use etc.

      Palmolive say that this is a fresh fragrance which is "fabulously feminine". When I first sprayed the deodorant the fragrance is immediately noticeable and although you could immediately pick out the synthetic watermelon fragrance the lotus aroma cut through it making it light and fresh which for me was great. Rather than being so overly sweet the fragrance is fresh and almost floral but it can be a little overwhelming as it is actually quite a strong smell rather than being subtle you really can't miss it! So when I do use it I make sure my bathroom window is open for a bit of ventilation.

      But more importantly I want the deodorant to actually work. I am quite an active person what with riding horses, walking dogs, looking after my daughter etc I do need a deodorant that will help keep me dry and although I naturally don't perspire a lot there is nothing worse than your clothes sticking to you. On a regular day in the office this deodorant is actually quite up to the job and I certainly feel quite fresh for quite a few hours after using it which is nice especially when the office can get quite stuffy but come 2pm (after first applying it at 8am) the effects have worn off which was a shame and I do tend to have a mini deodorant in my bag just to apply during lunch.

      However, on a day where I am riding horses, mucking them out and generally being quite physical this deodorant really doesn't live up to much which is a shame. After a few hours it has all but disappeared and it feels as if I have never applied deodorant in the morning. I understand some deodorants are stronger than others and will last longer but this didn't even manage till lunchtime and I did have to use my handy travel sized deodorant as I really can't stand my t-shirt sticking to my back. Even though the deodorant had stopped working the fresh, sweet but floral fragrance was still very noticeable which was lovely but it was a shame that the deodorant wasn't working!

      On the plus side I did notice that this deodorant didn't leave white marks and best of all it didn't turn into a horrible white powder and flake everywhere when you had applied it which is obviously great as I have used quite a few other deodorants which do this. As reassuring as this point is it doesn't get past the fact that the deodorant simply does not have the lasting power that I need it to have. It is a real shame as the fragrance is lovely if a little strong at first but that has the lasting power right until I take a shower at night before bed!

      Overall, the Palmolive Soft & Gentle Lotus and Watermelon Deodorant has a lovely fragrance which I didn't expect to like at all but it is fresh and ends up being an aroma which lasts hours and hours but as for the deodorant itself it just doesn't have the lasting power for me but this may be because I am very active and it may suit someone else better but for me it just doesn't cut it and although I finished the aerosol I personally wouldn't buy it for myself but as I have seen it as cheap as £1 it may be worth a go as no doubt it will suit others.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: Palmolive
      Ingredients: Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Myristate, C12- 15 Alkyl Benzoate, Parfum, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate, Lactose, Lactis Proteinum, Olea Europaea Leaf Extract, BHT, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional.
      Availability: Online and in stores such as supermarkets and pharmacies
      Price: £1 upwards
      Size: 150ml


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        13.11.2011 11:26
        Very helpful



        Not for the gym bag!

        ~~~~~~ Soft & Gentle Extra Fresh Antiperspirant - lotus & watermelon ~~~~~~

        I actually received this from my mum, who often nips to Bodycare in her lunch break and picks up bits and pieces she needs. When she goes she always buys a deodorant or facial wipes for me, bless her. She only paid £1 for this which I think is fantastic, since it's so utterly divine!

        ~~~~~~ First impressions ~~~~~~

        This comes in a 250ml standard aerosol can, in relaxing shades of blue and white. The design of the can is very simple but I think really effective too. I get the impression of peaceful freshness from the "lotus and watermelon" fragrance combination and I think this is reflected by the choice of the colour blue. The can is feminine without being over the top, so I think it would appeal to almost any type of female.

        The can is shaped to allow for comfortable handling and the nozzle is angled for easy spraying. Not that it's a worry since you don't need to be holding this for a long time!

        All the usual information is displayed, and this spray claims to give you long lasting extra freshness and keep you dry. Having a squint at the ingredients, there's nothing too startling in there. It contains soy bean oil, which I am seeing more and more in antiperspirants for its claimed skin softening and smoothing action. It also contains olive tree leaf extract which has a huge list of potential benefits including, but not limited to, anti bacterial, anti fungal, and anti inflammatory. It would appear the fragrance is completely artificial though.

        ~~~~~~ Using & results ~~~~~~

        The antiperspirant comes out in a powerful, thick dry spray which I always find gives me excellent and even coverage. This means I don't have to use loads at one time (though I am heavy handed!). What I like the most about this one though, is that when it hits my skin there is absolutely no sign whatsoever of any whiteness; no powder, not a trace, nada. It dries instantly and I can get dressed straight after applying this with no fear of white marks or yellow stains on my clothing.

        I also never experienced any stinging or discomfort when applying it, even straight after shaving.

        The fragrance is just to die for. I utterly adore it. When first sprayed I smell the fruity freshness of the watermelon the most, but this is tempered by a heavier sweet floral that stops the scent being too 'watery' and insipid. I don't know offhand what lotus smells like so I can't say if this is accurate, but the overall effect is beautiful! The watermelon scent is very good, it really does smell just like melon. I find this fragrance really helps me to feel fresh and it's a joy to apply this after a revitalising shower.

        I don't currently undertake anything too strenuous on a day to day basis and I have found this spray to deal with everyday life perfectly well. I still smell it on my skin at night, though by this time it is mostly the heady floral I can detect, the fruity melon has all but gone.

        There was one day the sun was belting down and I had to go out into town (to pay in a dooyoo cheque, actually!)- my usual bus route was closed due to roadworks and I couldn't see any temporary stops, so I ended up walking the whole way. I find walking to be more effort than it should be due to skeletal problems, and it's not helped when you have the sun blistering in your face. Anyway, by the time I got home that day there was little trace of this left, it hadn't held up very well. I felt I had to shower again and put my clothes straight in the wash!

        ~~~~~~ Recommend? ~~~~~~

        I would, but I think my conclusion would be that this spray may be best avoided if you are going for a session at the gym or if you spend all day exerting yourself. The smell is incredibly delicious though so it's well worth trying for 'regular' days when I would say it'll be perfectly up to the job. Naming it "extra fresh" is a bit of a push really.

        The can lasted me a bit over a week (sometimes using twice daily) which I was happy with so I would say it's good value if you can get it at a decent price. I wouldn't pay as much as £2.50 for it though, but I generally try not to pay that much for just one can anyway!

        I am giving it 4 stars anyway, as it performs brilliantly for my day to day life and the scent is worth a million stars.


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