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Sure Radiant Roll On

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Brand: Sure / Type: Roll-on / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2013 10:44
      Very helpful



      a great buy

      When I was looking for a new deodorant I headed out to my local chemist as they always have really good deals on. I always use a roll on deodorant so that's what I was looking for. I'm not worried about using the same products all the time and quite like to change them when they need replacing. When I saw the Sure radiant roll on deodorant for just one pound I couldn't resist that bargain and picked it up.

      It was in a slim, white plastic bottle with a purple lid on the bottom of it. I like the products with the lids on the bottom as you do not have to spend most of your time shaking the bottle trying to get it out and even when the product is coming to an end it is still easy to use. It had a purple label which matched the lid. The packaging was fairly simple but effective; it said all it needed to say.

      The product itself had a gentle, slightly sweet smell that wasn't too overpowering but you could smell it was there most of the day. Someone actually commented that they liked my perfume when all I was wearing was the deodorant, so it was defiantly noticeable. It was fairly wet and took a few minutes to dry but I find that all roll on deodorants are like that so it wasn't an issue. The deodorant kept my underarms feeling dry and fresh all day without having to top it up at any point. I wear a lot of black so it is important I don't get any white marks which I didn't get any while using this product. The product lasted me roughly two months which I thought was great especially for the price I paid for it.

      It was very hard for me to find anything wrong with this product. The only thing I found was that sometimes I couldn't get the lid to sit flush to the bottle but this wasn't really a problem as it didn't leak or dry out. Overall I thought this was a great product and would be happy to use again.


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      18.11.2012 03:54
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A lovely scented roll on from Sure.

      ~*~*~ Sure Radiant Roll On ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a roll on anti-perspirant from Sure, it claims to offer 48 hours of freshness and contains 0% alcohol.

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      My hubby went shopping last week (I had to wait in to sign for a parcel as it was me who ordered it!) and I handed him a little shopping list of essential items we would need as I thought he was more than capable of getting the rest of the stuff, on the list I had written ' Sanex roll on'. It turns out there was no Sanex in stock so he bought me a Nivea roll on which after using for a few days I decided I did not like so when I was in town I saw these in Poundland and popped one in my basket. I have used Sure products in the past but then stopped when I came across the Sanex roll on's so I was sure this one I bought would be pretty good and if it wasn't I had only lost a quid anyway.

      ~ Packaging ~

      The packaging is true to the photograph provided by dooyoo.
      It is a slightly conical shaped white bottle which sits on a round lilac plastic lid. The bottle has a sticky label on the front with all the relevant product information including the brand name - Sure - Women, and has a nice purple leafy flower type print. It's easy on the eye and quite appeasing.
      The bottle stands so that the ball points downwards which I think is an important thing with a roll on as it ensure the ball stays moist and doesn't pinch the skin when being used.

      ~ The Scent ~

      I have no other way to describe this other than saying it smells just like Parma Violets sweets, these are described as a delicately perfumed violet sweet! I am sure we have all either smelt or tasted a Parma Violet at some point in our lives? Well it's a nice gentle scent that I in particular actually like, so this turned out a good buy for me.

      ~ Using it ~

      Using this couldn't be easier. You simply unscrew the lilac lid and roll the ball under you arms. I keep mine in the bathroom cabinet and on particularly cold morning my armpits sure have a shock as the liquid inside can get cold! But this isn't a lasting sensation and goes away soon enough. This isn't just something I have found with Sure roll on's but all roll on's.
      I have found that this dries pretty quickly and doesn't leave me with sticky underarms which means I can finish what I am doing in the bathroom ie. washing, brushing teeth etc and then get dressed.

      ~ My Thoughts ~

      I have been using this for about two weeks or so now and I am pretty impressed with it.
      I like to use a roll on as opposed to a spray as I find the roll on's offer more protection and keep me feeling and smelling fresh all day.
      This Sure Radiant claims to offer 48 hour protection and whilst I tend to bath or shower everyday it can either be in the morning or night so when I have showered/bathed in the morning and not showered until the following morning I can still detect the smell of this on me, not that I make an obvious attempt at sniffing my armpits! But I can smell it when I wake up for instance so I can confirm that it lasts at least 24 hours which I think is excellent.

      I paid £1 for this and it irritates me when I am stuck in a queue, on a bus with someone smelling of sweat in front of me. Hygiene isn't something that costs a lot so I don't understand why people can't wash, and yes sometimes it is pretty obvious! And buy a cheap £1 roll on which works, I have seen people buy expensive items, answer expensive phones but smell awful. I don't mean to go off on one but it's something that irritates me.

      Anyway, I paid £1 for this in Poundland but I am pretty sure it is widely available and will cost you around the £2 mark in other places.

      I like the fresh scent and I do find it keeps my underarms fresh and dry when I go for a run with the dog.

      It's a great roll on that I will be buying again in the future.

      Oh, it has a shelf life of 24 months and the packaging is recyclable.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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