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Sure Ultra Dry 24H Intensive Active Men

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2 Reviews
  • Works for 24 hours as advertised
  • Can leave white marks on clothes
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    2 Reviews
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      11.08.2014 16:17
      Very helpful


      • "Works for 24 hours as advertised"


      • "Can leave white marks on clothes"

      Lives up to the hype - finally a deodorant/ anti-perspirant range that can deliver!

      I have always had a problem with products that advertise they work for 24 hours. Working as a chef, I often find I need to reapply after a busy 10-12 hour shift, which kind of defeats the purpose.
      With Sure, I can spray in the morning and still smell nearly as fresh by the late evening - unlike with some other brands.
      The smell is not too over powering or strong, and not overly all butch and macho either. Instead it creates a nice balance and has a quite pleasant smell to it. I normally spray for around 5-10 seconds under each arm and on my back and chest, and this is normally enough to last me all day.
      The only issue I have is that sometimes this can leave white marks on your clothing, but certainly it is far less of an issue now with this product than it has been in the past and definitely Sure have improved their product from when I first used iit several years ago.
      Also, upon spraying, I never get any of that stinging sensation in my pits that you can get with some other brands. Overall, in my own personal experience, Sure has proven to be one of the better deodorants/ anti-perspirants available on the market.
      I especially like the fact that it's smell is subtle. Working in a kitchen, I can't wear anything too over powerful in case it taints the food; also, with some products such as many in the Lynx range, you can smell people coming a mile away.
      In a commercial climate where everybody and their dad claims their product lasts 24, 36, 48 hours, it is good to finally find something that can live up to its claim. I don't know about 24 hours, but certainly after 12-14 this works much better and more efficiently than most other brands and I would certainly buy this again!


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      03.08.2008 09:17
      Very helpful



      Great protection,

      Introduction and Packaging -

      I have been using Sure for men original for around 2 years now; I find it prevents me from smelling as good as any other anti-perspirant that I have ever used. I tend to spray it for around 3 seconds under each arm and then one sweeping spray across my chest; I find this delivers the desired amount without creating too much build up.

      The packaging has change d a few times since I began suing it and its latest form is quite easily the best. I feel the bottle has quite a sporty feel, mainly because of the two small black plastic areas on either side around ¾ of the way up the can that have a slightly ribbed look. They give the appearance of movement. Around these two areas is a red area that comes down the can with striped grey lines every cm or so to give the look of lungs in my opinion. In contrast to the grey can I feel it gives a good impact and would quite easily draw my eye in a shop.

      They have now also added a locking attachment which has eliminated the need to have a lid, I used to always lose my lid or break it because they were never that sturdy. All I have to do now is slide a little black bit of plastic to prevent any spray coming out. The spray nozzle is extremely effective and shoots a powerful burst out so be warned, do not hold it to close to your skin.

      In the centre of the can angled upwards is the writing 'Sure' in black and 'men' and 'original' in red, clearly defining what it is and who it is aimed at. It also has in smaller writing 'Anti-perspirant Deodorant 0% Alcohol', which I think they could have made slightly bigger because it doesn't catch your attention quite as much as it should.

      On the back are instructions for use, safety guidelines, as well as the usual ingredients in case you are allergic to anything.

      Prices -

      The can can be found in most high street stores and there is one individual can size of 250ml. Prices can range slightly but tend to hang around the £2.59 mark. I did however see it in Tesco on offer at £4 for two, at the end of the day it makes sense, sooner or later you are going to need more so why not buy it when it is cheaper?...I understand the time factor of money rule but at the end of the day it's a few pounds.

      Smell and appearance -

      The smell is quite light and should appeal to most people, it doesn't linger for long and isn't pungent on your skin, unless of course you work out then it does kick in a bit, but only if you get close to your armpits.

      I do find that the spray can leave white build ups in my armpit hair (sorry for the detail) which if come in contact with clothes immediately after you have put it on will leave a mark. To combat this simply leave a little while before allowing it to come into contact with anything.

      The spray is white but actually lasts quite well, used at about the same rate as me daily it will probably last for around a month, but this is just an estimate.

      Verdict -

      Overall a very good anti-perspirant and does what it says it will, it definitely wont let you down, I haven't had any problems with any unwanted smells breaking through as long as you aren't too skimpy on the amount you spray.

      Smell - 8/10
      Can design - 8/10
      Price - 8/10
      Protection - 9/10


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  • Product Details

    You cannot buy a more effective Anti-Perspirant aerosol / Unbeatable protection against wetness and odour

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