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Sure Women Bio Rhythm Roll on Deodorant

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4 Reviews

Brand: Sure / Deodorants / Roll-on / Type: Roll-on / Suitable for: Body

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    4 Reviews
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      08.12.2010 07:53
      Very helpful



      A nice smelling and hard work roll on deodorant

      Since starting attending the gym I have found I needed a slightly stronger deodorant, the one I opted for, mainly as it was on offer was this Sure Biorhythm roll on one. The packaging claims that it gives 24 hour protection so this was another deciding factor for me.


      The deodorant comes in a white plastic container which is cylindrical in shape. The bottom of the tube is where the screw cap can be found and under this is where the roll on is. The front of the packaging has the Sure logo on it in blue writing and a pink and purple pattern on a small sticker in the middle. The pack of the packaging has a small label which contains all of the ingredient and directions for use.

      The screw cap is very easy to use and to make sure it s sealed correctly after se there is a small click sound which happens when the cap is correctly screwed on.


      The deodorant is very simple to use and to do so the screw cap just needs removing ad the roll on ball needs to be wiped over the armpits once or twice for the deodorant to come out. Once you have done this the screw cap needs placing back on to keep the roller ball moist.

      There is a scent to the deodorant and this is noticeable when the lid is unscrewed, it is hard to pin point the smell but it does remind me of soap. The smell fades once the deodorant has dried on the arm pits but it does become noticeable again once you start to sweat and covers any nasty smells.

      I have found the deodorant great to use, it does dry quickly on the arm pits when used and does not leave any white marks on clothes, not even black ones. The design of the roll on means the liquid is always on the roller ball ready to use, the deodorant must be standing up for this to happen as if it lies down then you have to wait for the liquid to then go onto the roller. When having a good seat and work out at the gym I have not had to worry about getting sweat marks on my clothes or starting to smell nasty as this deodorant is very hard working. I am always able to slightly smell the deodorant when I have been sweating and I have always been confident that this is all that can be smelt.

      Since using the deodorant I have in fact noticed that the skin on my underarms has become a lot softer, I did not have dry skin there before but it was slightly rough and this for some reason has managed to remove it and make it soft. It is gentle to use even when using after shaving the underarm area and it does not irritate at all.

      The scent which this has means it is designed just for women as I don't think I would like my hubby using this and walking around smelling of a woman. He did try it once, just for me as he suffers from sensitive skin and it did not irritate him at all.

      I cannot fully agree with the claims that this lasts for 24 hours but then again I do have a shower after the gym and re apply this but on the days I do not go to the gym I have found it has lasted for the day and I have not needed to re apply it but I don't think I would trust it lasting for the full 24 hours before washing or re applying it.


      The pack size for this deodorant is 50ml and this will last for a good amount of time, I have been using mine twice daily for over 3 weeks now and it still feels quite full. The shelf life of the deodorant once it has been opened is 24 months.

      The product ingredient for those wishing to know are:-

      Aqua, Aluminium, Chlorihydrate, Hellanthus Annuus Seed Oil, Steareth-2, Parfum, Steareth-20, Silica, Citric Acid, Cholesterol, Lecithn, Tocopherol, Potassium Lactate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Citronellol, Hydroxycitronellal.

      There is a warning on the packaging that this deodorant must not be used on cracked or irritated skin and that if irritation occurs then you must stop using it. There are no indications as to whether this has been made by animal testing or not.


      This was on offer in Tesco when I bought mine and I paid just £1. When not on offer it s around the £1.50 mark and even at full price I think it is worth the money. This can be bought at all good supermarkets and it is regularly on offer.


      I am happy to recommend this roll on deodorant for a number of reasons. The main one being it keeps me dry and fresh even after going to the gym, it does not leave marks on clothes and the smell is very pleasant. I would not recommended this to the male market as the smell is very feminine. When next on offer give it a go for yourself.


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        07.03.2010 21:05
        Very helpful



        Good quality and can give total confidence

        I wear a roll on deodorant as for some reason it feels a bit more environmentally friendly - not sure why think it may be a packaging thing and I like to go for a well known brand as who wants to smell? This is not something that I want to become aware of during the day that the "value" brand does not work properly. I play a lot of sport and am very active so want something that is going to work with me. I also of course like many other women wera close fitting a nd occassionally black clothes so that also needs to be taken into consideration. Sure is a major brand and I would think one of the most well regarded. The anti perspirant in this product works and as previously mentioned I play lot of intense sport and have never had any issues regarding odour. The liquid in the product seems to last a very long time and I have never had any issues regarding the packaging being faulty in any respect. The fragrance is generally light however once applied I can't really smell it once on. This product claims to not prodcue white marks - lie! every time I put a t shirt on or something close fitting I have to wipe away or sponge the white marks which the deodorant has caused. Although I have never found a product yet which doesn't produce white marks. The price is reasonable and is especially good if you can purchase when offers are on in supermarkets etc.


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        15.12.2009 16:34
        Very helpful



        A nice deodorant but don't buy this if you are looking for an 24 hour antiperspirant.

        Body oder, the big taboo of the 21st century, and something that we are all (or most of us at least) acutely aware of and to some extent equally prone to.
        I usually don't use commercial deodorant, and before anyone gasps in horror and thanks God that internet is void of smells, let me explain.

        I use a deodorant rock called an alum stone, alum Stones work as a deodorant by leaving a fine salty, slightly alkaline film on the skin, preventing the growth of microbes (bacteria). You have to lightly dampen the stone and simply rub it on the skin.

        However one thing that is not prevented is sweating, you will still sweat when using an alum stone (not as much it's true but it still isn't that effective), and in certain circumstances I need an antiperspirant, like when I went to a trade fair this year and had to stand for hours under hot lights, in a suit...
        So I took a trip to Tesco and gave myself a nice headache by trying to read all the labels on the hundreds of different types of deodorant that there was on display.
        In the end I opted for the 24 hour antiperspirant, and of course the sure brand simply because it was in the middle of the different price ranges, lol.
        I paid 1.99 euros for it.


        This deodorant is part of the Sure range and they have many different formats and smells for both women and men.
        This particular one is a 50ml roll on and is very lightly fragranced with a soapy sort of smell.
        It stands up on its cap which is easily unscrewed to reveal the deodorant ball inside. Now all that you have to do is apply it to your underarms and roll it back and forth.


        For me this deodorant worked very well in giving me a nice clean smell, it didn't however eliminate any sweat marks and so I wouldn't recommend it if you wanted something that will keep you from sweating.
        I was wearing a suit shirt which is tight fitting and since it was hot inside it was hard not to sweat, but I wasn't doing excessive walking at the fair so I had hoped it would work.
        Last year at the same fair I had used my alum stone with the same results.
        I will try another brand next time I am looking for something antiperspirant, or maybe a deodorant stick as I have heard that they work better at controlling sweat.

        3 stars for smell and preventing odors, - 2 star for not being a "24 hour" antiperspirant.


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        28.10.2009 10:18
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Move aside Dove I have a new favourite!

        As I have said lots of times before when it comes to deodorant it has to be Dove for me. Not only does it work well but it is also ideal for using straight after shaving with no painful stinging.

        I do however try others from time to time just for a change and to see if they have improved enough to equal Dove!

        I always use the roll on version which I find convenient and easy to use. I tend to find that the aerosol ones catch the back of my throat and make me cough when I spray them.

        I was shopping recently and spotted Sure deodorant at £1 and decided to try one of the roll ons.

        The one I chose was Sure Biorhythm Body Responsive for women.

        The container is made completely from plastic so it is recycleable, which is another good point as far as I am concerned. The label on the front has the recognisable Sure tick and in shades of pink and lilac if you want to find it on the shelves.

        The container of most of the roll on deodorants has changed dramatically in recent times. They have got rid of the old containers that stood with the opening at the top and have designed ones in a bullet shape which now stands the other way up with the roll on ball at the base of the container rather than at the top. It's not before time as far as I am concerned! It means that I don't have to balance the deodorant container upside down in the cupboard to try and get the last bit out! Every little helps in the current economic climate after all.

        Having unscrewed the cap you find a fairly big ball, if you'll pardon the expression, which makes actually applying the deodorant to your underarms nice and easy. The deodorant always runs freely and there are never had any problem with it drying out, especially now the container has been improved.

        This deodorant smells lovely and although I find fragrances very difficult to describe I will try. It is sweet and flowery but not too sickly; it is more of a fresh clean sort of fragrance if you see what I mean.

        It dries very quickly which is a big advantage for any roll on deodorant as far as I am concerned. Many times in the past I have been seen walking round the bedroom flapping my arms up and down like some strange bird trying to get my deodorant to dry before I could get dressed but not so with this one.

        This deodorant feels nice when I put it on too. It is smooth and easy to use and does not sting at all

        The deodorising and antiperspirant effect lasts all day even in hot weather, and when I am out in the garden sawing and chopping wood for our log burner!

        The only minor problem that I found with the new design was that, after I had used the deodorant, and replaced the cap I usually found that there was a small amount of the deodorant around the seal where the cap met the main body of the container. A quick wipe soon sorted this so it isn't a real problem.

        Being a roll on, it is in a small container making it ideal to take on holiday, and as it contains no propellant it can be taken on an aeroplane with no fear of explosions.

        The other advantage of using a roll on deodorant is that it is kind to the environment, as it does not contain any CFC gases.

        In conclusion I am very impressed with this deodorant - it works well, it isn't expensive and it smells lovely!

        I will still give this 5 stars even though there is sometimes a bit of a mess round the lid after use, because I do think that the new design is a vast improvement on the old ones and the deodorant does work well!

        So, it looks as though I have found a rival for Dove.............


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