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Tesco Body Reactive Clear Antiperspirant Deodorant

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5 Reviews

Brand: Tesco's / Deodorants / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    5 Reviews
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      27.11.2010 09:29
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I buy and use a lot of anti per spirants and deodorants because like all of us I like to feel nice and dry through out the day and sometimes they can be quite costly but if they work I do not mind paying that little extra but I bought the one I am reviewing today when my budget was a little lower recently and I thought I would try this one to see how it suited me and because it cost a little cheaper for my budget at the time.

      It comes in a can and it is quite an attractive one for the very low price of just around 77p for 250ml from Tesco, it is their cheaper range of their own products, the can has a push down nozzle which is very easy to press and spray the contents. It also has a clear top to keep it fresh etc, the spray is quite a light one and not too heavy on the skin, I found it does take some time to dry compared to some of the other cheaper brands I have tried in the past and compared to the branded ones on the market.

      I found it did not irritate my skin at all and felt quite pleasant on my skin after spraying it and it does have a really nice fragrance which I particularly liked with this one, as I thought for the cheap price it would have a horrible cheap smell but I was pleasantly surprised. It did leave my skin feeling nice and fresh, I found it did keep me dry for the length of time that I like from a deodorant but I found I did need to top it up during the day and although I have not used this in the summer months, I think it would definitely need a top up in the hotter months or if you do exercise etc or go to a gym.

      It sprays evenly from the can and it does spray directly onto my skin under my arms, I thought it would be a heavy mist but it was quite the opposite, it was a nice fine one, and sometimes some cheaper sprays can tend to be too heavy and not have a direct spray, they drip from the can but this one is absolutely fine with no problems. The fragrance does last all day and it is in my opinion more of a feminine fragrance, it has not irritated my skin and has left it feeling smooth.

      It is designed to last for 24 hours but I find it has not lasted that long for my skin and I do not sweat that much at all and so I would say if you do sweat more than I do, then it would be better to buy a more reliable well known brand.

      I have had no white patches under my arms while using it and when it dries it feels nice and soft on my skin, I really like this one and I have not often bought cheaper deodorants in the past, only while on special offer but this one is a really nice one and for the price it is extremely good quality and good value for money and I would recommend it for anyone to buy it, especially if on a budget because I do not think it is a disappointing deodorant and I will buy it again as I like the results for my skin.

      Also on Ciao username pinky50

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        02.09.2010 14:05
        Very helpful



        A worth while buy

        I have tried an endless number of different deodrants and anti-perspirants over the years from expensive to cheap and none of them have ever managed to take away the problem of under arm sweat patches. Most recently I have been using Tesco's body re-active. You'd think that a Tesco own brand deodrant would probably compare pretty unfavourably with more well known and expensive brands, but infact this is not the case.

        - Very little scent (not overpowering)
        - Doesn't leave any white marks or cake up in your armpits
        - When you sweat it prevents the formation of unpleasant odours
        - Cheap

        - Doesn't completely stop sweating despite being an anti-perspirant (but then again I've never found any that do)
        - Ingredients include aluminium

        The deodrant comes in a white spray can with the tesco branding clearly but unobtrusively placed on the front. It claims to give 24 hour protection (not quite, but still pretty good in my experience) and is supposed to act as an antiperspirant deodrant. In each spray can you get 250ml which lasts me a good couple of months and it comes in at the brilliant price of 77p.

        The spray pump is quite powerful and you don't need to depress it for very long to get a good even coverage. I would advise spraying the deodrant in a large room or with doors/windows open otherwise you may find that the 'fumes' are a little over powering.

        The reason it is called reactive is that it's supposed to react to body heat - how this occurs and whether or not it actually works I can't say as I have never spent the day making my body temperature fluctuate in order to test effectiveness. To this end I cannot say whether or not this is a clever marketing ploy, however it does work pretty well as a deodrant and how it manages to do this is not really much of a concern of mine.

        Overall I would recommend this deodrant - ok it doesn't completely stop sweating, but it works as well as any other deodrant I've ever tried and for a fraction of the price. Generally speaking this will leave you feeling adequately fresh and clean throughout the day without breaking the bank balance.


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        24.08.2010 01:20
        Very helpful



        See review

        I always try the Tesco home brands at least once! So I couldn't pass this one over.
        I chose the 'Clear' 24 hour anti perspirant deodorant recently at a great price in a large 250 ml bottle and I was quite surprised.

        Price; ....
        I grabbed myself a bottle for under a pound recently from Tesco whilst looking for a new anti perspirant to try. I think it cost about 99p but it may have been less I don't remember!

        The bottle; ....
        the deodorant comes in a white bottle with a white lid making the 'tesco' brand name pretty easy to see.
        The deodorant is called ' body reactive' which explains it is activated by your body heat.... which sounds quite impressive in my opinion! However advertisement doesn't make a good product so I was still open minded.
        The spray button is easy to press however not too limb, meaning the bottle doesn't throw out a huge blast of spray at once.

        The bottle I picked up was a 250ml although I'm not sure if it comes in smaller bottles! I would like to buy smaller versions though as this bigger bottle is tricky to carry around.
        I'm usually put off larger bottles because of this reason but had to give this a go because of the low price and my curiosity!

        The product; ....
        I was impressed and surprised with this deodorant! Being cheap and of a supermarket brand it expected the lasting effect and staying power to be poor.
        Tesco claims the deodorant to have a 24 hour staying power, which is at least more realistic than giving it a '48 hour 'label like a lot of deodorants are doing recently!
        This anti perspirant is quite good at having a lasting effect; I wouldn't say it lasts 24 hours though.

        I use the deodorant on days when I know I won't be doing excessive exercise or moving around on a hot day as this deodorant isn't the best for times like this! If you want an anti perspirant for things like that I would recommend buying a more expensive reliable deodorant.
        However when using the deodorant for usual casual days, the anti perspirant is quite good.. Surprisingly! It lasts me a few hours and I do sometimes reapply although this is usually for my own peace of mind.

        This anti perspirant doesn't leave white marks; it is the 'clear' version. However if using other anti perspirant's by Tesco you probably would experience white patches! So I'd recommend sticking to the 'clear' version if you do decide to use Tesco's own brand.
        The smell lasts all day from this deodorant when I use it, so there's no need to use any body sprays unless you prefer to.
        I would describe the smell as being strong yet sweet which is strange as there isn't a clear gender target audience on this product.

        The word 'female' or 'women' isn't on the bottle so if it was found with the general deodorants mixed together, it could cause confusion.
        It is definitely for females though, and I think it smells lovely!
        The smell sticks to you and lasts all day and bottle being the size it is, lasts you a while.

        Overall; ....
        I will buy this again, it has worked for me to some extent and for the price I can't go wrong.
        I would recommend it to others for general everyday use but it isn't the best for hot days or times where you know you are likely to sweat more.

        Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao


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          19.05.2010 14:26
          Very helpful



          A good roduct at a good price

          I'm always on the look out for ways to cut my spending, so first tried this deoderant instead of my normal brand a couple of years ago.
          For price I've found it unbeatable. A 250ml can, which is about 10 inches high and 2 inches in diameter, costs 77p. Other, equivalent sized branded products are around £2.60.
          The can itself is white, with a built in aerosol button at the top. It has blue and black writing with the Tesco branding.
          The deoderant works in the normal way - you shake the can and then spray where you want to use it. The can promises 24 hour protection and I find it to be very effective. I've used it on holiday in hot countries several times and even in 100 degrees of heat it kept me dry and fresh.
          Although it's a clear deoderant I've found you can still get the white marks on your clothes when dressing, but as long as I'm careful it's not a problem.
          With normal daily use I find a can normally lasts about 6 weeks.
          The fragrance is light - slightly flowery I'd say, but very subtle so it doesn't overpower any perfume you might be wearing.
          I'm now a convert to this deoderant and would not swap back to the other more pricey brands as this does a good enough job for a third of the price.


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          07.05.2010 16:33
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great buy

          In the past, I have been a bit of a fan of 'the Linx affect' and have generally only ever bought branded deodorants and antiperspirants including Linx, Nivia, Dove, etc. Given the current state of my finances though, I thought I would give Tesco's own brand Reactive Antiperspirant a try, even if the first time I tried it was only a couple of months ago.

          General Impression

          The Tesco Body Reactive Clear Antiperspirant Deodorant was surprisingly very good. There are several different varieties of this product including a male and female variety. The smell is nothing fancy, but a clean fresh odour and the "Clear" version of this product produces no white marks which is handy when trying to keep your work uniform in good order. As an actual antiperspirant with the aim of stopping you from producing horrible sweat marks on your clothes, it also works remarkably well, as well as any other branded products that I have used in the past.

          It states a claim that it is activated by body heat but obviously I have no way of testing this, short of hiring a science lab, so I'll have to take their word for it but it seems to provide protection all day long. It does also state a claim that it provides 24 hour protection which seems to be true as I generally don't need to re-apply it in a day.

          Packaging & Price

          The container is a standard pressurised can providing a quantity of 250ml. It looks professional with a clean which can and an easy to use single push button top to activate it. The price is one of the most appealing things to me about the product, I bought my first replacement can today at the very reasonable price of only 77p, and this can will last you about 2 months with average use.


          Overall, this is a fantastic deodorant and antiperspirant, which does exactly what it advertises. The price is superb and the quality is equally as good. A product that I will definitely continue to buy in the future. 5 stars out of 5 from me.


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