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The Body Shop Aloe Deodorant

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3 Reviews
  • Really gentle
  • Not highly scented
  • Not really suitable if you are going to be sweating a lot
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    3 Reviews
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      02.12.2014 12:45
      Very helpful


      • "Really gentle "


      • "Not really suitable if you are going to be sweating a lot "
      • "Not highly scented "

      Gentle deodorant

      There is nothing worse than the stinging sensation of spraying on deodorant on freshly shaved arm pits as it stings so badly.

      This is a good deodorant that is also very gentle and can even be used on freshly shaved skin as it won’t sting or irritate. It contains organic Aloe Vera so it is actually good for your skin.

      It isn’t the most powerful of deodorants but it does stop you from sweating profusely but it wouldn’t stop you sweating if it was really humid or you were doing something like sports but it is fine for normal day to day wear.

      The real reason for buying this though is because of just how gentle it is on your skin. I love using this when I have freshly shaved as I know it isn’t going to sting or irritate my skin or give me a rash. It just goes on and skin is left feeling normal and dry. It also leaves the skin feeling soft.

      This isn’t a deodorant to buy if you are looking for something that is highly fragranced because this has such a mild subtle smell that it is almost impossible to smell anything once its on but I actually like that as it means that I can wear this with scented body products such as butters and body mists and this won’t fight them or mask their smell.

      It costs £4 for this roll on which is a good price because it is quite effective but it is super gentle on your skin and feels nice to use.


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      28.06.2010 12:51
      Very helpful



      I shan't buy this one again

      As you may already know I am a great fan of products from the Body Shop and have never bought a product that I didn't like - until now that is!

      I was looking round the shop the other day and noticed that some of the body care range was on offer at three for the price of two so I chose three items including an Aloe Anti - Perspirant Deodorant. It worked out as a good deal as not only did I get three for the price of two but I then got my ten per cent discount with my Love Your Body Card as well.

      The current full price for this deodorant is £4 for 50ml and I thought it would be great for me as I love Aloe Vera.

      It comes in a simple plastic container with a screw top. The information on the label just tells us - in English and French - that the contents are made by The Body Shop and that it is Aloe Anti Perspirant Deodorant for Sensitive Skin. It also says that it is 'skin kind daily care for all day dryness without irritation'.

      When I came to use the deodorant I unscrewed the lid and took a sniff but there was very little fragrance. That didn't matter as I just want it to stop any perspiration and odour I am not bothered whether or not it has a smell of its own. The ball is a decent size and the deodorant runs freely and easily and so is very easy to apply.

      I bet you're beginning to wonder why I don't like this product aren't you?

      Well I used it and was busy sorting stuff out to go into town and, after about five minutes or maybe more, I looked in the mirror at my underarms to see if the deodorant was OK and it was still wet!! I couldn't believe my eyes! There was a thickish creamy layer of deodorant on my underarms and it hadn't dried properly even after all that time.

      I flapped my arms about for a while and it dried and to be fair it did a good job. I was dry and fragrant all day even though the weather here has been very hot. My underarms felt comfortable so that was good too.

      I shall continue to use the deodorant until it is finished but I shall only use it when I am wearing white or light colours as I wouldn't be sure that it wouldn't mark darker clothes. I must stress that I haven't tried this with dark clothes so I don't know for certain how it would behave.

      I have taken a look on the Body Shop web site and found that the Aloe Vera Gel in this product is renowned for its properties of hydrating, soothing and moisturising. It works together with Panthenol and Glycerine which are both important for moisturisation, softening and soothing the skin.

      In conclusion I would say that this deodorant works well but I was so disappointed with the time taken for it to dry I shan't be buying it again I'm afraid.


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        10.06.2008 23:54
        Very helpful



        Worth a try.

        I have always been a little bit of a hippy and that is increasing with age! I will probably end up in a tie dye dress with a long white beard! Oh what a hideous image that really is!

        I have always used roll on deodorants, well since I grew out of the teenage phase I was in, when I used impulse as a deodorant and as a perfume! They have no CFC's (I am obviously on about roll ons again now) to damage the ozone layer, are smaller so less packaging to go into landfills and they also last longer than sprays so are better value for money.

        Up until a few months ago I have used Sanex deodorants for years. I did not turn away from them for any other reason than to find a deodorant which was more natural and not tested on animals.

        I at first turned to Lush, the obvious choice when it comes to natural products. I tried two of their deodorants with disastrous effects! I was, I am guessing allergic to something that they contained and was left in pain, itching, sore and dare I say burned! I decided to stop trying their deodorants for fear of repeated reactions.

        I turned next to The Body Shop which is well known for anti animal testing. They only offer two deodorant for women) this one, Aloe Anti-perspirant deodorant and a white musk one. At just £5 I thought that this would be worth a try.

        It comes in a very pale green plastic container like all roll on deodorants it measures 10cms tall and has a diameter of 3cms. It has a screw top lid this one is almost clear, which comes off to reveal the ball applicator. It has a white label with two small mid green Aloe leaves in soft focus, which goes around most of the front of the packaging on the label is The bodyshop logo in dark green. The name of the deodorant, under this it says in smaller writing "Sensitive skin, a skin kind daily care for all day dryness without irritation" Which is repeated again under that in French. On the bottom of the front of this label it tells you that this is a 50ml container. The back of the label goes on to tell you that it is Preservative-free, fragrance-free and colour free. It says that it is AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING, shows the bar code, the use within six months of opening symbol, that it is recyclable and the full list of ingredients.

        On opening the lid I was all excited, yes I do know just how stupid that sounds, I will explain why. The two attempts with the Lush deodorants both meant that I couldn't use deodorant for several weeks after and I always worry that I smell when I wear deodorant so can you imagine how much I worried when I wasn't! I couldn't wait to feel normal again!

        I took the plastic lid off and sniffed the roller ball, nothing! Maybe it is just where it is dry I think to myself so turn the ball with my finger to get it wet and sniff again. Still not much of a smell to it at all!

        This deodorant contains Aloe vera gel, which is good at moisturising, soothing and hydrating the skin. As well as containing other ingredients which are good at softening, hydrating smoothing and generally taking care of your skin. Just what I need right now after what my skin under my arms has been put through.

        The first time I used it was just after shaving and I felt no stinging sensation at all which is an added bonus. It is dispensed evenly on the skin with the use of the roller ball. Still no smell which some, like myself would consider a good thing as it doesn't interfere with any scent you chose to put on.

        I always put deodorants on after I am dressed to avoid white marks so I am not sure if this one would leave marks on your clothes or not but I have not found any marks at all.

        I do have one little problem which I have found with this deodorant and that is that it is rather thin and gets on the outer packaging quite easily and I have to wipe a tissue around it at times to clean it as it gets onto the screw part. No big deal but just a little point.

        I have now been using this for almost a month and think that it lasts well. I have not felt that I smell very often at all, I would go as far as to say that I think this is just as effective as Sanex deodorants are. Even if I do a workout by the end of it I still don't smell and am reasonably dry. The skin under my arms is now soft and smooth and if anything, better than it was before my problems with Lush deodorants. Aloe vera has obviously worked its magic.

        Washing this deodorant off is no trouble it washes off with normal soap and water or whatever else you may chose to wash with.

        I have found that this deodorant unlike some, doesn't form a dry flaky layer on my skin, its not white, it just sinks in and then I no longer have to worry about it but it does take a while to sink right in and dry.

        I have not had any problems with nasty niffs so it must work!

        I highly recommend this deodorant for so many reasons and the final one I am going to mention is the 'Community Trade' program which The Body Shop is involved in which is the same as Fair trade, the farmers are paid fairly for their produce. With this product it is the Aloe vera which is from this program. The bodyshops site says "Provides vital income for farmers in a country where half the population earns less than $1 a day (the UN's official poverty level), and helps with the provision of teaching materials for schools in the district." This deodorant is not just good for my skin it is helping people thousands of miles away and that is good for my conscience too!

        I will be buying this again and sticking with it as it is as good as any other deodorant with a load of other good reasons thrown in.

        This comes from a range of products The Body Shop also sell Aloe vera bath oil, a range of different creams and lotions, toner exfoliator cleanser and shower cream. The Body Shop have stores all over the place and you can also shop online at www.thebodyshop.co.uk or look up your nearest store.

        ***OVER A YEAR ON***
        I now use this all summer and use a crystal deodorant in the winter when I am less worried about smelling. I still love it and so does my skin!


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        Gentle but effective for sensitive skin /

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