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The Body Shop DeoDry Deodorant Roll On Fresh & Floral

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3 Reviews

Brand: The Body Shop / Deodorant / Type: Roll-on / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Refreshes,

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    3 Reviews
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      25.06.2013 13:14
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      Not effective at stopping perspiration or covering bad odours.

      I am a regular shopper at The Bodyshop but I usually do all my shopping online and stick to certain products that I regularly use. However, I was recently shopping in my local high street store when they were having a sale and a few new items caught my eye. One of these items was this Fresh and Floral DeoDry deodorant. I was completely unfamiliar with the deodorant range at The Bodyshop but this product appealed to me as it looked very feminine and the claims on the packaging were promising.

      The product comes in a 50ml plastic bottle which is quite large compared to other similar sized deodorants I've used. This one is completely cannister or cylinder shaped with no curved shape which might make the product a bit more portable. This is due to the fact that there is an inner compartment at the bottom of the deodorant which can be unscrewed and removed. Refills are sold separately and fit and twist into the bottom. I actually really like this idea although ultimately it has become irrelevant to my needs.

      The deodorant I bought, the Fresh and Floral variety in the DeoDry range, has a pale pink top which makes it look very feminine. There is a label on the bottle which shows a picture of 'hot' mineral stones. Then there is some information printed in English and French alongside this. The brand call this a 'Dry-Effect' deodorant and promise it gives 24 hours of odour protection because of it's special 'volcanic mineral and essential oils' formula.

      Full ingredients are also listed on the label and there is a lot of natural ingredients included. They make a point of stating their ingredients are sourced ethically and from which countries they come from so for instance they include aloe vera from Guatemala. They state that there are no aluminium salts in this formula.

      The deodorant is easy to apply as there is a smooth rotating roller ball. The deodorant is quite thin and watery but dries almost instantly. It doesn't feel like there is any kind of protective barrier on the skin as with some other deodorants I've used. It has never irritated my skin and can be applied immediately after removing underarm hair.

      The deodorant has a very faint, fresh flowery scent which I'd describe as clean and pleasant but barely there. You can smell this fragrance as you apply but once it has dried on the skin you can't smell it. If you start to sweat you can't smell the fragrance either.

      I'd describe myself as someone who is quite active and therefore I do have times where I sweat a bit. I also sometimes sweat a lot because of nervousness. However, I first used this deodorant on a day when I was staying at home most of the day and just walking my dogs. I had the deodorant on for three hours when I went out on a leisurely stroll. On returning I cuddled my dog and she suddenly sniffed my underarm for a long period of time, looked disgusted and then backed away from me! I smelled my underarm and it smelled very sweaty and stale. Clearly the deodorant had stopped working after only a couple of hours. Despite this I then tried using it again in the following few days, applying it a bit more by running over my skin a few more times. However, I had the same results again and again and realised I was smelling sweaty after only a few hours.

      Unfortunately the deodorant is not at all effective for me in either stopping me from sweating or from covering up any odours if I do happen to sweat. I therefore can not recommend it to others nor would I buy it again. I think that even people who sweat very slightly could not get away with using this product as it simply isn't powerful or effective enough. It cost me £1.25 and this was in the sale. Even at it's sale price it's priced about average compared to other deodorants on the market. My advice is to avoid this.


      This review is also on Ciao!


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      14.10.2010 19:08
      Very helpful
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      Won't be repurchasing

      I often like to browse in The Body Shop and a few months ago noticed that they were bringing out a range of new deodorants, known as DeoDry. These were to be priced at £4, but were at the time on offer for £2.50. Therefore, I decided to choose one.

      It is possible to get the deodorant in either a stick or a roll-on. I chose the roll-on, specifically because I noticed that you can get refills for these (priced at £3), and I decided that if I liked the deodorant, this would be a good way to save money and save the environment at the same time. The deodorant is also available in three scents: Fresh & Floral (pink), Chilled & Breezy (blue), and Cool & Zesty (green). I chose the Fresh & Floral deodorant, as I am quite girly!

      The unique selling point of these deodorants is that they contain no aluminium salts or parabens. This fits in with the ethos of the Body Shop as an ethical and natural retailer. I know some people try not to use products with aluminium salts or parabens as they are supposedly bad for you and have been linked to cancer. I can't say that I have ever been too concerned myself, but I was curious to see how well this deodorant would work without these ingredients.

      According to the Body Shop website, where there is a more detailed product description, it is explained that the deodorant works effectively as it contains a volcanic mineral that absorbs wetness, and essential oils to mask any odours. The deodorant promises 24 hour protection.

      The deodorant is attractively packaged in a simple white tube with a pink lid. There is a picture of volcanic rocks, in keeping with the ingredients! The tub is slightly larger than most roll-ons I've seen in the shops, and contains 50ml of product. The label contains an ingredients list, and states that the product minimises white marks, is kind to skin, and is paraben-free. As with most deodorants you are instructed not to apply the product on broken skin.

      As with other roll-ons, you shake the container then roll the product onto dry underarms. I find that this roll-on seems to take a while to dry, definitely longer than a spray, but I haven't used a roll-on in so long that I'm not sure if this is normal for roll-ons (I do remember that they always took a bit longer) or if this one takes a particularly long time to dry.

      ***White Marks***
      In common with other roll-on deodorants I've used, this deodorant leaves no white marks, a definite plus point especially considering the darker clothes I like to wear in the autumn!

      ***Does it work?***
      The million-dollar question! Well, the first day I used this deodorant I was impressed: it kept me dry all day, right through my morning commute on a crowded Metro train, my work in a warm office which involves moving about quite a lot to file things etc., my journey home on an even more crowded train, and my evening trip to the gym. If the smell was a little stronger than I would like (I would rather people smell my perfume than my deodorant!), I didn't mind too much as I would much rather people smell my deodorant than me!

      Unfortunately, things went rapidly downhill from there. I'm at a loss to understand why the deodorant should stop working well after one day, but that's how it was. It kept me dry for a few hours but from lunchtime onwards I could definitely tell that it had stopped working. It was quite an uncomfortable feeling and I was glad to get home and apply some more! The scent remained strong at first application but it soon faded.

      I've been using this deodorant for a while - I hate waste and wouldn't want to throw it out - but I take it out with me so that I can reapply it throughout the day. This isn't ideal and I won't be repurchasing. Apart from anything else, applying it several times a day means it will run out much faster, making the standard £4 price tag seem even higher. I'm glad I bought the deodorant when it was on offer. I expect my deodorant to last at least until I get in from work, and ideally longer, and this just doesn't cut it.

      I'm thankful that I'm not bothered about supposed 'side effects' from using deodorants containing parabens and aluminium - I'd hate to feel I had to choose between my health and underarm freshness! For me, this deodorant just isn't good enough.


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        20.07.2010 21:12
        Very helpful



        I would recommend this one

        When I was in town the other day I popped into one of my favourite shops - The Body Shop. I have a Love Your Body discount card which not only gives me 10% off everything in store I also get a stamp on my card each time I spend £10 and I get free gifts when I have the right number of stamps. I was one stamp away from getting my £10 free gift so I was up for treating myself to something nice.

        As I entered the store I saw a display of a new range of deodorants called DeoDry so I went over to take a look.

        The deodorants were available in three different fragrances - Chilled and Breezy, Fresh and Floral and Cool and Zesty. There were roll ons, sticks and roll on refills and they were all on offer at £1 less than the price that they would ultimately be sold for.

        I started off by taking a sniff at each of them and I have to admit I wasn't at all keen on either Chilled and Breezy or Cool and Zesty but I did really like the Fresh and Floral so I chose a roll on and a stick in that fragrance. They now all cost £4 each but I got mine for £3 each.

        The deodorant comes in a stubby, plastic tubular container and it is the one with the pink screw on lid - the others are the same except that they have either blue or green lids. The whole container is the same for each of the fragrances except for the colour and the name.

        Anyway back to mine ......

        The label on the front of the deodorant has the Body Shop logo and the words DeoDry - Dry Effect Deodorant - No Aluminium Salts - 24hr Protection - with volcanic mineral and essential oils - fresh and Floral Roll On - 50ml (1.69 US FL OZ)

        The whole selling point of this new range is that they contain no aluminium salts, which apparently means that it works in a more natural way. The volcanic mineral absorbs wetness to keep you dry and the essential oils mask any odours.

        When I unscrewed the lid the ball of the deodorant is a good size so that it will cover my underarms in a couple of strokes. The fragrance is exactly what it says - fresh and floral - it is a light flowery smell and it is very fresh and summery.

        The first time I used this deodorant I noticed that it felt very wet as I applied it. I thought that i had made a big mistake in buying it but I was amazed to find that it dried really quickly. I put it on and by the time I had put my things back into the bathroom cabinet I was dry enough to put my clothes on and there were no white marks at all.

        The main thing is that the deodorant kept me dry and smelling fresh all day which, after all, is what I wanted a deodorant for in the first place!

        By the way I was relieved to find that this is a '24hr deodorant' - has anyone else noticed that there have been a few new deodorants on the market that are being advertised as giving 48hr protection. Why would anyone want 48hr protection from a deodorant? Wouldn't you want to at least have a wash once a day? Oh well each to his own I suppose!

        In conclusion I would have to say that I recommend this deodorant. It looks smart, it works well and it smells lovely. In short it is fresh and floral just like it says on the packaging!


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