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The Body Shop Men Maca Root Deodorant Stick

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2 Reviews
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  • has no deodoraising properties
  • Doesn't smell great
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    2 Reviews
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      04.12.2014 19:05
      Very helpful


      • "None "


      • "has no deodoraising properties "
      • "Doesn't smell great "

      Absolutely rubbish deodorant

      Maca Root is a male skin care range from The Body Shop and I received a gift set from my Aunt last Christmas and I really liked the products. They were all skin care but they smelled so nice that I decided to buy myself the deodorant too.

      You can get the Maca Root deodorant in either a spray or a roll on. I actually wanted the roll on but it was out of stock when I bought it so I ended up getting the roll on because I needed a new deodorant and didn’t want to leave without one.

      First of all this is nowhere near as nice smelling as the facial products which smell amazing. I am not even sure how to describe the smell of this, it is sort of herbal with a hint of chlorine. It’s quite a strange smell actually and although I didn’t find it offensive I wasn’t blown away by it either.

      The deodorant is designed to be really kind to skin and it doesn’t contain any aluminium. It also claims to dry quickly and it really does. You can put this on and get dressed almost straight away. It felt nice on my skin but that’s where the good things that I have to say about this ends.

      This has to be one of the most ineffective deodorants that I have ever used. I know it doesn’t claim to be an antiperspirant which is just as well as it does absolutely nothing to stop you from sweating. The slightest bit of humidity and sweat will soak through it but the worst thing about it is that is also does nothing to mask any bad smells. Now I like to think that I am clean but we all sweat and sometimes you can smell a little and just hope that whatever deodorant you are wearing will mask the smell until you can get home and wash but this did nothing to mask it and in fact I am sure it actually enhanced the smell as usually when I sweat I don’t smell but wearing this I could actually smell myself.

      I wouldn’t recommend this deodorant to anyone as I just don’t think it is effective enough to warrant buying it. It costs £5 which wouldn’t be bad if it worked but it is too much for this and you can get much cheaper natural deodorants which are much more effective.


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      11.02.2010 14:54
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Certainly recommended

      For years I've been using Nivea deodorants, mainly because they don't irritate my skin as much as most other brands, they tend not to have an overpowering smell and they do pretty much what they advertise.

      A recent special offer caused me to try the mens deodorant offering from The Body Shop.

      What's in it?
      There's a nice long list of ingredients, but noticeably absent are any aluminium compounds, not that I worry about having them in a deodorant but many people are offended by it's presence.

      Maca root is in the name of the product, so I figure that should have a mention here too. Maca is apparently from South America (sourced from Peru for The Body Shop) and is actually a vegetable that is consumed in a variety of ways, it can even be fermented to produce beer. I've yet to find why The Body Shop introduced this ingredient into their men's product range other than it may possibly be good for your skin, a quick search online gives indications that it increases mating behaviour in male mice, but I doubt they'd be using it as a deodorant.

      Other ingredients include aloe vera, which we all know is good for moisturising the skin and is especially good for sensitive skin.

      The product also contains brazil nut oil, which apparently helps to moisturise the skin also.

      These three ingredients are referred to as 'Community trade' and further information is on the website regarding their exact origins.

      I'm sure I don't need to describe how to use the product! It is quick drying, so your clothes aren't going to get covered in it. It comes in a 75g stick and I found that one 75g stick lasts for quite some time, over a month at least.

      The aroma reminds me a little bit of swimming pools, but don't let that put you off! I think it's the aloe smell that maybe reminds me of a pool on holiday with aloe plants around it, it doesn't smell of chlorine or anything! The smell is fresh and clean but very subtle, so you won't be offending anybody with it.

      You also won't be offending people with any other smells, it is an effective deodorant and whilst I would say it is slightly less effective than the Nivea product that I am used to I am still confident to use it.

      Of all the deodorants I have used I find this has irritated my skin the least, it actually leaves it feeling very soft, so I definitely recommend it for any sensitive skin sufferers out there.

      Price and availability
      Retail cost is £5.00. I picked this up myself in a 3 for 2 offer but at the time of writing this review it is 50% off on The Body Shop website, it is also of course available in their stores.

      I didn't expect to like this product as much as I do, I've stocked up in the current 50% off offer and would definitely recommend trying it if you don't like strong smells and maybe have sensitive skin.


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