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Thierry Mugler A*Men Spray Deodorant

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Brand: Thierry Mugler / Fragrance: AMen / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body / Contents: 125ml / What it does: protects, refreshens

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2011 11:45
      Very helpful



      Thierry Mugler A*Men deodorant - Pricey but worth it...


      I'm not the type of person to spend outrageous amounts of money on luxury items; I like to get good value for money and would consider myself to be consumer-savvy when it comes to picking out what I buy for myself. I'm not tight-fisted by any means when it comes to buying for other people but when it comes to buying everyday items for myself I like to shop around and tend to buy whatever is on offer at the time. I do have a couple of weaknesses though, aftershaves and Men's fragrances are one of them and I have over the years spent more than I ought to have really on various designer name bottles of colognes and aftershaves whilst retaining my own personal favourites in my collection.

      When it comes to Shampoo's and Deodorants I usually use whatever my wife buys in at the time and tend to stick to "Lynx" for keeping body odour at bay spending a couple of pounds every so often to replenish a can. Occasionally though I will treat myself and spend much more than I would normally do and purchase my favourite aftershave but in Deodorant format and that's what I'm going to cover in this review; Thierry Mugler's A*Men 125ml deodorant spray.


      At £17.00 for a 125ml can this is what I consider to be a luxury purchase. Everything about the packaging and can design is quality in look and feel and given its price tag so it should be. Packaged in its own box the deodorant can is as pictured above and has a weighty, metallic feel to it, depending on where you buy this from you can expect either the trunk of the can to be either black or silver (I've had both over the years) and the A*Men name is detailed in contrasting colour. The transparent, lift-off cap sits firmly on the top of the canister which flips off easily enough, the spray nozzle is in keeping with the rest of the canister and is of excellent quality and to all intents and purposes this is an extremely well made and constructed can of deodorant which puts the likes of Lynx and Dove to shame. The spray action is smooth as you would expect and you can control the amount of deodorant you dispense pretty much the same as any other body spray available. As far as the packaging is concerned this looks a quality item and most definitely feels it.

      **A*Men in Action**

      A*Men as a fragrance is my own personal favourite and has been for a number of years. I've mentioned in other reviews that I consider this to be my 'signature scent' and even though I do buy and try other fragrances I always end up going back to this by Thierry Mugler. A*Men has a deep, woody aroma to it which blends musk, vanilla and patchouli into its concoction. It has a great deal of staying power with an application on a morning seeing me through the day and whilst I have been known to layer the fragrance by using the deodorant and aftershave at the same time I tend to either use one or the other unless I am going on an evening out and want the reassurance of having both a deodorant and aftershave on. I am lucky in that I'm not a particularly sweaty person so never have to use anti-perspirants but I do like to smell fresh and clean at all times so will wear deodorant just to combat any minor body smells which could occur over the course of a day.

      In deodorant form A*Men smells exactly the same as its aftershave counterpart and a liberal spray on a morning after a bath or shower gives me plenty of protection for the coming day. Because I like the smell of A*Men anyway I always feel confident when I wear this and because A*Men is, by its design a strong fragrance the deodorant like the aftershave lasts for hours at a time. The only word of caution I would make with this is that it could be over-powering to other people around you which is why I tend not to use both the deodorant and aftershave at the same time, given its expensive price tag I wouldn't recommend overusing it anyway and I also wouldn't recommend this if you suffered from excess sweating as it isn't an anti-perspirant and the combination of sweat and A*Men together would make for a very heady, pungent mix of aromas.

      For a deodorant/body spray A*Men ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned and even though the price is expensive for what it actually is on the days that I don't wear aftershave I know I can reach for my can of deodorant and still have the familiar smell of A*Men lingering around me. It has the same smell as the aftershave, is long lasting and a single can lasts me a good while before a replacement is needed obviously how long a can will last someone else is down to how often they use it and how much they apply.

      On the underarm area I have never had an allergic reaction to the deodorant and consider my skin type to be 'normal', the formulation isn't greasy and absorbs quickly into my skin so there is no transfer of wetness to shirts or t-shirts that I wear, I simply spray and then forget about it.


      The only downside as far as I can see with this is its price when you compare to other deodorants that are available. You are, of course, paying for the designer name with this but for a once-in-a-while treat I don't mind paying more than I would normally do. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise to read that on balance I would recommend this to anyone who is familiar to the same-name aftershave and from me I would award a perfect, 5 star rating.

      Thierry Mugler's A*Men 125ml deodorant is available to buy in high street stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser, I have never seen it on offer in a sale and always seems to retail for its £17.00 price tag, online it can be found at John Lewis and other places at the same price too.

      Overall this is a deodorant I would recommend for all the reasons mentioned in this review, thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Thierry Mugler A*Men spray deodorant 125ml / A fresh lightly fragranced anti-perspirant deodorant spray / it provides effective all day protection / Spray applicator.