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Triple Dry Anti Perspirant Quick Dry Stick

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Brand: Triple Dry / Perspirant / Type: Deodorant Stick / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2013 15:43
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      Triple Dry Deodorant.

      About Triple Dry
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      Triple Dry have a large range of deodorant products that are designed for people who experience heavy perspiration or just needed added reassurance form their deodorant. This range of deodorants helps to control excess perspiration and protects you against wetness for up to 72 hours after each application. Some deodorants have strong smells which can cover the smell of body odour rather than eliminating it. Triple dry helps to eliminate the odour by tackling the causes of the odour. As this deodorant is proven to reduce wetness this also means less bacteria which can cause body odour. Body temperatures vary each day and your skin is more receptive to an anti-perspirant while sleeping. This means that by applying the deodorant in the evenings give the formula time to build a strong level of protection for the day ahead that will last for up to 72 hours. Triple Dry currently have over 8 different products suitable for men and woman and the deodorants are available in unfragranced as well as light, fresh scents as well. Their product comes in sticks, aerosols and roll-ons and when tested on men and woman who heavily perspire, over 50% of people agree that this deodorant is better than any other brand they have tried.

      Why did I choose this Product?
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      Although I'm not a sweaty person and luckily don't perspire a lot I sometimes feel slightly wet under the arms during the summer and although my current deodorant gives me good protection I don't think it works as well as it could. Although I have never suffered from wet patches under the arms in my top this is something I sometimes get paranoid about so I wanted to try this deodorant as some reassurance really. Although there are some really good deodorants out there I find that a lot of the better deodorants tend to leave very bad white marks on darker clothing and these can be really hard to get out. I especially find this the case with Sure Maximum Protection deodorant stick.

      The Product
      = = = = = =
      I am reviewing the Triple Dry Quick Dry Stick which has a wide stick for easy product coverage and application. As this is a dry application it's perfect to apply and then just go rather than having to wait for the deodorant to dry. This particular deodorant is unfragranced which means it won't clash with other scents such as perfumes, aftershaves or body sprays. It has an antibacterial formula to prevent odour-causing bacteria and you can use it in the morning or overnight for extra efficiency. This deodorant also claims to leave no white marks which is a problem I am having with my current deodorant and sometimes these white marks are very hard to get off of darker clothing. The stick comes in a 50g size which isn't very big, how-ever as you don't need to apply it as much as a regular deodorant then it should last the same amount of time or even longer. The deodorant comes in rather flat plastic packaging with a blue lid. I was surprised at how thin the packaging was. On the front of the product is a label which tells you a little about the product and on the back of the packaging it tells you how to apply the product and how it works. Although the deodorant also comes in a box, the box contains the same information as it does on the packaging that holds the deodorant stick. On the bottom is a round dial which you turn to push the stick up so you can apply the deodorant easily.

      = = = = = = = =
      This product is rather pricey at £7.65 for a 50g stick of the deodorant, how-ever Boots currently have this on offer just £3.82 which is the price I paid for the deodorant. The deodorants in the Triple Dry range very in price, how-ever they are all currently on offer in Boots so I would advise purchasing the deodorant from here. Some other products in the range includes:

      * Sport Anti-Perspirant Spray (Invigorating fragrance)
      * Men's Anti-Perspirant Spray or Roll On
      * Anti-Perspirant Spray, Roll On or Quick Dry Stick (Unscented)
      * Fresh Anti-Perspirant Spray, or Roll On (This has a fresh, feminine scent)

      Using the Product
      = = = = = = = = =
      It advises you to apply Triple Dry before you go to bed, every night for four consecutive nights. You can wash or shower as usual in the morning but you do not need to re-apply the deodorant, how-ever there is no harm is reapplying should you wish to. After the first four applications, you can use Triple Dry as often as you need, which will normally only be two or three times each week, ideally before going to bed. A top-up application can be made in the morning if desired. Although with my previous deodorant it also suggested applying the product in the evening before going to bed it was still going to feel a little strange knowing in the morning that I didn't have to apply any deodorant. I decided I would follow the advice on the back of the product as I'm guessing by using the deodorant this way it would product better results.

      I had a shower as normal in the evening and applied the product after showering. It would be a an hour or so before I actually went to sleep but if I applied the deodorant now then I wouldn't have to worry about doing it just before getting into bed. I took the blue plastic cap off the deodorant and turned the dial at the bottom in order to push the stick up a little so I could apply it. The stick was white in colour and didn't have any kind of scent to it which I thought was a little strange at first, but this didn't bother me as some deodorants can smell a little overpowering. I applied the deodorant under the first arm and thought it felt a little strange as I was used to a deodorant that is slightly wet on application. This stick was dry but I could see where I had applied it. After moving the stick up and down my underarm twice I applied it to the other underarm. I then watched television for a few hours before going to bed.

      It did feel a little strange not applying the product when waking up in the morning but I got dressed and went to work as normal. It was a warm day so it meant I could put the deodorant to the test against my normal deodorant. I applied the deodorant before going out for a night out. Although you don't need to do this after applying the deodorant previous night I felt like I should and it made me feel a little fresher. After applying the deodorant I waited for a good 5 minutes whilst I prepared my face for make up. I then got dressed and slipped on a black top that I wanted to wear. To my horror when I looked in the mirror there were white marks on my top. I thought this didn't leave any white marks??? I rushed to the bathroom where I used a clean, damp cloth to wipe the white marks off and hoped that they hadn't ruined the top as I specifically wanted to wear this one. Luckily the white marks came off and the top looked as good as new, which meant I could still wear it out.

      = = = =
      I have now worn the deodorant in a number of different situations including going to work, having a night out on the town and even going to the gym. I have found that the deodorant helps to keep my underarms dry in all of these situations and I have been impressed at how good the deodorant works even when going down the gym for a good hour. The deodorant can be seen very slightly once it has been applied. I feel confident when wearing the deodorant as my underarms feel dry which makes me a lot less paranoid that there are wet patches under my arms on my clothing. I find that when I wear this deodorant I don't even need to check if I have wet patches under my arms or not. Although the product does have a lack of scent this isn't something that bothered me as I use body spray on a daily basis anyway. I followed all the instructions on the deodorant to give the best results and I have to admit that I have been really impressed at the results and the product does live up to its claims of keeping your underarms dry.

      In comparison with others Products
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      I have compared this product to the Dove and Sure Maximum Protection deodorants as I have used both of these products in the past. I like the fresh scent that the Dove and Sure deodorants have but it's quite hard getting the white deodorant marks off of clothing. Even after washing a black top I own there were still slight deodorant marks on it. Although these deodorants do keep me dry I don't feel as though they give as much wetness protection as Triple Dry does. Triple Dry is slightly pricier then these other deodorants but it goes work a lot better.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      Although this deodorant is good and definitely lives up to it's claims of keeping your underarms dry I did find that the deodorant sometimes made my underarms slightly itchy and scratching your underarms as if you were a monkey isn't a good look! I presume this must be something to do with the ingredients which are in the deodorant itself. Although at first I wasn't used to the lack of scent from the product this is something that I got used to in the end and didn't bother me. I found the deodorant a little strange when applying due to the actual stick feeling quite dry when applying it to my underarms.

      I was disappointed in the fact that although the deodorant claims to not leave white marks, white marks did appear on my black top after getting dressed; how-ever they were easy to remove with a damp cloth . . . Luckily! In terms of value the deodorant is rather pricey at full price and this would probably put some people off purchasing the deodorant. I don't feel as though the deodorant is as kind to my underarms as the Dove deodorant as I sometime find my underarms appear a little itchy which is something I also experience with Mitchum deodorant as well. Although this is a good deodorant it is rather pricey and I think because of the price I would only ever purchase it when it's on offer or reduced in price. If you perspire a lot then this would be a good deodorant for you.

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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