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Yves Rocher Provence Lavandin

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Roll On / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      01.03.2013 21:13
      Very helpful



      A quite impressive deodorant but needs a few tweaks to make it perfect

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**

      I'm a big fan of beauty items and can't resist buying and trying new toiletries, even if I already have several similar items on the go already. I've been a customer of the french beauty company Yves Rocher all of my adult life and buy from them when funds allow which is every few months. The products for me cater for my needs as they suit my skin being made from plant based products and Yves Rocher pride themselves on their green ethos. I took advantage of lots of offers following the Christmas period and used some Birthday and Christmas money I'd received to stock up on some of my favourite brands as well as trying some new items with one of them I will be discussing today.

      My review will now focus on 'Provence Lavandin' roll on deodorant.

      **Price, packaging & availability**

      At the risk of repeating myself in similar reviews, Yves Rocher items can be purchased online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk. Alternatively they have an order line where you can place your orders on 0870 049 22 22 and have shops sporadically dotted about throughout Britain and Europe. If trying to find something in particular and having not much success I always find eBay offer a large range of YR products so it's always worth a quick look.

      The roll on is presented in a typical roll on deodorant looking bottle being quite generic in appearance, though with the added addition of the tranquil and calming colours on the packaging which does make it far more aesthetically pleasing than some other brands..though it's if it works at the end of the day and not how pretty it looks that counts. On this occasion though it looks attractive enough for me to keep this sitting on my dressing table as it really is very charming in appearance with it's soft lilac colouring and images of wild lavender on the front. There is a screw top cap which covers the cylindrical shaped packaging and it takes over at least half of the initial length of the bottle which I feel is unnecessary really but that's just my opinion.

      The (overly large) lid of the roll on is easy to twist both on and off and once removed there is a an average looking white/ slightly transparent plastic ball which is smooth and easy to move when touched.

      The deodorant is available in one size only which is 50ml and the current RRP is £5. I would never pay this amount for any deodorant no matter what the brand and picked this up when on offer at £3.95 when it was on a 'Buy one get one free' where I also purchased the 'Mexican Lime' version as well. There are always plenty of offers on though so I'd never pay this amount but I very rarely pay the full amount for any YR product as I love the brand but don't think the products are worth the high prices.

      **What Yves Rocher have to say**

      "..Discover daily anti-perspirant protection with the aromatic freshness of Provençal Lavandin. This alcohol-free deodorant guarantees active anti-perspirant effectiveness for a full 24 hours. It's green: its flat cap allows you to turn the bottle upside down to use the very last bit of product. - Botanical-based ingredients: Lavandin essential oil, organic Aloe Vera gel - Formula tested under dermatological supervision - Alcohol-free.."

      **My thoughts on the product**

      I've been a fan of YR's Provincal Lavandin products for a while now, with their shower gel being one of my all time favourite bath/ shower products that I've ever used. When I saw that there were matching products in the lavender range I felt compelled to try them as I've never been let down with the shower gel so hoped that this deodorant would be on a par at least with the quality. The roll on is easy to apply to my underarms as the plastic ball is averagely sized but the liquid deodorant coats it evenly and when rolled on to my skin it covers the area evenly.

      The liquid is quite thin in consistency and has a clear appearance with the unmistakable essence of lavender which infuses into my skin once applied. It has a fresh and clean scent that really makes a change from the usual 'shower fresh' fragrances that accompany such products.

      The only negative I have to say is that it takes about twice as long as my usual Sure deodorant to actually dry and when it does it feels quite taut under my arms - though this is only for a limited amount of time as it quickly 'relaxes' and feels smooth against my skin like a lotion rather than a deodorant (if that makes sense) and then I can't tell it's even been applied, except of course for the beautiful aroma it leaves behind.

      The deodorant is transparent when applied, though dries white. I have never had a problem with it causing white marks on clothing though and as I favour black tops a lot I would obviously avoid using it if that were the case, though luckily it has never left any marks at all so I can vouch for it there.


      I love the fragrance of this deodorant and it smells just as delicious as the shower gel so when used in conjunction with it it makes the fragrance last for much longer. The deodorant itself has yet to let me down as I regularly walk several miles a day on the school run and need a product that will keep me fresh and dry and so far this product has done both. I've yet to use this in hot sunny weather though but so far it's worked perfectly and kept my skin feeling dry, which is top of the list for me as I hate deodorants that leave my skin 'tacky'. Yes it feels slightly tight at first but not to the point that it's sore or too uncomfortable as once it's fully dried the feeling goes completely leaving nothing but soft velvety skin in it's wake.

      I've been using this most mornings now (though not every day) in preparation for the busy day ahead and it's left me feeling fresh, dry and confident to rush about without the threat of smelling sweaty heaven forbid! The fact the usual RRP is £5 and it takes longer than my usual deodorant to dry means I'm knocking a star off but it still scores a very respectable 4 out of 5 with me for everything else as it smells wonderful and does the job it's designed for.



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