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Greenwoods Menswear

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Uk's mens casual and business wear.

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2008 22:26
      Very helpful



      Greenwoods is a great shop...while it lasts.

      Greenwoods sells exclusively male clothing. Although they are typically intended for the older gentlemen, I have found a few items of business attire here that have suited me well.

      Recently, however, the shop has come up against some financial strain and certain local branches have even wavered near closure.


      Greenwoods shops, both inside and out, look quite classy. There is a theme towards the darker wood and classic green that also features largely in their logo.

      Greenwoods do sell some casual clothing but their main focus is business and formal attire. As well as selling formal outfits, they also run a suit hire system if you only needed to hire an outfit for a short time, say, for a wedding.

      Items are laid out very neatly and everything is quite easy to find. My only gripe is that things are a little 'too' neat and it can make you feel a little guilty for picking things up from the shelf and not putting them back exactly as they were.

      The sale banners and stickers do take away from the aesthetics of the store, but I can hardly complain about a sale; to save a few coins they can put stickers on my head if they want.


      As I have explained repeatedly in the past, I believe that the price you pay should be reflected in the service. Greenwoods is not generally what I would describe as inexpensive therefore I expect a certain standard of customer service.

      Fortunately, the customer service offered at Greenwoods is quite exceptional. During my most recent visit, I was wanting to buy a waistcoat but they didn't have the size I required (38" which is quite rare anyway) so the staff offered to have one transported from another branch for me to pick up in a few days. I accepted their offer and the transaction went just as smoothly as I could have wished.

      The staff, though most significantly the older staff members, appear to have a wealth of knowledge about the products, right down to the specific types of stitching used to make each garment. I was quite impressed.

      The staff here seem to want to make you feel special (increasingly so now that they have financial concerns) and the shop is never particularly 'busy' so you can always find assistance when you need it.


      This is an interesting one. Generally the prices are quite average; that is to say, you get what you pay for where value and quality is concerned.

      However, with the aforementioned financial strain that the shop is currently facing, it can only mean one thing; sale after sale after sale. I have found that huge savings can be made (up to 75%) if you happen by them at the right time, and they frequently send money-off vouchers to card members (which is free to join); some of these vouchers even have no minimum spend attached.


      Greenwoods may appeal to quite a limited target buyer, but the items are of good quality and are reasonably priced. Help is always at hand, and their financial crisis have meant massive price-cuts in order to draw more customers in.

      However, the financial crisis they face could have a serious impact on the longevity of this business so...get your shopping done quickly.


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