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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2015 13:01
      Very helpful


      • "My Premier League tips!"


      • "Not on TV"

      Arsenal shock winners of the Premier League!

      So here we go again and the Premier League is as rich as ever! This year’s bottom placed Premier League team will win more prize money than Manchester City did for being champions in 2012-13. Chelsea earned £100 million in 2015 for winning. New boys Watford and Bournemouth will earn more this season than they have in their entire history. QPR got £60 million for being rubbish and going down and then a further £60 million spread over the next three seasons. If you go down this season the parachute payment will be a quarter of a billion pounds over three years meaning a rapid return. Those yoyo clubs will stay yoyo clubs more than ever now. The financial contrast with the football league is huge. They can only give clubs £1.8 million each form their TV deal, £300,000 less than the annual Premier League sympathy payments to all 24 Championship teams. Did you know the League Cup winners will earn less than the cricket county who wins the London Cup 50 over competition, £100,000?You do now. This season will also see just 8 northern teams in the Prem, the lowest since its conception.

      ===What your club earned in the Prem===


      It will be a straight scrap between Chelsea and Manchester City for the title. Man United have again not bought well and another crook Sebastian Schweinstiegger now on the books. Why else would the German leave Bayern Munich? Di Maria stood out like his ears at Old Trafford as a waste of money and United took a £15 million pound hit to get rid. Chelsea have yet to buy but when they do they tend to get it right. Manchester City have been tied down by the fair play financial transactions of late but unleashed this summer and Sterling in for silly money. Toure looks burnt out and Dzeko going weakens them. Aguero always has injury woes so down to who has the most matches off between him and Costa to see who wins the title.

      Memphis Depay is the token Dutch striker that replaces the lazy Dutch striker and United now short of strikers. Falcoa’s departure didn’t change that. Rooney will certainly enjoy being out-and-out striker though so a good bet for top scorer. Their defense remains lightweight. What disappoints me most, is United wont be able to challenge on multiple fronts, likely to dump out of the domestic cups pretty quickly to challenge in the Prem and Champions League. The Americans appear to be preparing for a sale.

      ====Premier League odds===

      Chelsea 13/8
      Man City 11/4
      Arsenal 7/2
      Man united 5/1
      Liverpool 28/1
      Tottenham 100/1

      Arsenal can not be discounted and my tip for top two this year. They have the best squad, an outrageously good midfield and Girould and Sanchez up front. Chezch in goal is a big improvement at the back but still, like United, light at the back. Chelsea won the league because they don’t conceded goals. I want them to win it as they deserve it.

      ===Top goal scorer===

      Aguero 3/1
      Costa 11/2
      Rooney 10/1
      Kane 14/1
      Benteke 16/1
      Sanchez 20/1
      Girould 20/1
      Hazzard 20/1

      The outsiders of Liverpool and Spurs will remain that. Kane is a big weapon at a big team but second season syndrome will strike him. I can’t see him repeating last season. Erickson is a lovely player though so Spurs wont struggle. Chadli set for a big year to. Rogers has again risked it all on the striker with Benteke coming in, not exactly a Liverpool style striker. He is good though and will knock in the scruffy goals, minus the wing play of Sterling, of course. Liverpool tend to play from the wing. I don’t want young managers like Rogers to be fired but he makes some odd signings.

      ===Sacking odds===

      Rogers 7/2
      Quique Flores (Watfrod) 6/1
      Slaven Bilic 6/1 (West ham)
      Tim Sherwood 7/1
      Dick Advocaat 8/1
      Manuel Pellegrini 10/1

      Everton’s bold attempt to win the Europa League to qualify for the Champions League killed their league chances of a top 6 finish last season but sure to aim to repeat it to keep being able to try that by qualifying for the Europa League in 6th or 7th. What else is there for Everton? Southampton are in Europe and may also try it and so expect their league position to sag. Soates in for Clyne at wingback was good business though. Expect Piele to again start well in the sunshine, very much a glove wearing striker who hates the winter. Stoke City could also bridge the gap to Europe with Bojan fit and another ex Barcelona player coming in. They look strong. I also expect Crystal Palace to have a fabulous season and my pick for the top 8. Thye have some cracking young players.

      ===Relegation Odds===

      Watford 8/11
      Norwich City 11/10
      Sunderland 15/8
      Leicester City 11/4
      West Brom 3/1
      Newcastle 5/1

      Watford and Bournemouth have bought in a lot of players to try and stay up and not hampered by big salaries. Burnley not signing anyone was pretty bonkers and why they went down. I hope Bournemouth don’t do a Blackpool but Eddie Howe a far more impressive thoughtful character than Ian Holloway. I fear for Leicester City without their insane manager, Pearson sacked after one ‘erratic’ event too often, his son insulting Thai stereotypes just to much for the clubs Thai owners. Asian billionaires buy English clubs to impress their country of origin. Bad idea.

      Norwich must have learnt lessons and stronger this time coming back up. Sunderland are always down there and ready to go this time. West Brom look ready to be a mid table side but still in the mix. I think Newcastle will be fine under McLaren. Aston Villa have found the perfect young manager in Sherwood although he needs to buy well n the window with the Benteke money.

      The FA Cup prize money tops 2 million this year, with or without a sponsor, and I think Man united will target it this year if they tank in the Champions League. Arsenal treble would be nice. League Cup is anyone’s. Champions League is there for Chelsea’s taking. If City don’t make the February rounds then Pelegrini is no more.


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      17.01.2003 01:35
      Very helpful



      Football is a wonderful game. But there are some rules that need changing (or enforcing better) to improve it! Here are my suggestions: The red card offence of deliberately fouling a player who is likely to score should be changed to a yellow card unless the nature of the foul is particularly serious. There should be no free kick or penalty awarded to the attacking team. Simply award the goal that has been denied. This would soon remove this form of cheating from the game! Learn from rugby union where the penalty try rule is king! Golden Goal is pants. If a game needs extra time let us have a full 30 minutes! This allows TV companies to schedule easily and means I can make a cup of tea at half time! The penalty shootout should be abolished. Instead, the ball should be placed on the centre spot and the attacking player be given 10 seconds to get the ball past the goalkeeper. This requires greater skill than simply blasting the ball in from 12 yards and is far more entertaining. Offisde should result in a direct free kick. Why do we insist on making the referee stand with his arm in the air like a Tibetan priest for a few seconds simply to avoid the possibility of a fluke goal. Let the fluke stand and let the poor old referee keep his arm down by making all free kicks direct. Arguing with the referee by any player should result in an automatic yellow card and the moving of a freekick 10 yards in any direction the attacking team requests (eg towards the centre of the pitch for a freekick just outside the box). A team captain should, however, be allowed to politely question any decision the referee makes. Any referee who fails to send a player off for abusive language should be banned from refereeing again. If they simply enforced the rules, referees would get an easier life! Games involving Manchester United should end when Manchester United fall behind. The concept of ?injury time un
      til they score? should no longer apply for Manchester United. David Elleray should be shot, as should Uriah Rennie. As should Carlton Palmer! These are small changes that would improve the game no end. What do you think?


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