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    3 Reviews
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      10.02.2010 13:11
      Very helpful



      great martial art great sport

      I have done several martial arts before and hands down Tae Kwan Do is the best of all of them.

      I started mainly because of my obsession with the martial arts films such as crouching tiger. Other reasons were because I really needed to get fit and that a couple of my friends were doing it also. But mainly, I wanted to move like a ninja.

      I started when I was 15 and as far as things go it was a good age to start. Although I always thought Kung Fu was far more interesting with the emphasis on Chi and inner strength being a very intriguing aspect for someone involved with such Western Values.

      Tae Kwan Do is a very quick and there is a lot of muscle building as well as a huge emphasis on being flexible. It reminded me a lot of Karate with the shouting and the hard fast kicks. As a whole it is around 70% kicking and 30% punches. There are next to no elbows and knees involved with the fighting.

      The kicks were so much fun. There are several you learn and from them on it is all about improving your technique and as a result of this building power speed and endurance. You begin to really bulk and tone up with the intense exercising. It was here that water first tasted sweet to me as you sweat so much.

      The things I didn't like was having to fight women. And it is nothing to do with me thinking I was better or stronger but there really is something not right about it as men do not know how a women's body works in terms of were is best to aim you kicks ect. The other thing I found strange was the forms you had to learn they were really boring and not exciting at all.

      The punching as fun too but nothing like the kicks where you could really feel your body balancing out and you muscles build in places you never had before.

      I started Kung Fu and although the inner strength and chi gong was very interesting, on the whole I found it very boring and not enough kicks or excitement involved.


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      20.12.2007 15:59
      Very helpful
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      my daughter has become more confident since she started Tae Kwon Do

      Taekwon do is a Korean maritial art, Taekwon do means the art of hand and foot. I had never heard of Taekwon do until a year ago when I got a leaflet home from the school, so myself and my husband decided to let our kids join.

      The costs

      The first night they went it was free, then after that it cost £4 each per class, you can get a family price, my husband and two kids pay £8.00. You dont need to buy a uniform for about 6 weeks, this is to make sure you like it. The uniform costs £30, the gradings also cost £30 and the licence costs £35 which lasts for 1 year, although this sounds pretty expensive it is well worth it.
      Reasons for joining

      I decided to let my kids join partly for the exercise but mainly for a confidence boost as my daughter was really shy, She has been at it for just over a year now and loves it and she has grown in confidence.


      For the first few weeks you need to wear comfortable loose clothing I.E
      track bottoms and t-shirt, Taekwon do is done in bare feet, when you are ready to purchase a suit, it can be purchased from your instructer.

      There is about three gradings per year, which are held in designated grading centres, the instructer will advise you as and when you are ready for each grading.

      The belts

      white belt
      yellow tag
      yellow belt
      green tag
      green belt
      blue tag
      blue belt
      red tag
      red belt
      black tag
      black belt

      Taekwond is a sport which is fun, it will improve your fitness and flexibility and is for all ages, it is also helpful to teach kids discipline and respect.


      For each coloured belt there is a different pattern you will be taught, patterns are various movements which represent either attack or deffence techniques.


      When you reach a certain level, you do light sparring with other members in the club, you are provided with the safety gear for this, but if you do competions in other countries you have to buy the safety gear, again this can be purchased from your club

      Competions in the club

      In the club were my kids attend, there are competions held every month in which they can get medals, for sparring and knee tag which they find good fun.

      I have one child on her green tag and my other child is on his yellow tag, they both have taken part in competions in their club and have came home with gold and silver medals and have also made new friends through doing Taekwon do.
      Here is the website for Northern Ireland Taekwon do, if you want to have a look

      Thanks for reading

      I have also done this review on Ciao


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        15.03.2003 16:03
        Very helpful



        Tae kwon do for beginners I was graded on my first belt in tae kwon a few weeks ago and I thought that it would be useful if I wrote a review for all the people who think ? Ive always wanted to do some kind of martial art, but never get round to it?. I chose to do tae kwon do because it is one of the more common martial arts and therefore more accessible to most people. It is also not quite as commercial as karate and judo, which you hear about all the time, that is also one of the reasons I chose tkd because it is a little bit different to the two of these. If you are totally new to martial arts I shall tell you the basics of these 3 most popular martial arts. Judo is derived form ju jitsu and it is seen as a highly sophisticated form of wrestling due to its concentration on grappling techniques. Judo is Japanese for the way of softness. Karate is more focused on complete unarmed combat, with focusing on more blows form the hands and feet compared to grappling techniques, even though there are still a considerable amount of grabs and holds in karate. Karate means - empty hand. Tae kwon do means way of the foot and fist. Tae kwon do concentrates less on hand to hand combat but specialises in flying kicks and knowledge of vital points in the body to be effective. A fact that may sway you towards tae kwon do is that it is known to have the most powerful kicks in all of the martial arts. Of course as everybody tells you, martial arts are not just to hold the ability to kick somebody?s ass when the time comes. But it becomes a way of life. This is because all martial arts teach discipline and self-control. This can be especially seen the five tenets of tae kwon do, which are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit. These are the five main aspects of life that a good tae kwon do student must obey to. If you are worried about getting your head kicked in at tae kwon do classes, as I did when I first decided that I wo
        uld join one, then don?t worry. This never happens. At your normal tae kwon do class it is strictly non-contact until certain events such as learning new grappling techniques and some kinds of sparring. There is no event like ?go and kick your partner till he bruises,? so discard this concern. Because tae kwon do is a popular martial art it should not be difficult for you to be able to find a school in your area. Obviously I feel that there are some restraints to whether you would be good at martial arts, firstly you should obviously be enthusiastic about the sport but also you should have some kind of physical fitness for tae kwon do, not necessarily for the lower belts but as you progress it would be difficult for an unfit person. This is because, as I said earlier, tae kwon do is predominantly kicks that demands a certain level of flexibility and strength to be effective against an opponent. If you are not the most fit person, then personally I would recommend a different mar6tial art such as judo due to its concentration of grappling and holds which require less flexibility because they just need the knowledge of changing the weight in your body to different areas to be able to throw someone considerable larger than you to the ground. For the first grading you will just be asked to perform relatively simple task such as reverse and obverse punches, the four directional punch ? one of the first moves that you will learn, perform ten pressups, a few more kicks, and to answer some tae kwon do terminology such as the Korean names for punch, kick, stance etc. All of this is quite easy as most people who take this first grading pass. It takes around 4 1.2 years for a person to become black belt at a specific martial art, because it takes around 4 months for each grading to take place and as there are ten belts that you must earn to become a black belt, it takes a high amount of dedication for a black belt to be earnt. I hope that this revie
        w on tae kwon do for beginners has helped you decide whether you would want to be part of a martial art in the future. If you are looking for more martial arts information, then just watch this space as I will soon be writing one about the many different kinds of martial arts, for the people who are interested a getting a better understanding of the basics of the many forms of martial arts Thanks for reading my opinion of tae kwon do for beginners.


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