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Belinea 10 80 60

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2002 01:44
      Very helpful



      I bought this monitor about a month ago form www.watford.co.uk (great website for hardware but that is another story). When I first got it I was not prepared for the shock of how huge it actually was, I had to dismantle the box to even get it into the room with my computer in that was how big it was. Despite the fact I had to destroy it to get the box into the room with my computer in I did appreciate the construction of the box and packing. And before people start laughing it is very important for the box to have adequet padding because it is no fun trying to return your new 21 inch monitor with a 15 inch crack in and trying to persuade the company it is not your fault. Apart from the cusioning in the box I was also impressed by the large manual (with almost every conceivable language) and the low screen cable which was 3 or 4 meters I think. One slight problem here was that no drivers were included with the monitor, however they can be easily downloaded from the manufactures website and in most cases it is not necessary anyway since the O.S. should have the driver or at least a compatable one on file. Now to the monitor. The case of the monitor is the usual grey/beige colour which is admittedly not very exciting but the monitor is smart and tidy with only 3 buttons and one wheel. The power button is much bettern than the usual grey buttons which require a fair bit of effert to push in and must be push in about a centimeter. This button is a circular blue button which only needs to be push in slightly and yet will not turn off the monitor if gently brushed. This might not seem like much but it is still a nice touch. On the back as well as the usual VGA port there is the multiple BNC conectors which are used to have long monitor cables since vga cables suffer to much interference over a long distance. As I said before there is only 3 buttons. This does not mean there are very few options to configuring this monitor, much to the contary in
      fact instead it uses a clever system of scrolling through menues to quickly select your options which at least in my opinion is much preferable to having 25 buttons along the buttom. The options as I have said are numerous ranging from colour temperature to the shape and size of the screen, if there is a screen control option you have encountered before the chances are it is included with this monitor. Now to the monitor's actual picture quality. There is not much I can really say about the picture quality except for it is stunning with the picture remaining steady and sharp at all resolutions even 1600 x 1024 which I think is the maximum resolution. As for the refresh rate this monitor can deliver 85Hz + at all resolutions which is amazing considering most people can not tell above 70 however this is one point to bear in mind when buying monitors because at a refresh rate of 60 the picture on the screen is unviewable. For those of you interested in 3d specs at highest this monitor can produce refresh rates well in to the later half of the 100s and so these devices run very well on this monitor. This monitor despite its size also does not get very ho its depth is much smaller than many other 21 inch monitors. As I see it the main advantages of this monitor are the superb quality as good as a pro 21 inch monitor at a fairly budget 21 inch monitor price. The high refresh rate and the menu system on the monitor are the other main advantages for me. The main disadvantage is of course the cost because allthough this monitor is cheap for what it is, it is still very expensive. Another slight niggl is the lack of drivers. Overall however this is a superb monitor and I would recommend this monitor to anyone wanting a huge monitor.


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