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Iomega Predator

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2001 20:28
      Very helpful



      ********** Why I bought an Iomega Predator ********** I've tryed several external CD-RW drives before I came against this one. I needed an external drive for two main reasons. Firstly, because I have a laptop and secondly, because I wanted to use it in different countries without having to open up my computer. I initially went into a local computer shop and they advised me not to buy an external drive, but on a cheaper option. They showed me a Freecom box that changes internal drives into external drives with the use of some chip board and an USB cable or LPT cable (the USB cable option being more expensive as data is transfered faster with an USB cable). So I happilly left the store, thinking I was about to save lots of money by buying this Freecom box and a fast internal CD-RW. The first problem I came accross was that when I tryed to copy files, it would only let me copy at 2x because the USB cable would not let me copy any faster. So there I was, 24x R, 8x RW and I could only copy CDs at 2x. But that is not all. On the Freecom package there is "recommended CD-RW" list. And the CD-RW I had bought was not on this list. When I purchased the Freecom box, I was unaware of this list. So i tryed my driver anyway and it worked fine...until I had used it for about 4 hours in one day. The CD-RW burned out!! So there I was, I thought all that for nothing. ********** Iomega Predator ********** Since I bought the Predator I've been real happy. Yes, it is only a 4x R copyer and that is very slow compared to other products in the market, but it does do the trick. With the Predator you get the latest Adaptec software, which is really easy to use and very reliable. I have not yet wasted a single CD while copying files onto a CD. You can create Data CDs, Music CDs, copy Cd to CD and more. As the Predator is an external drive, it has to
      be plugged in the mains, which can be annoying because we all know we already have enough cables around a computer. So another plug to be plugged in can be a problem for some, but if you own a laptop, it is not such a big deal. Also, the Predator has an adapter so you can use it in different countries. I have bought the driver in the UK (110V) and I have used it in Belgium (220V) without any problems. The driver comes with a CD to install the Predator, but most computers will recognize the predator without having to install anything. Just plug it in your USB slot and off you go. The looks of the Predator are really nice. It's very slim and slinky with its blue and grey colours. It fits easely in you bag and it not too heavy (i would say about 500-600g). You also get one CD-RW (650MB) and one CD-R (700MB). ********** Conclusion ********** I think that the Iomega Predator is one of the best cheap external drives you can get on the market for the moment. It works really well, does not crash, it is useable in all countries, and does not require installation. A must for everyone who travels a lot.


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