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    1 Review
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      07.12.2000 09:26
      Very helpful



      Jetway have had a somewhat questionable reputation in the past as to their somewhat dubious quality motherboards with their onboard sound and video. As a system builder I get through a large number of boards a year and I have noticed a definite marked improvement in Jetway boards to the point where I would recommend them to people now. This board continues that trend. There are 3 variations of board in the Jetway 911 range, the AF, BF and CF. This review is about the BF but expect to see reviews coming soon about the other 2 as I have built machines with these boards also. This is a slightly strange board int the fact that it isn't a very old design but is in AT format, the older of the standards. The first thing you will notice about this board is it's flexibility in terms of the fact that it has 2 processor slots. There is a Slot 1 for Pentium II/III CPU's, and also a Socket 370 for Celeron and Pentium III CPU's. This is a nice feature because it means people working on a budget can buy it and use a Celeron, and when they come to upgrade they can look forward to a big speed increase by upgrading to a Pentium III. This board is based upon the Intel 810 chipset. It includes Intel 4Mb onboard graphics and onboard 3D audio. The audio is of suprisingly good quality as it supports3D surround sound and 3D positioning. As stated before the board takes Pentium II/III/Celeron processors and can be clocked with front side bus of 66,75,83,95,100,112,117 and 124MHz although you would be overclocking if you used a number of these solutions because Celerons run with a 66MHz FSB and PIII's with a 100/133MHz FSB. You can alter the CPU multiplier in the BIOS between 2x and 8x with 0.5 incriments. This enables overclocking although I don't recommend this as it can lead to instability. Now onto expansion, this board has a useful 3 PCI slots and an AMR slot (audio modem riser - used by cards of combined modem/sound).
      This may not sound many but remember that the sound and video is onboard. There are 2 DIMM slots for memory which can be occupied by PC100 SDRAM, upto a maximum total of 512Mb. There is good support for hard disks with UDMA 33/66 being supported for the latest hard drives. There is also support for LS-120 drives (120Mb floppy drives) which is useful as they get more popular. The Bios is by Award, the leaders in the bios game, with many useful bios features incorporated like PC Health monitoring which tracks the temperature of your CPU allowing automatic shutdown of your computer to protect it from overheating and damaging components. Overall this is a very solid motherboard but I would recommend going for the 911AF (read my review to be posted soon), because this board supports the Cyrix III to offer extra CPU options and also comes in ATX format giving greater upgrade potential and compatablility.


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