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Memorex Twelvemaxx CD-RW

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The Memorex TwelveMAXX package contains a 12x10x32 Internal BURNPROOF CD Rewriter, Adaptec CD Rewriting software, E-Jay music software PLUS 50 x MEMOREX 74 min. CDRs. An excellent package at an incredible price.

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2001 22:01
      Very helpful



      In the market for my first CD writer, I was attracted to the Memorex, especially as it included 50 free CDR discs in the price . Specifications are middle of the road at 32x12x10; the machine also has burn proof technology. In the box was the CD Writer,spare audio cable, Quick start instructions and software for the writer as well as well as adaptec v 4.02. Also included was the excellent e-jay music maker. The quick start instruction are very comprehensive on fitting the writer into your computer, and setting the master/slave configuration. The audio cable supplied is used to connect to your sound card if the writer is to be your only CD player. If you already have a DVD or CD player installed,these will already have an audio cable connected to your sound card. Some cards have provision for connecting to audio cables. You should also ensure that you have inside your computer a spare power connector, and IDE cable. You may find that the flat ribbon (IDE) cable connecting your hard drive or CD to the motherboard has halfway along its length an additional connector which can be used. The main manual is on the CD supplied, but contains little more than the quick start guide, plus technical specifications. One ommission is to ensure DMA is enabled. To do this go to system properties,right click my computer, select Device Manager, expand disc drives and in IDE properties make sure DMA is ticked. Using Adaptec, creating data CD's was extremely easy, and in fact I have yet to create any 'coasters'. If you want to do any high speed recording on a CDRW (rewritable) disc, you need to install the included software which is on a floppy disc. Encouraged by my success at data storage, I turned to making audio CD's from my vinyl record collection. It is best to first record the disc onto your hard drive, where you can easily remove crackles,edit and inprove the original.Once this is done, again using adaptec, you can create an
      audio CD. The problem of course,is that in making the CD, all the separate tracks on the record are read as just one track, so you need to split them up.The latest version of adptec contains a utility to do this automatically, or you can record each track individually on to you hard drive, and then drag them onto the adaptec CD creator. I ending up using some excellent freewear from http://homepages.nildram.co.uk/~abcomp/lp-cdr.htm. This includes a means of recording an audio source to hard disc,splitting individual tracks, and the facility to edit ,remove, and improve the source material and save it. When creating a CD, you get a line telling you the percentage burnproof. Almost all the time this remained at 100%, with a rare drop to 98%. You should of course make sure that your are not running any other applications at the time of creating a CD. The Memorex is a faultless performer, and coupled with Adaptec, is ideal for those starting out on CD creating.It is quiet in operation, and you get the impression it will just go on and on turning out CD's without fuss or bother.


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