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Mirai CRD BP1300P

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BURN Proof Drive. Recording 12X, 1800KB/S. Re-Writing 10X, 1500KB/S.

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2001 01:46
      Very helpful



      You may be asking yourself ‘Who the hell are Mirai?’, well when I saw this drive I asked myself the same question. They make hard drive upgrades and recently CD-RW drives. Background info, skip if you know what BURN proof is: Over the past few years there has been a surge in CD-RW drives for home use, however there was always one bug in the whole process. Buffer Under Run. A buffer under run occurs when data is being written to the disc faster than it can be supplied to the drive,as CDs must be wriiten in one complete track. Up until a few months ago, the only way to combat this problem was to put a bigger buffer in between the drive and computer, but the problem could still occur. Now Sanyo has developed a process by which when a buffer under run occurs, the driver stops writing, fills up the buffer and continues where it left off. This technology was called: BURN Proof (Buffer Under RuN Proof) End of Background info. Mirai was one of the first companies to license the BURN proof technology from Sanyo, and it was incorporated into a SCSI based drive. This drive is the IDE incarnation of the early SCSI drive. The specs of this drive alone are quite impressive, 12x 10x 32x. This means you can write a full 74-minute CD in just over six minutes, and an 80-minute in just under 7 minutes. But coupled to the BURN Proof technology it forms a formidable drive. In my short history of burning CD’s I have only had one CD that has failed, and that was with BURN Proof turned off! It is virtually impossible to trash a CD with BURN Proof on, on this drive. When I first received this drive, inside the box was quite limited instructions, this may be a little troublesome for the first time user, but I am a bit of a pro so I had no problems. The drive was installed in minutes and windows detected and installed it own driver so, no driver disks to mess around with. A OEM copy of Nero Burning Rom is supplied o
      n CD, after installation it lived up to its name as one of the best, prdrioducing flawless discs every time. A blank 74-minute CD-R and a 750 MB CD-RW are both supplied. The CD-RW features of the drive are also quite impressive; the drive is one of a new breed whereby drives can write to discs at 10 speed, not 4 spped. This requires a special ‘High Speed’ disc but is much faster for it. While the hardware side of the CD-RW facilities are good, they are let down somewhat by the software. InCD is supplied and is probably not the most advanced software around. If I have one quibble with it, ti is that if your computer crashes while you have a CD-RW in the drive, the CD-RW becomes read only and you have to re-format for you to be able to write to that CD-RW. Although one of the early BURN Proof drives, it still stands up well and should remain near the top end of CD-RW drives for a while a least.


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