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Samsung Syncmaster 900IFT

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  • you will find yourself at 3 in the morning working because your eyes no longer ache
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    1 Review
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      30.04.2002 19:15
      Very helpful



      • "you will find yourself at 3 in the morning working because your eyes no longer ache"

      Being on a multimedia design course, I decided that my 15" screen really didn't do my work any justice nor help my eyesight. This particular model is 19", which is ideal for graphics work. Set it up correctly and it the optimum resolution of 1290x1024 at 85Hz looks pin sharp and flicker free. Easy on the eyes: Less strain. However it takes a long time to become pin sharp. In fact, Samsung recommend leaving this monitor on for at least half an hour before making adjustments. In this time, the screen shape and colour saturation stabilise. I've found that it has taken a good week of sitting around on my desk letting gravity do its job of settling stuff in, before the monitor has truly come into its own. Last night for the first time since owning it I noticed distinct moire effects in all four corners of the screen. This is a series of concentric circles made up either of colour or areas of extreme sharpness. This was my first chance to make use of the moire clearing adjustments which work a treat. A major criticism for any 19" monitor has to be the goldfish bowl effect and image regulation. A traditional Cathode-Ray-Tube will project an image onto a curved screen. This one... doesn't. Yet does. The front of the monitor is flatter than a flat thing that's just been steam-pressed, and so is the picture. This monitor is a Dynaflat model; Samsung's flat screen solution for CRTs. Basically the front of the screen has been turned into a giant lens that bends the light outwards onto the flat side of the screen. Clever electronics inside ensure the image remains pretty much undistorted. This brings me nicely back to the aforementioned image regulation; the ability of a monitor to maintain the picture shape during changes in brightness or colour. For example, on a screen of black and white squares, poor regulation would lead to curving at the edge of the screen wherever a white square appears. Most televisions are terrible
      at keeping a good shape. This monitor is one of the best at regulation I've come across. Particularly seeing how large the actual screen is. Controls for the monitor are on a slide out tray, with analogue dials next to it for brightness and contrast. This may seem like a step in the wrong direction but they are very sensitive. Far better than digital equivalents. The buttons themselves navigate an on screen display to make the usual screen shape adjustments, colour adjustments and so on. One important thing to mention here is the focus. Horizontal focus starts at 0 in the middle of the screen and 100 at the edges, not from top to bottom as I initially thought. Due to the nature of the screen, the middle would appear out of focus if not for this control, so use it! Another valid point is that this monitor will work on practically any machine. Unlike workstation equivalents such as Hewlett Packard workstation monitors and Silicon Graphics ones, this monitor does not need a special graphics card to turn it on. In fact, mine works on a Geforce2 mx400 even with BNC connectors into the monitor. Use BNC if you can for a monitor of this size. The difference is small but noticeable. To some up, this monitor is high-end at a lower-end price price. Great for graphics, net surfing (then again a pentium 4 is if you believe intel's brainwashing), films and of course, games. See http://www.samsungmonitor.com/html/products/900ift.htm for specifications and such. Update: I have found my set regularly goes in and out of focus depending on how much ventialation it is getting. Right now, my window is open and its pretty sharp. When it is shut, the picture tends to blur. Maybe some kind of monitor cooling would help. Failing that, air conditioning! Good for office use I'd imagine. Apart from that, I think my electricity supply is dodgy. I live in a halls of residence at college. Every time someone switches on a hoover, the lights go off!


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