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Tiptel 332 clip

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2011 18:05
      Very helpful



      Best buy in a long while

      I have always loved the idea of answering machines. I am terrible at answering the phone!! Even if I am in the house, I never get their quick enough. So to have a device to take messages from my callers on my behalf is perfection!! I bought this essentially for that purpose, but the fact that it looks quirky and new really appealed to me.

      I purchased mine online, on amazon, and for the Euro165.99 I paid, I really got a bargain. I was expecting to pay more, and all other answering machines (that do the same job mind) were coming in at way over two hundred euro. No thank you...I snapped this gem up!!!

      All I orginally wanted was a machine to take my messages so I could call my friends and family back and so I would know how urgent their calls were. When I set this up, I found it had a lot more functions than just your average answerig machine. It is like a little electronic receptionist right there in my hallway!! The device was simple enough to install. One extension to insert your phone and one plug/charger.

      As per any standard answering machine, there is caller i.d. So even if you did pick up the phone, you know who it is going to be instantly. Also, the instant recall function allows you to call back if you just missed a call (people tend to ring me as i just step into the shower or at very awkward times, no easy life for me i will tell you). It has 3 indivdual message recording systems, which each can last up to three minutes, and can be changed around regularly to suit your lifestyle or diary of the week. I find this quite handy as if I am going to be away, I will change it to say the same, whereas if I am returning the same day my callers will know. Fab!! It has the option to change the language, which I haven't fiddled with, as English is my mother tongue. But this is a handy option for the many immigrants these days. It has 5 language options with English being the primary language.

      The machine can hold up to just under one hour of recordings. I find this very useful as we tend to get many calls when we are away for a few weeks (and are lonely soles when we are back!!) so messages don't get deleted and they are saved in rotation order. Last in, First played. Another highlight for myself was the little phonebook that is inbuilt. It an hold up to thirty numbers so you can input your most frequent callers to the answering machine.

      Now, for the extreme highlight, which outlines the receptionist-like quality of this device. The machine can forward calls to another number (a mobile for instance) if you like, if there is no answer. It will also send messages to that number as well as storing them on the machine. I find this utterly amazing and it works to perfection!!! Also if you are on another call it will save messages for other incoming calls. And if you feel the need, you can record conversations (as they do in call centres!!!)

      Brilliant technological device which is the quality of technology in this day and age. Best buy in a long long while. I am like a child at christmas still (3 months down the line). I would highly recommend this to all!!!


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