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Beko Cookers in general

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    7 Reviews
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      11.11.2008 22:03




      Having bought a new kitchen from Homebase and having it delivered within a week I had a further wait of 36 days for BEKO to supply a cooker. Arrival date 30th Oct
      By this time the kitchen was built and we now had to wait to get the worktops cut after the cooker was installed.
      All went well cooker installed and working we had a few meals cooked on it and were very happy.
      On the Morning of the 7th Nov my wife informed me by phone that the cooker was not working, it had started ok but shut down.
      I then returned home and checked the Board and the trip Switch ,all were in order.,nothing had tripped.
      I rang the Tel No as stated in the BEKO hand book at 11:20
      The person took all my details and said hang on a min I will be back ,after a very long spell of Music he came back and said he could not arrange anything at the moment and he would ring me back.
      we waited in vain, I had to go out again,however My wife made a call for help at 15:55,she spoke to a gent who could not help he passed it on to a lady who said she could do nothing today but would ring back . My wife asked if it was a local firm that done the checks/repairs and was infomed it was .
      My wife asked for their Tel No and was put through to a company in Glasgow. They were very nice and polite not at all like the other staff that had spoken to her,quite the reverse.
      The lady said, did you say cookers ?my wife said yes .We are sorry we do not repair cookers or deal with them.
      At this edges were becoming a wee bit frayed as she rang the HELP No again and got another very nice girl, who said leave it with me and I will ring you back . 17:00 hrs no call back ,I rang and was informed the office was closed till Monday.
      While all this is going on we have to go and buy Meals that will microwave ,or eat out .All added cost to an OAPs Purse.
      Sat Morning came and it all got to much for us ,we went to Homebase in Dumbarton and told our story,at the same time asking them to take the cooker back and refunding our money.
      The Duty manager could not have been more pleasent and asked me to wait till Monday morning and they would ring the Help desk.
      Monday morning at 09:00 I was in the Duty Managers office and he rang the above No to be told that they had arranged for an engineer to attend my home on the 24th of Nov(Joke??).
      (We had not been told about this date at all)
      I said no I want them to attend by 12:00 hrs Tue or it comes back ,they then said leave it with us and we will ring you back by 15:00 hrs. I got a call from the Manager at 15:20 to say that they would get an Engineer out some time on Wed ,he would ring me and let me know his E.T.A.
      I then informed the Manager that I would like my Money back and they could uplift the cooker. this was done today before 12:00 hrs.
      The Homebase staff were of the finest you could wish to deal with ,perfect ladies & gentleman,I cannot fault them in any way .
      But the Staff on the Help No and the organisation itself that BEKO have to deal with paying customers is nothing short of a shambles.
      The time we had the cooker speaks for itself ,we will not be having anything else from BEKO and will be telling this story for some time to come.
      We feel the the Management at BEKO do not know what is going on but they should look at the set up very quickly as their name will be tarnished by unhelpful Customer service staff.

      Sorry to have taken so long to tell the story but that's how it took place.
      I now have a new Cooker But Not BEKO


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      18.09.2007 17:30



      Our Beko Cooker has been through 5 years and has been used every day and has never let us down until the switch went on the fan oven and the fan motor also went...but parts are very cheap and are always available. Its now working and ready to carry on for another 5 years hopefully....German reliability.Highly Recommended for reliability and cheap replacement parts.


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      30.05.2007 11:19



      A good little oven, just watch out for that grill!

      When my husband and I got married we did it the old fashioned way, we lived separately until the day of the wedding and then got our own place together. This is all very nice and traditional but not always practical as we would obviously need household appliances for our new home but would have nowhere to store them until we found said home. We were lucky with the oven that we did not have to buy one, a neighbor of my granddad was moving to a care home and would not need many of her belongings, among the things she would no longer need was a brand new Beko DC3511 oven, she had purchased it before falling ill and had never got round to using it, with her blessing my granddad claimed the oven for us.

      "Beko plc is one of the top 500 largest companies in the world and also one of the top 10 home appliances manufacturers in Europe with over 40 years experience in the manufacture of home appliances and televisions. Beko Plc is located in Watford, Hertfordshire, with the responsibility for all sales, marketing distribution and product support activities for the UK and Southern Ireland" -thetwenty20cup.co.uk

      The Beko DC3511-
      The oven is classed as a dual compartment, electric range, convection oven. It measure approximately 35-23-19 inches.
      The Oven has a separate grill and oven compartments and has 4 electric heating elements on the hob all controlled by the dials on the front of the oven.

      (A convection oven heats the air that is circulated around the oven by an embedded fan, they do not usually have hot spots and therefore cook more evenly. Convection ovens cook faster and at lower temperatures than other ovens)

      The oven compartment has an inner measurement of 16-13-16 inches, it has a 47 litre capacity, 7 height levels but only 2 wire shelves. Its heat settings start from 80 degrees and go up to 240.

      The grill compartment has an inner measurement of 16-7-16 inches with a 23 litre capacity, it has 4 eight levels, a wire shelf and comes with a grill pan that has a removable wire rack and a detachable handle for easy cleaning. The grill can only be turned on if the door is open, the dial will not even turn to a heat setting if the door is closed, the grill has heat levels from 0-6, 6 obviously being the hottest will use the whole of the grills heating filament.

      The 4 heat elements are in 2 sizes of 8 and 6 inches width, the 2 front elements (one of each size) are marked with a red "hot spot" this means they are the 2 elements that heat quicker. The heating elements have heat settings, controlled by the dials, from 0-6 with 6 being the hottest setting.

      The oven has solid metal doors, it also has an indicator light to let you know if any of the compartments or heating elements are turned on. It is a 2400watt oven and is available in white or silver/grey colour.

      Price and availability-
      The Beko DC3511 is available from Dixons and Curreys and no doubt other online retailers. It is available in the price range of £160.

      My experience-
      I have had the oven for over 3 years now and so far I’ve had no technical problems with it and had no need for repairs. It's a very simple oven with basic features; there are no fancy settings or options here.

      The heating elements have stayed in great condition, as has the overall appearance of the oven. Obviously that is partly down to being taken care of but also, I feel, because it is a good oven. The inner compartments are also still very clean and here I will admit that I’ve not cleaned them(other than the grill pan) so that's purely due to it being a great oven, even the silver rails used as the height levels for the wire shelves are still sparkling!

      I think it would have been better with more safety features, while I appreciate it wont turn the grill on if the door is open I do not feel this is a very child friendly oven, the oven door is too easily opened by small hands and there is no ability to stop those little paws from turning the dials either.

      The grill is a nightmare! It works well, don't get me wrong, just a little too well, I mainly use it for toasted cheese sandwiches and potato waffles as everything else goes in my George Foreman grill, but you have to be really careful with the heat. The grill heats up very quickly and will burn your food as soon as you turn your back, even on lower height levels and lower temperature settings it still get incredibly hot incredibly fast, this also has the major risk of burning yourself on it too. You have to be very careful when using the grill and certainly don't let any little ones near it when it's in use.

      The oven looks simple, I have the white model and it looks great, as sparkly white as the day I was given it, it's not over fussy but obviously that has a lot to do with its limited features. One minor complaint I have about the oven is that the oven door being metal means it's quite noisy when opening and shutting, otherwise I’m more than happy with it (just keep a watch on that grill!) and considering I was given it for free, I can't complain.

      I have found a great site should I ever need spares or repairs on the oven- Partmaster.co.uk stock spare grill shelves, oven shelves, baking trays and heating elements all at great prices.


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      21.08.2005 10:48
      Very helpful



      Not the best cooker

      Beko DVC6531 Double over electric cooker with ceramic hob

      We bought this cooker back in august 2004 when we moved in to our new flat in Edinburgh.

      There was no specific reason we bought this one, we just went in to our local Currys store and picked this product along with a new fridge, freezer, washing machine and dryer.

      The look in the show room

      The cooker is mostly white in colour with a dark ceramic hotplate on top. The oven door has a frosted glass on it as does the grill. The controls are nice too; they match the colour of the cooker. Over all this cooker looks nice when sitting in the show room.

      Got it home

      When first delivered to my home, the cooker is well wrapped in polythene and has enough cardboard within it to last a lifetime. When I unwrapped the cooker I was then greeted with cardboard within the oven and the grill. Once taken off you then have to unwrap the polythene bag that the pans are in. You will find the instruction in beside the oven.

      You are provided with

      • Installation and operating instructions
      • Cooking guidelines
      • 2 Shelves for bottom oven
      • 1 Shelf for the top oven (grill)
      • 1 oven tray
      • 1 grill tray with 2 removable handles for grill
      • 1 Kick Plate
      • Guarantee Card

      Installing the cooker

      As I am no electrician, I had to get a qualified electrician to install the cooker for me. It taken less than five minutes to install from start to finish. The electrician says it's a simple connection from the cooker to a power supply via a spur socket. Note that you are not supplied with the electricity cable required to complete the installation. I bought this from Homebase for £5.00, in total including the fee for the electrician was £45.00 for installation. Make sure that you give the electrician the kick plate to put on for you; this is a simple plate that goes at the bottom of the cooker to help with ventilation


      Now we are ready to cook or should I say read the instruction guide. The instruction guide is very straight forward; it gives you details on every aspect of the cooker from cleaning right through to trouble shooting.

      This cooker offers the following:

      • Digital Clock/Timer
      • 4 Plate ceramic Hob
      • Grill
      • Oven

      I personally do not use the clock or timer, as to use the clock you need to leave the cooker switched on all the time which I will not do. As far as the timer goes I have never needed to use it.


      The Hob

      The hob has a total of 4 plates which you can use to cook your food on. Exact measurement of each plate below. The hob is black in colour and is made of ceramic.

      Top Right: Diameter is 180mm Max Wattage is 1700w
      Top Left: Diameter is 140mm Max Wattage is 1200w
      Bottom right: Diameter is 140mm Max wattage is 1200w
      Bottom Left: Diameter is 180mm Max Wattage is 1800w Rapid

      The bottom left zone is the rapid plate; this means that as soon as you switch the dial on for this particular plate it will heat up instantly. We use this zone the most often as it is the hottest and the quickest.

      There are four red lights that are near the front of the cooker just between the two plates, these lights are the indicators that alert you when the plates are hot. These lights will remain on until the cooker plates are cool. I have noticed that when the light does go out the plates still do have some heat coming from them. I would say that when the lights go out just still treat it as a dangerous appliance.

      The control knobs that you rotate to operate the plates are all marked very clearly. Each control is numbered from 1 through to 6 apart from the rapid plate which is numbered from 1 through to 3

      Quick breakdown of what the numbers mean to you and me

      Rapid Zone knob

      Number 1 warming
      Number 2 simmering
      Number 3 cooking, frying and boiling

      The other three plates

      Number 1 warming
      Number 2 Simmering
      Number 3 Simmering
      Number 4 Cooking, Frying and Boiling
      Number 5 Cooking, Frying and Boiling
      Number 6 Cooking, Frying and Boiling

      Cleaning the hob is very easy, when the cooker is cool enough all you need to do is take a soapy cloth to the hob and then dry it, I have used several cleaners on the cooker but to be honest the best solution yet is soapy water.


      My opinion on the hob:

      The hob lacks safety devices; I think that Beko could have easily placed a heat resistant rim around the perimeter of the ceramic hob. The dangerous thing about this hob is that when you are boiling something and the waters spills over the pot and lands on the hob, not only do you get a terrible noise but you are likely to get a pot that will move around your hob without you touching it. My wife also experienced an occasion where the pot came right off the cooker hob, luckily she was not injured. So I would advise anyone who has one of these cookers or is thinking about getting one to think serious about this hob. On cooking this hob is great and I feel that it fits the job required very well.

      Overall 5 out of 10


      The Top Oven/Grill

      The top oven/grill has 4 shelves slots within it; this allows you to move your tray up and down deepening on how close you want it to the grill. The maximum wattage of this part of the cooker is 1800 watts. When you use the grill to cook toast for example you must leave the door open as if you close the door your grill will turn in to an oven. Once again there is a red light which will come on when the grill switch is on. The light will go out as soon as you turn the grill knob to the off position.

      Control Knob for the top grill has different temperatures ranging from 80c to 230c.

      Cleaning is not as easy as I would like it but there again we would all say that, I tend to spray mr muscle oven cleaner in to it and leave it for a while.

      Overall 7 out of 10

      My opinion on the top oven/ grill

      This part of the cooker I tend not to use very often, but any time I have used it I have always been happy with the performance of this. The top oven is not self clean therefore I have to spend time cleaning.

      Wife adds this part:

      The top oven/grill is not designed very well at all, when I am using the grill I feel that I cannot get things at the correct height. It's either too close or not close enough. When you first switch the grill on it takes a while to heat up before you can use it.

      Overall 6 out of 10

      The Fan Oven

      The fan assisted oven has 5 shelves with it which you can place your baking trays on to suit your needs. Both sides of the oven are lined with self cleaning material which does actually work, so no cleaning there. The base of the oven along with the roof of the oven is not self cleaning. There is a light within the oven which will illuminate when the oven is switched on. Max wattage in the oven is 1800w. The oven heats up very quickly and can be used within minutes of turning on. There is a light on the front of the cooker just below the control knob that indicates when the oven is on. The fan is concealed at the rear of the oven.

      Control knob for the oven

      The temapetuers that you can use range from 70c up to 250c which are


      Self cleaning both sides and then you has to scrub the bottom and top of the oven.

      Overall 7 out of 10


      My opinion on the oven

      The oven is a good size and can always accommodate my needs. I have seen me having 2 or 3 dishes in here at the same time and they all cook well. I think it's good that there are so many shelves slots available in this oven as I am often moving the trays up and down. It would have been better if Beko had made the entire oven self cleaning.


      Specification of cooker

      Energy Class: Main Oven B
      Top Oven B

      Sizes: Height 900mm x 500mm Width x 600mm Depth

      Weight: 56.5kg

      Grill Capacity: 24ltr (0.8 cu ft)
      Oven capacity: 53 ltr (1.7 cu ft)


      Beko contact details:

      UK Mainland and Northern Ireland Only

      0870 241 0638

      You can see the full range of Beko products at most good electrical retailers including Currys, comet and Argos


      My Overall Opinion and conclusion on this cooker

      I don't think it is worth the £349.00 that I paid for it back in august 2004. The overall appearance is good, the size is good and I think the style of it is ok. I would strongly have a serious think about buying another Beko cooker as I feel this one is not the safest on the market. The main oven is a good size and it's ideal for my family. I think I would have given this cooker a better rating if Beko made a few changes including, Safety features, adding a splash back, and making the top oven/grill a little bigger. I will stick with this cooker until I move house later this year at that point I will invest in a new one.

      Overall rating for this cooker 6 out of 10


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        15.10.2002 06:02
        Very helpful



        At last, nearly 4 months after my new kitchen was delivered , work has begun. I had to wait for Mike, the much in demand local man who is fitting it, and well worth the wait he is. Having slid round the problem of having 2 kitchens in the same room (one fitted and one waiting) by ordering and connecting appliances, only the cooker was left until the last minute. I originally had a built in oven taking up the height of a wall together with a separate hob. Once this had been removed I was left more or less camping out as far as cooking was concerned, with a tabletop-oven, hob and microwave. For this reason, I have been waiting on tenterhooks for the new freestanding variety to be ordered and delivered by my friend Comet Online. Needless to say, when I went into Comet's website a week ago, my first choice was not shown in white. What now? Once again, it seemed that I would have to order an appliance trusting to the information on line. I had done this successfully with the fridge/freezer and washing machine, but was concerned about something as vital as a cooker. My review on the Beko fridge/freezer, with which I am so pleased, generated a comment from Criple that she had this make of cooker and was well pleased. I had not been aware that Beko made cookers and was happy with the specifications I found on Comet, so....... I had already seen on the website that it is possible to buy appliances with most, if not all, of the features of Bosch and Creda at less expense, and so it was with the Beko DVC61. I had expected to pay £450 for my new cooker and found the Beko at £379 with free delivery. Super! Sure enough, Comet came up trumps again and my Beko arrived on time, was unpacked in the kitchen by the delivery man, and found to be in pristine condition. Whoopee! This is a good looking appliance with 4 elements, marked with clean white circles, beneath a smart black ceramic hob. Four further small wh
        ite circles, situated at the front of the hob, light to indicate which elements are on. In addition is a hob warning light. The controls consist of handy-sized white knobs with dark grey markings and very clear figures on them. These are easy to activate however supple your fingers may or may not be. Both top and bottom ovens are behind glass doors which pick up the black interiors, so apparently matching the hob, and the bottom one has an internal light. I wasn't sure I would have chosen the oven handles which are a white loop stretching from each side of the door tops. Now I like them as an individual feature of the cooker and they sit well with the new kitchen. The grill is situated within the top oven and is used with the door open and down. Closing the door activates all elements and the oven comes in to use. Having successfully used the top oven to cook a veggie roast, I then tried the grill. Both grill and oven pans are supplied and I spread oven chips, mushrooms and various other goodies over the bottom, before leaving to the tender mercies of my brand spanking new grill. My initial shock and disappointment when only the food laid at the rear of the pan was cooked, was allayed when I re-read the brochure. "Ensure the food is correctly positioned under the grill element" it said. The grill is at the back and is wide enough to cover the whole pan, provided it is slid right back. Here I must mention the handle which clips on to the pan(s). This is a sturdy piece of equipment which hooks under the centre/front of the grill and oven pans. I don't get on with it at all, as I find it does not "catch" without some care. This could be me, but I have reverted to oven gloves. A small inconvenience, which with my experience of the oven door, reduces the stars by one. I know that it is a fact that many more expensive ovens have "clangy" doors. The type which need a good pull and then cause the
        nice shiny rails within to rattle. Incidentally there are 7 shelf positions within the oven and 4 within the grill/oven at the top. Two shelves are also provided in the bottom fan oven, and it is suggested that you don't use the very top shelf when grilling. Anyway, back to the fan oven door. This needs a good push before it clangs closed although, in all honesty, this is improving fast. I really don't know why the catch is not rounded instead of the flat vertical type fitted. However, the top oven door opens downwards smoothly. The fan oven is a joy for me as I have not before owned one. I could not believe how fast and evenly it cooked. I included some sausage rolls (veggie) in the first meal I cooked within it, and the pastry rose high and light as never in my old oven. Although the oven is not programmable, I have no need of this facilty. This lack may be felt to those used to planning ahead though. The timer is digital and simple to use. I like the fact that when the timer "pings" off, the green lit display reverts to the time of day without further adjustment. I almost forgot some basic information. The size is 60cm wide and deep, 90cm high and the adjustable legs make life easy on a less than even floor. Believe me, Mike found my kitchen less than even, as my dear old house *is* 70 years old and even the walls show this when cutting wallpaper. It doesn't look like the Crooked House, but nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to measurements. Although Beko is a new name to me, they appear to be a successful company, with the UK centre based at Watford, giving a comfortable impression of availability. They tell us that they are one of the fastest growing manufacturers of free standing cookers in the UK and their website at http:/www.beko.co.uk gives information on after sales service. This I hope not to use, but Mike's daughter has had a similar cooker to my one for ov
        er 2 years, is happy with it and has had no problems. The clangy oven door gives her no trouble and it could be that I am being fussy. To sum up, I like the looks, the efficiency and the tasty stuff which comes out of it. Despite being less expensive than I had expected, it enhances my kitchen and I keep glancing over to look at it while writing this. I have to stop this review now as I want to go and touch it. :-) Note. I have chosen to use the "In General" cat with the difficulties there are at present requesting items.


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          15.10.2002 05:16
          Very helpful



          I have this cooker for some months now. The start was not that good, due to a late delivery by the shop. But it turned out to be quite good choice. Considered buying it upon a friend's recommendation who had a beko cooker for few years, otherwise I do not think I would consider it, given the fact that it is an unknown brand. It has two owens and the hob. We use the hob every day and it works pretty well (but so do all others I think, as far as the hob is considered). Main thing I like about the hob part is that, there are no hidden corners which makes it very easy to clean and keep clean. Very handy. Both owens (the big one at the bottom and a smaller one over it) function quite well. I mean, whatever we cooked (be a cake or chicken), the result was very balanced. Therefore no "hot points" which burn one part of cake and leave other part uncooked. Heat distribution seems to be quite even. To cut the long story short, it is easy to use, easy to clean, cooks pretty well and all this was at a very reasonable price.


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            28.08.2000 02:50
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Beko is a relative newcomer to the home electric market and im quite surprised at the basic problem we have had with our cooker.its an electric hob with double oven, the bottom been fan assisted with glass doors. Not much problems apart from two basic points, the small panel you are given to connect the cooker cable to doesnt want an electrician it needs a cardshark with small nimble fingers. But a basic fault which beko are indirectly admitting, is a design fault in the hinge of the main door, firstly apply any wieight to the door and the hinge buckles, this happened so they replaced the whole cooker. Some 10 months down the line and the plastic (yes plastic fittings on a cooker door hinge) have melted and broken off, an engineer calls out and guess what he has ordered a ewhole new door, the reason been beko have produced a new door. As cookers can be hot and as such dangerous, by redesigning a modified door beko are admitting a design fault, surely they should have recalled all faulty cookers or arranged to replace all the doors. This is still a dangerous item in many households, please be careful!!


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