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Canon EOS 33V - SLR camera - 35mm - body only

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2008 22:32



      This camera is a fast and easy to use in world of film cameras that it's operation is very similar to digital cameras. it results a great advantage for digital photographers to have experience of film photography without any worry or fear about the result.


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  • Product Details

    As tough and as passionate about photography as you are. Legendary EOS power and ability protected with a satisfyingly rugged shell, with ferociously quick 4 fps and exceptionally fast auto-focus.

    Fastest Auto Focus. Fastest predictive focus. Fastest continuous shooting speed. The full power of EOS, protected with a satisfyingly tough metal shell.

    Track a cyclist closing at 50kph, firing off 4 frames per second. The fastest focusing camera in its class, the EOS 33V uses predictive focus to keep fast moving action sharp, each frame focusing at blistering speed.

    An ultra-matte coating finishes a rugged metal case which feels great and inspires confidence. Design changes to the top dial improve readability, while the pleasing blue light of the backlit LCD display is great for low-light conditions.

    An E-TTL II metering system links focusing distance information to the 35-zone sensor readings from the pre-flash of the EX-speedlite. Flash calculation compensates for subject reflection by ignoring areas with abnormally high readings. Pre-focus can be used to alter composition without risking under or over-exposure due to non-centered subjects.
    A new algorithm exposes white objects correctly for more natural exposures on items such as wedding dresses and china.

    Film transport, shutter operation and mirror operation noise levels are all suppressed, making this the quietest EOS ever. Viewfinder blackout is less than 155ms at shutter speeds above 1/60 second.

    7-Point Autofocus establishes focus rapidly, even when the subject is not centered. 35-zone (twice that of competing brands?) evaluative light metering reads from across the entire frame to deliver consistently accurate exposures. An evaluation algorithm identifies and subsequently rejects particularly bright zones to lessen the chance of irregular exposures, even in difficult light situations.

    The EOS 33V puts control and flexibility into the photographer's hands. Alongside standard P, Tv, Av, and M modes is an Auto depth of field (A-Dep) mode, to read closest/furthest focus information and optimize depth of field. PIC modes include Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, and Night Portrait. Shutter speeds range from 1/4000th to 30 seconds, including bulb.