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    3 Reviews
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      14.06.2006 11:47



      Worth the Money

      It has proved to be a nice friend of mine through ages have not undergone any problem in using it so far,the photograph quality is by far the best and whatever may be the External conditions, it proves itself to be the bes in it's kind.
      It has got a powerfulflash light which proves useful even at night.the only drawback it has got is that it has a protruding Flash Light,which doesnt make it stylish otherwise


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        06.07.2005 13:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Rugged, professional quality film camera.

        OK, so the Canon EOS 5 is an obsolete camera, but…………what a fantastic secondhand bargain. Canon produced the EOS 5 for upwards of 9 years, by which time, although it was still selling well, it was starting to look a little dated.

        I've been a keen amateur and semi-pro photographer for around 20 years. Although I've used many cameras over the years, I've always used the Canon EOS range as my main outfit.

        In 2001, my trusty, 11 year old EOS 600 started playing up. Considering it had had a pretty hard life and in excess of 500 rolls of film through it, I couldn't really complain. I needed to replace it fairly quickly so, on impulse, I bought a ex-demo Canon EOS 5 rather than a new model. I have to admit to being nervous about buying secondhand, but it seemed such good value I just couldn't resist it.. I paid £245 for the body only from the London Camera Exchange shop in Bath, which, in 2001, was a very good price for an example in mint condition.

        I have used and abused this camera for 4 years now. It's never missed a beat in any respect. For me, the most important attributes a camera must have is ruggedness, its speed of operation and its metering accuracy. The EOS 5 excels in all respects. As far as being rugged is concerned, the camera has suffered extremes of temperature from well below freezing (it slowed up just a bit) to temperatures in the high 40's. It's been out in the rain, fallen off the roof of my car and suffered a sandstorm, all without suffering anything other than the odd scratch and dent . I cannot fault the metering accuracy - it's spot on every time, and rarely fooled by odd quirks of light. I can meter, focus and fire the shutter extremely quickly, aided further by the (up to) 5 frames per second motor wind.

        The built in flash is useful for fill-in and, again, extremely accurate with respect to its meter controlled power output.

        The camera has the usual myriad of exposure modes associated with any electronic camera. (see specifications below). Personally, I use Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes virtually all the time and have little experience of the various Program modes that are available.

        Last year I needed to replace another old camera body. There wasn't any doubt that another EOS 5 was needed. A quick scout around determined that the current going rate for a decent body from a dealer was a little under £200, which seemed pretty reasonable considering the camera was over £400 when new. However, with the advent of digital photography and the world and his wife trying to get rid of there film bodies, Ebay was awash with bargains. I picked a mint, hardly used example for £130 including a 28-70mm lens. I immediately put the lens only back on Ebay and got £25 for it. So, for £105 I got my second EOS 5. If I compare the results from one body to the other, I can't detect any difference whatsoever.

        So there we are. If you are still into film as I am, get a Canon EOS 5. I feel sure you won't be disappointed.


        High Speed wide zone, 5 point autofocus
        Eye controlled focus
        Improved motor drive incorporating Canon's "Whisper Drive" film transport
        Silent or high speed rewind
        Pop up TTL auto zoom flash with redeye reduction
        Quick Control Dial
        8 AE modes plus manual
        High speed 1/8000 shutter with 1/200 flash sync
        16 zone evaluative metering, Spot or Center weighted average
        Sixteen custom function including mirror lock and depth of field preview
        Built in auto exposure bracketing, PC terminal for external flash
        Remote control capable


        35 mm focal plane shutter SLR with autofocus, auto exposure, built in flash and motor drive
        Compatible with any Canon EF lens
        92% vertical, 94% horizontal viewfinder coverage
        Built in variable diopter -2.75 to + 0.75
        Six interchangeable focus screens available as accessories
        Quick return mirror
        Electronic focal plane shutter
        1/8000 - 30 sec and bulb shutter speeds
        Maximum X Sync for flash of 1/200 second
        TTL-SIR phase detection type AF
        One shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI Focus and manual focusing modes
        Automatic DX encoding from ISO 25-5000 with manual override capability
        Auto film loading advances to first from upon back cover closing
        Single, continuous and high speed continuous motor drive settings
        Automatic film rewind at end of roll, with mid roll rewinding possible
        Retractable type TTL automatic zoom flash
        Flash covers 28 to 80 focal lengths
        Approximate recycle time for flash is 2 seconds
        Uses One 6 volt lithium (2CR5) battery
        Size: 6 1/16 (W) x 4 3/4 (H) x 2 15/16 (D) inches
        Weight: 23.6 oz without battery


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          11.10.2000 22:12
          Very helpful



          The EOS5. Its an SLR camera so what you see is pretty close to what you will get on the print or slide. The lenses are interchangeable so with the vast array of lenses available in Canon fit most types of work can be tackled. This is not the only Single Lens Reflex camera on the market, there are many. So why an EOS5? Well it's been in production for nine years, this is no mean feat. Not with the Japanese, they won't keep an item in production if it doesn't sell. Why does it still sell after all these years? It is still as it always was a very good camera. I don't intend to bore anyone with detailed specifications, these can be found in literature from various sources, do plenty of research before making such a purchase, visit a good dealer (such as Jessops) and get the camera in your hands. The EOS5 is not a small machine, however, it is not particularly heavy. The balance of the camera is very good, made more so by the addition of the VG10 vertical grip. This device adds a shutter release and main dial to the right end of the base of the camera to improve use in vertical mode. Ergonomics is important with a camera, if you don't like using it you've wasted your money. The Auto Focus is typically Canon. Fast and positive, with Canon's own lenses, less so with some independent ones. If the price of a canon lens is close to the price of the independent version always choose the Canon it will be worth more as a trade in. The eye controlled AF is the only bone of contention on this and other Canons in my opinion. I don't find it of much value, others do. What I do find useful is the eye controlled Depth of Field preview associated with it. The built in flash is quite competent and zooms its head as the lens zoom control is operated. Very clever aren't they? A more powerful flash unit will cover greater distances, and Canon has several available from about £150. I've just made the
          se few minor points to guide potential purchasers along the way. I do urge any camera buyer to physically handle a prospective purchase before buying. Don't simply rely on specification to make your choice. The EOS5 is now an even more attractive proposition second hand for about £300 body only. There are many good examples about for the cost conscious. In conclusion, I find the EOS5 to be a very capable camera with superb handling and consummate ease of use. It is a system camera with many useful features and a large number of lenses are available to fit. It's a great bit of kit. Take a look at one, you may well agree!


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