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Lenoxx CD MP3 Player

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2000 04:45
      Very helpful



      Hi all at DooYoo. This is my first opinion, and I think it's a bit of a doozy. It involves an item that's proved to be extremely popular over the net, and that's the MP3 CD Player, distributed by Novasonic.com. The concept is fantastic, bearing in mind the limitations of storage with current MP3 players. Download your fave Mp3's, put em on a blank CD (be it writable OR re-writable), and have many more hours of playback than a regular MP3 player. That's great. But what about the reality? Well, I ordered one from Novasonic. I'm very pleased with the product itself. I got a discount for preordering. Initially only silver versions were being shipped. I asked for a red one, but ended up getting a metallic purple one - which as it happens is just as good. It does everything you'd expect it to. Plays regular CDs. Has 5 different acoustic settings for Mp3s and two for CDs. Has 60 second shock buffer for mp3s and 45 for cds. It comes with battery charger, soft case, line out cord headphone, 2 long lasting (and fast charging) NiMH batteries and AC power adaptor (Careful cos its got a US plug - you need an adapter for 3-pin UK plugs). With insurance, the total price I paid by credit card was 140 pounds. Not too bad. However here's where you've got to be very careful. That's the price taken by Novasonic (Shows up as Crescent Moon Enterprises) for the product and delivery - ON THE US SIDE!. The point is that importing the product over here means you have to pay an additional customs charge, along with VAT and a Royal mail handling charge, which comes up to a further 20 odd quid. So, all in all I spent 160 quids. Am I a sucker or wot? Well that depends. Is the same or equivalent product avaiable readily here? Well perhaps, but certainly not readily, unless you're in the right circles. The first time I saw the same kin
      d of products was just a couple of days after picking up mine from the post office. Funnily enough at Live 2000, yesterday. Virtually identical specs, but for 100 quid. Only real difference was that mine looks better. So a bit of style over substance there. Again, it was'nt from a well renound name. But at this time, not many BIG names would endorse or produce this particular type of product for the controversial issues of putting hundreds of MP3s' on Cds. But forget all that. I love the product and am enjoying it everywhere I go and I've got it and my mates ain't! *********************************** ******** UPDATE 21/11/00 ********** *********************************** Well I’ve had my machine for two-and-a-half months now, and I am in a better position than ever to give an opinion about the product. So is there anything new to add? Since getting the MP3 CD player (well in fact two weeks after buying it), Jungle.com and a couple of private retailers (including Novasonic.com, where I got my machine from) have been selling MP3 CD players of their own. If you visit Jungle.com or Novasonic.com, you’ll see the one I mean – it’s black with purple and silver trimmings, it costs £99 (almost half what I paid if bought via Jungle, though it costs more from Novasonic – less in currency conversion but additional charges bulk it up) and has the additional functionality of playing Video CD’s! By all accounts ALL THAT should really Piss me off. But it doesn’t. Well not a lot at least. That’s because of the following. It’s not like me generally to buy the absolute latest thing (for instance the latest Pentium III chip or Playstation 2) at the exact time it first comes out. You’re asking for a price backlash in following weeks. But for once, a new product at launch (unlike the
      latest fastest CPU or PSX2) was in my price range, so I couldn’t resist. In that respect, I certainly did PAY for having the latest gadget at the time of its launch.(Come to think of it, I also waited about 3 weeks for delivery – but that’s often standard for deliveries from both abroad and mainland UK ~ 28 days anyone?) With regards to the new model’s Video CD capability.I’m not too worried about that. It’s a broad generality, but most of my friends don’t have many video CDs – DVDs possibly, but not a whole lotta video CDs. That said, over the last two weeks, my video CD collection has quadrupled, from the one (EyeWitness CAT – which is really excellent in terms of quality and topic – cats of every size and ferocity!) to several, including a few movies. But again that doesn't really worry me because I bought the MP3 CD player for portability more than anything else, and I don’t have a portable monitor or fancy in-car visual system that could take advantage of a video-MP3-cd player. The important thing for me is that playback speed and quality is not compromised whether using writable OR RE-writable CDs (which work a treat!) Finally in terms of the new beast’s rugged black looks. I really DO prefer the aesthetics of my one – SO THERE! The metallic purple finish and window allowing you to see the spinning disc – it’s quite pleasing to the eye! It cuts a dashing figure - both spatially (just like my Ex) and figuratively (in a monetary kinda way - again, just like my Ex). What I’m trying to say is that I AM HAPPY with my purchase, but that does not mean any of you should follow the same course. Without doubt, I recommend the new sub-generation of Video-MP3-CD players!! That way, when the new mp3-cd-DVD-video! Players come out, I’ll be the one that’s
      larfing again! HaHAHAHAHAH!!!!! ;-)


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