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    1 Review
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      31.12.2002 00:08
      Very helpful



      Many months ago (over a year in fact) I sent mr delawney off to Tesco with a list. He came back with everything on that list, plus a DVD player. Typical mr delawney. However, I have to confess I was not disappointed - we'd been toying with the idea of getting one for ages, and just hadn't got around to it. The DVD player he had purchased (we had deliberated on the model together previously) was the LG DVD-3000E. Having previously been extremely happy with our LG breadmaker, we had no reason not to trust them on the DVD front. Not quite the same I know, but electronics are electronics, right? *** THE QUICK OP (FOR THOSE IN A HURRY!) *** On the positive side: * Reasonable price * Easy set-up * Excellent picture quality * Super sound * Straightforward controls and easy-to-navigate remote * Looks kinda sexy On the negative side: * NOT multi-region * Will NOT play Video CDs, CD-Rs or CD-RWs * SCART cable not supplied *** THE FULL OP *** * Looks * The player is all silver and therefore (in delawney's expert opinion) sexy. Unfortunately, at the time our TV and video were black, and they just looked silly next to our new shiny DVD. Consequently we had to replace them in due course as well, so they all matched. It's not exactly slimline, but it's not huge either, and fits snugly into out TV unit without too much bother. Exact dimensions (for those of you who like your information more precise) are 430 x 88 x 215 mm, and it weighs a mere 3.2 kg. (I still remember the days when any item of electrical equipment such as this used to weigh an absolute ton - oh how times change). It has the basic buttons on the front of the machine, but not so many that it looks busy and cluttered. The remaining controls are accessed via the remote. * Set-up * OK, so I have to confess mr delawney did this bit,
      but I did watch very closely. I was excited! Connecting to the TV was easy-peasy. It was simply a case of plugging in a SCART cable into the appropriate sockets on both the TV and the DVD, and connecting the audio/video cables to the appropriate sockets. The audio/video cables were supplied, but the SCART cable was not, so if purchasing one of these, be warned, you will need to have one. You can also connect the DVD player to an audio system to listen to CDs through the player. This is not something we have bothered to do, but the instructions look straightforward; again, it is just a case of connecting the appropriate audio cables, which are supplied. Once connected, it was simply a case of turning everything on. Once the DVD player is turned on, the TV automatically switches to the DVD. This has worked with both our old and our new TV sets, so I am assuming this is universal. * So, does it work? * Never having had any other DVD player, I don't have much to compare it to, but I do know that there is no discernable difference in picture quality between this one and the model my father has. We were instantly struck by the brilliant picture quality, but I think a lot of that is due to the fact we were not used to DVD quality, rather than a refelction on the quality of the machine itself. * Useability * Is "useability" a word? If not, it should be. Apologies, I digress. This DVD player is a piece of cake to use. Turn it on, but a disc in, and off it goes. All the controls are intuitive and user-friendly. Never have mr delawney and I sat there watching a DVD and not been able to figure out how to make the player do what we wanted it do do. Except when I tried to get it to make toast, but I don't believe that's within its specifications. The remote control is also simple to use, despite looking a bit like mission control with its plethora
      of buttons. One of my pet hates is remote controls where it's a task in itself to find the button you want. I have never had such difficulty with this remote. When I've been able to extract it from mr delawney that is. * Features and stuff * The downside of this DVD player is that it is not jam packed with features. It will play DVDs and Audio CDs. It will do that well. It will not do anything else. Despite dooyoo's claims to the contrary for this product, the LG DVD-3000E will NOT play video CDs. It states this in the instruction booklet, and I have tested it to be on the safe side. It will also not play CD-Rs or CD-RWs, photo CDs, CD ROMs and the like. I was not bothered about this at first, but now I am finding it a bit of a disappointment that I am not able to play video CDs, and I will be looking for a DVD player that can play these next time. As it will also only play audio CDs, it's no good for MP3s either, which is a pity. Again, I'll be looking for that facility next time. A further downside is that this player is Region 2 only, and as far as I am aware there is no "fix" for this (though if anyone knows one I would love to know!). We weren't to bothered about this when we purchased it as we didn't think we were likely to want DVDs from other regions, but of course having seen the potential savings in price through CD-Wow and the like, with hindsight we were mistaken. * Instructions * These are clear and easy to follow. Not a very exciting read though. No Booker Prize or anything here. * Price * If my memory serves me correctly we paid £109.99 for this machine. It was supposed to be £129.99, but we benefitted from a special offer. This was around 18 months ago, so I would imagine it's cheaper now. * Reliability * We have never had any difficulties with this machine, and in our experie
      nce it has proved durable and reliable. It survived moving house with no problems at all. * Summary * As a DVD Player, the LG DVD-3000E is a perfectly functional, reliable machine. It looks good, and it does what you ask of it - it plays DVDs. It is easy to use and shouldn't give you any bother. However, if you're after multi-region functionality and want to play VCDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs or MP3s, this is not the machine for you, because it won't. That said, I would be happy to recommend this machine to anyone who wasn't bothered about such extra features.


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