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One For All 3 Universal Remote URC-7030

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2 Reviews
  • looks the part
  • feels cheap in the hand
  • even if it looks ok
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    2 Reviews
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      29.06.2015 16:14
      Very helpful


      • "looks the part"


      • " even if it looks ok"
      • "feels cheap in the hand"

      If you're that desperate for batteries then you can get the here, but nothing else

      This has the usual buttons that you see on any universal remote, the power button, the divice option button, (on this one it gives you 3 options, television, DVD and VCR. Then there's the number key pad. Next are the menu, exit and the magic button, with this magic button being used to connect this control to your devices. The volume up and down, with the stations up and down. Then there's the usual colour buttons and the record,play,stop,FF,RW and pause for the DVD/VCR options.
      It runs on a couple of AA batteries which is nice as they tend to last a while in normal condition with remote controls so this should be the same. Sadly though, I never got the chance to find out as I could not get this to connect to any of my devices at home.
      I tried on the LG television, using the number codes given, even using the auto search method, but could I get them connected? NO.
      I then tried on the panasonic DVD player, with no joy there too. I got the same results with the sony, beko and even a sanyo device.
      I was having no luck at all.
      I spent what felt like an eternity trying to get at least one device working off this remote, and nothing happened. I am not a person that knows nothing about this sort of thing either, in fact I've used these kind of remote controls before, finding no real hassles of connecting up to devices, so I though this would be as easy at anything. But it was not.

      In the end I threw it in the bin and put it down to a learning process of life. It only cost me a couple of quid, which was a couple of quid too much. So, in reality, I spent a couple of quid buying two AA batteries that came with the device???

      But what I did do was send a strongly worded Email to the makers after tracking down their email address telling them how badly they were making things that did not work. But I've heard nothing back as yet.

      If you're looking for a universal remote then I would steer clear of this one as it would be easier and quicker to use a long rod to poke the buttons on your TV.
      I'd have given this zero stars if I could, maybe even gone into the minus's as it is that bad.


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      16.02.2014 18:49




      This universal remote control does not work on most appliances as stated. It barely works on 1.
      It took absolutely ages to link this to my dvd player; by ages I mean 4 hours and 3 people.
      This may be because the instructions provided may as well have been written in Chinese. You need a degree in engineering in order to work this. I demand a NASA scientist to test this out and give their opinion.
      I was hoping to be able to use it on my tv and steroe as well, but I don't want to still be trying to set it up when I am 95.
      I simply having nothing good to say about this. Even the design is terrible; it is without doubt the biggest and ugliest remote control you will ever see. Actually, there is one good thing to say; at least you will never lose it!!!
      It only lasted a few weeks before it stopped connecting with my dvd player. I tried changing the batteries and that did nothing.
      I bought it because it was cheap £2.49 on amazon, but it was not even worth that and I learned my lesson - sometimes it is better to pay a little bit more
      SAVE YOUR MONEY and don't buy this.


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