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    1 Review
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      19.09.2010 18:13
      Very helpful



      There are much better disposables, if you want a camera for underwater images look elsewhere.

      I bought this Polariod SL32F single use camera for when I went on holiday as I expected it to get wet at some point and wanted the insurance that it wouldnt break the camera when it inevitably did so in the water. The camera is a little bulky for a throw away camera but this is expected because of its waterproof ability, although not for the environment friendly out there. The camera is brightly coloured and has a blue strap on the side so you can keep a tight hold of it when you are swimming. Also I would say because it is very chunky and sturdy it would be useful for children as dropping it wouldnt damage the actual camera.

      Apparently this camera can be used at depths of up to 32 feet - I would certainly like to question this claim. Polariod need to substantiate these claims and show images taken at 32ft depth. Out of the 27 images I took, only 19 were of any use. The other 8 were underwater images and none of the images taken under water developed. Of the other images I would say the quality is fair/good, you will definately be able to find better single use cameras if you dont expect to take the camera in the water.

      As I found the camera no use whatsoever underwater, I would just recommend this camera as one that can be taken in the water, but not to be used for underwater images. Overall I am very disappointed with the claims made by Polariod as they certainly havnt lived up to my expectations of this camera. As I paid around $10 for my camera I would say this is a fair price, however if you dont intend to use it near the pool I would suggest you look elsewhere for a cheaper and more reliable camera in terms of image quality.


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