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Manufacturer: Sony / Model: MDS JE 780.

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2004 05:36
      Very helpful
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      Reason for buying this machine. This is a deck I use in the Church to record the Sunday Services and then transfer the information onto a CD. The CD?s are then distributed to anyone who for whatever reason is unable to get to the service. The services are recorded live and I, as the operator needs to be careful that the setting are correct before recording. We have had a number of live concerts in the Church and CD?s have been made from them, again the initial recording is made in the Mini-disc. It is a beautiful machine with all the buttons located at the front, the small disc is loaded from the middle on the front. The MD is menu driven and the screen to view the information is crystal clear and the menu is very easy to follow. It is possible to, delete tracks, add teacks, move tracks, and add text to the disc and any other function needed in the recording process. The information is transferred to the CD is via an optical connection. On the back of the MD there is an optical line IN and a line OUT. When I am happy with the recording on the MD and all the text information (name of the concert, date time etc) is inserted I plug in the optical cable from the line OUT of the MD the line IN on the CD recorder. A perfect copy is made every time. Recording Live Music When live recording there is a number of things you need to watch out for: 1. Every time there is a break in the input of 3 seconds a new track is laid down. This not really much of a problem at the recording level as long as you make a note of the track number. 2. When there is a break in the INPUT of 10 seconds or more the MD paused until such time as the record button is hit again to start the recording. 3. To make the new tracts you just need to push the record button ant the MD makes a new track immediately. (this is an essential function to have on the machine as I can keep detailed records when there is a new song being introduced
      ) 4. You need to estimate the length of the service or concert and set the play mode accordingly. The MD can be set to record at Long Play 4 (about 320 minutes), Long Play 2 (about 160 minutes) and ordinary play (80 minutes). I have recorded on all three modes and find it difficult, no impossible, to tell the difference between the modes. The Technical Stuff. The MD has 24-bit ATRAC Type-S converters improve MDLP recording distortion by up to 6dB. The back panel feature not one, but two optical inputs, and the much coveted optical output! Combined with the USB connection to your PC, this allows up to 32x transfers from PC to MD. There is a - Remote Control a Headphone Output with volume control and the dimensions are as follows Weight 6.83 lbs Width 16.9 in. Depth 11.22 in. Height 3.74 in. This is an impressive machine with all the features you will ever need to not only record live music but also you can transfer this music to a CD easily through the OPTICAL out connection. I think this is one of the few machines which has an optical out connection therefore making it an essential machine for recording. Recommend - YES


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    • Product Details

      Product Features: Hybrid Pulse D/A Converter; ATRAC DSP Type-S; Long Time Recording and Playback (LP2, LP4); Pitch Control; Scale Factor Edit; NetMD; Control A1; Keyboard Terminal; 1 x Optical & 1 x Coaxial Input & 1 x Optical Output.

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