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    1 Review
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      06.07.2004 16:14
      Very helpful



      MY EXPERIENCE Let me begin by saying, that luckily i didnt actually buy this product but got given it for free. Somebody bought a net (internet compatable) md recorder and so didnt want this one anymore, so although ive rated it as excellent value for money, the fact i got it for free didnt sway me in this rating at all, Ive remained completely impartial. I like the fact that you can record 3 possibly 4 cds, onto just 1 minidisc, this reduces the amount of storage required, as a minidisc is about half the size of a cigarette packet, very handy if your out and about. It takes 1 AA alkaline battery, which is inserted into the rear panel of the minidisc recorder, (although a mains adaptor can be used). The battery life is suprisingly good, seeing as your only using 1 battery, you can get upto 7.5 hours when recording, and upto 36 hours on normal playback. The display itself will let you know when the battery is level is low, it will display "LOBATT". SOUND QUALITY The sound quality of this is unbelieveable, clear and crisp sounds, not distortion, not even the annoying buzzing sound you sometimes get, when youre mobile phone goes off and interferes with the signal. It has 3 bass settings (MEGABASS), completely off, bass level 1 and bass level 2 (the higher the level the more bass) I like my bass and so ive set it onto bass level 2, considering the smallness and compactness of this md recorder, you do get alot of sound from it, it does pump out alot of bass. It comes with an ear piece set, which you plug into the the side of the md recorder itself, it the has 2 ear pieces attached to put directly into you ears, this only . EASE OF USE To start with, there is a display window on the fron of it, this displays information such as track number, volume and a counter (the counter can be set to either, length of time track has been playing, length
      of time left til track finishes and length of time left to play til end of minidisc. The operation to load the minidiscs is very simple and straightforward to use, click the slider across on the top of the minidisc recorder to open it up, insert the minidisc itself into it, then close it. Once the minidisc is inserted, it will automatically start to find the information stored on it, just put the ear pieces into your ears, then press play, its that simple. Pressing the SELECT button either left or right will scroll through the individual tracks, and the + and - buttons will adjust the volume higher and lower respectively. Tracks can be played repeatedly, or a single track can be selected to be played over and over again, this is done via the MENU/ENTER button. To record from cd to minidisc, you will need to have a hi-fi, dvd player or pc with a compatible optical preout facility, the data is transfered down to the actual minisc recorder via the optical cable and straight onto the mindisc. LOOK & DESIGN Its black in colour, and has silver buttons i.e play / stop / fast forward / reverse / Volume controls / Menu. This gives a nice look to the product, and the buttons stand out, which means there easy to find. The design is simple, but looks good, the buttons are neatly laid out, and are in the right places for ease of use. INSTRUCTIONS It comes with a 39 page instruction booklet, this is very extensive, and easy to read. It tells you how to use the various functions, in a clear, concise and step by step guide, i could find no fault whatsoever here. RANGE OF FEATURES This is a fairly new toy for me (only had it a week) yes i know men and gadgets were all the same, but this has a wide range of features to keep you occupied for ages. You can use the automatic volume limiter (AVLS) to protect your ears, just set it at the maximum volume you w
      ish to goto, then set it at that, this means that even if you accidently press the volume button, it wont go any higher than the volume youve set it at. A handy little button is on the rear of the minidisc recorder, this is the HOLD button, the locks all the controls when carrying the minidisc, simply slide the slider into the LOCK poisition, to reverese this process is simple, all that required is to slide it back accross. Once youve recorded tracks onto a minidisc, you can edit the tracks, you can input Capital and small letters, aswell as number 0 to 9 and a small amount of characters, this can be rather time consuming, but its well worth it in the long run, each name can consist of 200 letters, and each disc can hold upto 1,700 alphanumeric letters during playback or stop. Whilst using the unit to listen to music, it has an inbuilt G-PROTECTION system, this means that no matter how much you shake or know the unit, the music playing wont jump or skip, this is great as theres nothing worse or more annoying than this, while your listening and singing along to your favourite track. VALUE FOR MONEY Although i got this for free, i think the actual price for this unit is quite reasonable, you can pick these up for around about £70, which i think for the sound quality youll get is good value for money. OVERALL RATING AND CONCLUSION On the whole this product is great value for money, ive had fun learning how to use this, and the range of features will keep you entertained. At the end of the day it does everything you would want it to do, apart from not being able to download straight from the internet. I didnt find this in anyway was a defect from my point of view, but there maybe people out there, that would like to have this facility. I would recommend this product to anybody, im sure when im on my holidays ill be using it lots, well you have to find something to keep you occupied whi
      le your tanning.


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