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Sony Walkman WM-EX194/S

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    2 Reviews
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      17.05.2012 21:33



      A good old school product that had many years of life

      I had one of these Walkman's when i was a teenager and as far as i can remember it worked very well.
      The Walkman is made from quite tough plastic so recovered well from being dropped or pushed to the bottom of my school bag. The batteries seemed to last forever. There was no battery low warning light but the sound of the tape would slow slightly which told you to change the batteries quickly before the player died.

      The walkman worked really well even with the cheap headphones that are bundled with the music player.
      A disadvantage is that the earphone where quite tough and didn't hold to your ears so usually fallout after a few minutes of walking at a fast pace.
      The sound quality was good and the volume could be turned up pretty high this wear great on the bus when it was usually full of people talking.

      The few function that are available for the walkman mega base worked well and contributed to a good sound quality.

      The downside is that the walkman seemed to chewup many of my tapes leaving me feeling quite frustrated .
      In conclusion the walkman works pretty well and seemed to withstand most of my school years without getting too damaged. The functions work well but are limited and the headphones again are functional but cheaply made and lacking in quality.

      The walkman is light weight and as its made from plastic does feel quite cheap to the touch.

      The walkman is lacking a radio function which was available on newer models.
      I would recommend this product to my friends as its a trip down memory lane however the doesn't touch the mp3 plays of today and if you cannot find this walkman very cheaply then best to go with an iPod.


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      06.08.2010 12:12
      Very helpful



      Out with the old and in with the old

      I love my Walkman! Yes they are hard to find these days and my last one came direct from the factory in Japan as I was that desperate to get one but I swear by them. I know, tape cassettes went out with cords and Sodastreams but if it aint broke then why fix it. I doubt if you can buy a portable tape cassette player in England now, bar EBay. I love them because I hate CD's and always have and so never needed a portable CD player for my music on the move. I have never purchased a CD ever and Im proud! They were over-priced and about as stable as a soap opera actress after a good drink.
      I was a good runner in my day and the idea of jogging with one of these on my hip was a huge no no, cumbersome big round things that jumped around more than a Lima on hot coals. To jog with music in your ears for the long Sunday run could only be achieved with a Walkman style cassette player, offering a damper system never equalled-anti-roll- especially if you get a good pace on. And with Van Halen in your ear it's an uplifting experience. Tapes were far more portable than CD players and to be honest the sound quality not that much different. MP3 digital has changed everything, of course, and I won't be buying another Walkman, but it was one of the last century's most iconic audio products for me. It needs respect. The fatal flaw of any tape player is that the tape loves snaring in the works and the machine enjoying chewing it up. When ever you saw those streams of discarded cassette tape blowing in the wind on the street you all know how it got there.

      Just as we were ripped off by the cost of CD's we have been delighted with free online music, so no need for the Walkman anymore, even for me. MP3 players are no bigger than lighters and certainly don't jump around or chew up the songs like its predecessors did. But I still use my Walkman now and then because I refuse to throw away all my old mix tapes, some obscure soft rock there not even available on line. In fact it had an outing today just for some Richard Marx! If you can still buy one then here is the spec for the last Walkman you can buy on Amazon...

      -Product Features-

      Colour: Blue or silver or black


      Depth: 3.5 cm
      Height: 11.2 cm
      Product Type: Cassette player
      Weight: 115 g
      Width: 8.7 cm


      Volume limiter
      Sound Effects: Groove, Mega Bass
      Sound Output Mode: Stereo
      Battery: 2 x battery - AA type (up to 25 hour duration)
      Battery status display.
      Features: Full auto-stop
      1 x headphones (mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm)
      Sound Output Mode: Stereo

      At around the size and thickness of Richard Branson's wallet I wouldn't say the Walkman shape was cumbersome but you knew you had it on you. After sliding the two AA batteries in like bullets into an assassins gun and slotting your selected tape in the back load slot like a magazine into an Uzi its off you go...be it jogging or everyday walkies on your lunch hour or play days. The supplied headphones are ok but we all know that they are rarely to our personal taste on portable music listening devices...not fitting in the ear properly or the sound too tinny. I like to have those small foam covers on them to give the songs more bass by getting the sound right into your ear but you just can't buy them anymore and few headphones supply them inclusive these days. HMV used to do 6 for 99p but they stopped and now the best deal you can get is 6 for £2.99 at Maplins, which is outrageous is you consider you are buying just 6 bits of foam that cost 12p to make a pack in China or somewhere. At the Walkman style players prime I would spend the right amount of money to get the right sound from the mini headphones. The cheap heads were dreadful. In fact you could buy Alba walkman style players for the same price as the cheapest headphones at £5.99!

      It has a volume limiter half way down the cable so you don't have to keep dipping in your bag to turn it up or down and a belt clip for joggers. 'Mega Bass' and 'Grove' buttons fade out the tinny sound and you get some decent 'thump' and 'bang' to it if you like your urban music beats. The most pointless thing about Walkmans are those mysterious buttons on the side of the machine, when switched on and off just make the sound go right down for no real reason, one called 'AVLS' and the other 'Chrome Metal'. This one also has a useful anti-rolling mechanism for the joggers. It's fair to say portable DVD players don't have those. Walkmans great...portable DVD players crap...


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