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Trafficmaster Freeway

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Warning of delays up to 10 miles ahead of vehicle, speech based live traffic information

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    1 Review
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      18.10.2000 05:21
      Very helpful
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      I've had a Trafficmaster unit for a couple of years, and found it very useful. When it went digital last year they did a very good upgrade deal if you had the analogue version as I did. You paid £24 (which is what a years subscription costs) and they sent you the new digital Freeway unit free of charge (normally £80). When it was analogue the coverage was limited to UK motorways, but since it went digital it covers the motorways and most of the normal dual carriageways too. It works by picking up messages from transmitters mounted on the roadside and over bridges. When it picks one up you get a bleep if the road ahead is clear (it gives you information of hold ups within 10 miles of your location), or if there is a delay then a spoken message comes from the unit to tell you what it is, and which roads are affected. It knows what road you are on as soon as it passes the first sensor after you've set off, then when you pass another one, it knows which direction you are travelling too, so it only sends you messages relevant to your location. The unit is also very discreet and just attaches to the dashboard with velcro. There are other services such as Vodaphone Roadwatch, which you have to buy a unit for, and they are given the information by TrafficMaster, but once you've bought them, the costs still mount up, as to get the messages you have to phone a number on your mobile phone, which is dangerous and costly. The beauty of the Freeway is that once you've paid your £24 for a years service, there are no more costs, the messages come straight into your unit automatically. It saved me sitting in a 15 mile traffic jam on the M25 this summer when we were going to visit relatives in Windsor, and allowed us to pick an alternative route, there was a saving straight away, with not having to sit in a traffic jam wasting petrol, considering how much it is now. **UPDATE** You can find details of it, or or
      der at www.trafficmaster.co.uk or get their phone number there.


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