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2002 FIFA World Cup (GC)

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Licensed to use the official 2002 FIFA World Cup insignia and mascots, and the 20 new World Cup stadiums in Japan and Korea - captures all the excitement of the tournament!

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    1 Review
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      30.06.2005 18:14
      Very helpful



      A poor game, and also an exact copy of a game make 4 years before.

      Discovering I had bought this game some time ago but had never really played it, just putting it to instead play more attractive and interesting games, I decided the other day to give it a try. After skipping through the annoying menu, I got into a quick game against the computer, only to discover the game-play was almost identical to a game I had played before - four years before, on the Nintendo 64 console called World Cup 98. I was produced by the same company, the only real difference being the improvement in graphics, which, to be quite honest, still wasn't greatly noticable, looking at other games released at the same time as this.

      If anything, I'd say the older game is more enjoyable - though now well out of date, the match is more fun to play as the it's not so jumpy and zoomed-out. Also, the '98 version can now be purchased for under £5 in most pre-owned game shops, where as the newer version I have seen on sale still fetching up to £10-20.

      In my opinion it is discraceful how game companies, in this case 'EA Games', can get away with persistantly releasing almost identical games to be bought by the ever-wanting consumer market, paying ridiculous prices of over £40 in some cases when the games are brand new. Atleast with other sorts of games, i.e. action, they can atleast make a worth-wise sequal to it, changing or progressing the story from the previous one and adding new features - but in the case of football, the only changes seem to be the graphics and updating player names.

      EA's 'Fifa Football' series is also similar in it's games, producing every year a similar game to that of the last. The only difference is they no atleast attempt to try and make it more acceptable, listing the new features on the back of the box, telling you what they've added to make the game better.

      I personally find it ridiculous that people, for one have enough money to waste on dead ringer products of those they already own just for the sake of it, and also that the companies think they can get away with it. A benefit to games-console users in recent years however has been the competition between EA's Fifa and Konami's 'Pro Evolution Soccer' series, meaning the two have to get competitive in order to win the approval of customers.

      So overall, I would rate this game as poor and clearly rushed by EA - wanting to quickly produce a game which they knew would sell around the time of the 2002 World Cup, hence choosing to just use the frame of a previous game for the majority of it. Don't buy it - whether you own Fifa 1998 or not, this isn't a good game compared to other football games relased around the time, and even games produced before it.


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